A Late Night By The River

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We stayed out until 2 AM last night to try to catch the aurora but weren't successful. The forecast was a 5, extremely strong and likely to be seen as far south as Seward. The weather was clear and it was looking like it was going to be a strong show. Unfortunately the lights didn't make it out very strong throughout the state and didn't make it far enough south for us. That's just how it goes sometimes. Chasing the northern lights can be very inconsistent but it's always a good time when you're hanging out with your friends looking at the stars. Although we didn't catch the lights, the sky was so clear I was able to capture some nice astro shots and even a reflection. The temperatures are very low now so it's just a matter of time until all the water freezes. This week the forecast is good so I'll definitely be out soon to chase the lights again! Aurora season is just getting started!

f/2.0 - ISO 1600 - 25 seconds

f/2.0 - ISO 1600 - 25 seconds

Thank you for the support on my posts! Have you ever seen the northern lights?

-- Chase

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Very beautiful @chaseburnett!!
Love seeing the night sky! On the
large photo of the river reflection
I see a faint meteor just to the left
of the pleiades cluster! ☄
Have you caught the orion
constellation yet? Would love to
see him :-)
We've seen the aurora borealis!

I definitely need to do some more astro and constellation research! Thanks for your comment!

Such a cool shot!

No pun intended

According to my limited experience in such a low temperature environment, it must be damn difficult to type stuff on mobile phone with naked fingers. Wonderful view and shots!

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Gloves always!

I love these both, but resteeming for the first one because I have to pick just one!

I just saw some northern lights yesterday in Estonia. Went for the stars but life can surprise sometimes.

Great photos!

That's awesome! Definitely a sight I hope everyone can see in person.

I love that second shot! Aurora was pumping last night. Pity we had 100% cloud cover.

I ran into that a lot last season. Hoping for a good one this year though!

Yes ! The solar minimum makes it more painful to loose an event like this with cloud.

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