A Winter Wonderland In Alaska

in #photography5 years ago

We finally got our first real snow here in Alaska. Days are short and temperatures have dropped. I'm excited to push my creativity in photography this winter and experiment with new ways of shooting. I'm also excited to have a capable vehicle to make the 30 mile journey out to the glacier again.




Thanks for the support! Do you live in a cold climate? What's the coldest temperature you've experienced? For me it was -45 degrees Fahrenheit (-43 degrees C) in Fairbanks Alaska.


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Nice to see you again. These photos are all wonderful, untouched nature, if I can say that. Well done!

Awesome photos, @chaseburnett. I hope we'll have some snow this winter, but not just yet.

I hope we have a ton up here :)

These are beautiful Chase. I live in Arizona and love the snow so I will be excited to see your pictures from Alaska.

Thanks Sara! Looking forward to sharing

I'm in Estonia and I think the coldest I have ever felt is -22F.

Still very cold for sure!

What good blues. Resteemed!

Thanks for the support @photofeed !

So beautiful. The tones in these are spot on.

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