The Invasion of Max: The Era of Floof Comes To An End

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This Sunday an era came to an end.

Sure, it was a short one spanning only little more than a week, but my experiences in this short span of time nonetheless had a profound positive influence on me. I am of course talking about the Era of Max, also known among historians as the Era of Floof.

So who is Max? Well, let me introduce you to this little furball:

Max: Mini tiger, shredder of floof and breaker of hearts

One of my good friends were going away on vacation, and therefore it was agreed, that the urban hunting grounds of Max, her 7 month old male kitten would be temporarily switched to the cramped, dubiously interior architected sprawl that is my apartment. While it took the minuscule apex predator half a day or so of hiding underneath the spare bed in the living room, he quickly became confident enough to jump out and chase any toys presented to him and accept a quick petting. The first night with Max on the premises was a tense one of being awoken by the odd bump, thud and rattle as the nocturnal feline throughout the night explored every nook, cranny and window sill in the apartment.

As the next day dawned, Max had scouted out all the optimal hiding spots in the apartment and throughout the day, alternated between viciously chasing anything presented to him and hiding away in the weirdest of places:

The dens of the mini tiger: The pillow cave and the window sill grove

As the days progressed, Max became more trustful and therefore both friendlier and bolder. Every morning you were greeted by the little ball of floof rubbing up against your legs, purring and meowing at you. His preference for tight resting spots sometimes also led to difficulties:

My morning routine has been foiled!

crumbled paper goes here, not cats

His industriousness and curiosity also led to the usual knocking over of miscellaneous items and to the potted plants being the subject to unwarranted excavation and the mother-in-law's tongue in particular suffering as Max, when unobserved, would gnaw away at its tough leaves. While Max had his mischievous sides, most of the time he was a sweet and playful kitty that would happily chase any toy you threw at him and accept any belly rubs, although he would make you fight for the privilege:


While being very friendly in general, Max was somewhat private when it came to sleeping and relaxing and would always find a spot for himself when he needed to rest. However, during the last night of his stay, I was awoken by a small thud on the bed accompanied by the sound of purring and moments later I saw Max's silhouette in the dark lying down next to me. That was a really wonderful feeling!

Having a cat in the house really also helped the overall mood during dreary days. It was raining the whole week I spent with Max, and there is nothing better than coming home after being soaked by the rain and be greeted by playful little fur ball:

Friday mood - Max enjoying his favourite spot in the window sill while the rain pours down outside

It was a bittersweet experience when my friend visited last Sunday to pick up Max. Bitter because I had really grown to like this little tiger throughout the time I spent with him and I am still missing being able to play with him and watch his amusing antics as he rummages around the apartment. Sweet because it is nice to be able to sleep again without having to worry about jolting awake to the sound of something breaking and because the arduous task of de-floofing the apartment can now begin in earnest. My friend is a frequent traveler, however, so it might not be the last time that Max will bless my apartment with his presence!

Goodbye Max! Please come and visit again soon!

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This happens almost with everybody. Once you live with a cat, you inevitably fall in love with him or her. You simply can't ignore the love and healthy vibes the cats bring in the house..:D

Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad both of you came close.


Growing up with a cat, I never realized how much I missed having one around until I had to take care of Max :)

Hey, @cogitecture.

I can relate, although I think you're more into cats than I am. :) That said, Max is very cute and I can see where there would be much fun to be had playing with him.

In my case, it was somewhat a reverse situation. Instead of the cat coming to stay with me, I went and stayed with the cat. Or more specifically, in the house of the humans where the cat lived.

For the most part, the cat would go outdoors, often disappearing for most of the day, but when it was in the house, it often wanted to sit on someone warm, and in many cases, that was me.

I like cats over dogs, so it's not like I hate them. It's just a pain to brush or roll off hair, let the cat in and out when it wants to go, and occasionally clean up after it when it's actually done something it shouldn't. And yet, it was easy to get attached to it and I would actually find myself occasionally defending it when someone else in the household wanted to chase it out or threatened to do worse. :)

There were a couple of times where the family took off during my stay, so I was left totally in charge of the cat and their pet dog, who was actually very sweet. The two got a long, so that wasn't much of a problem. It just reminded me of having young children who were somewhat dependent on you, but were going to do their own thing no matter what.

When I came back home, I actually did miss the cat for a few days, but that was about it. :)


I can relate to both the longing for the cat's company and the pain of cleaning up all his fur afterwards, @glenalbrethsen :) Thank you for sharing your story!

OMG MAX ! I love him !!!! You really captured the experience of having him bond with you during the ERA OF FLOOF so well <3 <3 <3 What a gorgeous little guy, with his quirks and his personality and his beauty * ___ * Oh gosh, I melted away when I was reading this post * ___ *

I hope we will see more of Max from you :D

You take such beautiful pictures of him, too .... I just melted, melted, melted away * ____ *


I am really happy you like my pictures, @veryspider! Max is indeed a cutie pie <3

Your photos! Your writing! Max!!! <333

It's really easy to fall in love with him by looking and reading this post. No more era of floof? Maybe you can bribe your friend to go on holiday more often? XD


Haha, well @scrawly, I might just be able to! I showed his owner this post and she was super happy and proud - maybe I can promise her a follow-up post if she leaves Max in my care once again? :D

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