Road To Moraine

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One of the big stops along the way for us was Moraine Lake. We had seen the lake in photos constantly leading up to the trip but I didn't realize just how beautiful it would be in person. The water is the bluest I've ever seen and the mountains surrounding it are massive. Nowhere else along the trip did I feel more like being back in Alaska than around Moraine. We got there early one day to catch sunrise and hiked up to the viewpoint. We arrived about two hours before sunrise and already there were about 10 people at the lake. We set up our tripods and waited for the light to hit. Within that time dozens of people showed up. I wouldn't recommend renting the canoes as their incredibly expensive. I'm glad @dimitri0610 brought his kayak along for the trip.

Although the lake is a super population destination, if you visit don't overlook the surrounding area. There are many lakes in the park just as beautiful and not nearly as crowded. The park itself was full of people but we were still able to find secluded places to take a moment and enjoy the scenery.



















I appreciate the support on my posts and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts! This is the last of the Canadian sights for a while as we made our way to Glacier National Park in Montana next.



Crazy beautiful views out there! I would be in heaven when hiking there.
How high were these moutains?

They are around 6,000 feet! Definitely visiting again to spend more time hiking.

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Thanks @curie I really appreciate the support! :)

What beautiful landscapes, I still marvel at the cold places, being a tropical country, we do not have sites of this type. (Venezuela)

It is a delight to look at what you can appreciate being on site thanks to your magnificent photographs, I like very much the first parace a postcard, worthy of appearing in steemit and any magazine in the world.

on the other hand that evil is also found in the parks of my country, it is common to see hundreds of people, that to some extent spoils the panorama and more when it comes to being one with nature, and not to say if you want to take photographs.

By the way, which camera do you use? the colors are really incredible, the blue water denotes its purity.

Thank you for sharing this post, brother greetings

I always look at tropical places in envy! I guess it goes back to the old saying "The grass is greener on the other side". Thanks for your comment!

because I wait for you on this side of the world to explore, the opposite happens to me, I envy other latitudes

howdy from Texas chaseburnett! That water in the lake is amazing, I agree that it's the bluest water! Great photos and they're all breath-taking. And this is in Canada?
And you'll do a post about Glacier National Park?

It looks like the weather wasn't treating you very well all the time but it added a beautiful emotion to your photos.

The waterfall is very nice and that lake is so blue! Are there any minerals that make it look so blue or is it just a white stone and good position of the sun? The last photo looks like in the Swiss Alps. Similar mountains with layers of rocks from different periods.

I like the reflection in the water on the second photo from the bottom.

It's always nice to explore different areas too, not only the most popular ones. I'm sure there are plenty of them like you mentioned.

Your photography is superb! I will have to go to Canada one day as the photos that I keep seeing look unreal! :)

Thank you for sharing!

You have stunning photos there! It looks like you really had a great adventure at Moraine. The lake indeed look so blue which makes it so stunning! It looks so peaceful and refreshing. Thanks for sharing your photos as these somehow gave us who haven't yet seen the place a glimpse of the beautiful place.

How long did you stay in Moraine? Is it near the central district? words to describe how beautifully you have captuted the nature. Never ever seen those blue water color. It is totally diffetent blue. All purensture magic. Each of them are so mesmirising as i am experiencibg it through live. You made a wonderfull collection through your amazing photography skills and also help us to visit moraine with such stunning pics....amazing how nature can be so beautifull with each of the shots.....thanks for sharing dear 👍

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Thanks for your comment! Glad I can share some beauty!

It was one of the best...👍

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It was terific experince that i can say as a viewer 👌

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Wow your photographs left me stunned, It's a SPECTACULAR place, it makes you want to go there <3, beautiful the lake and its color do you know what is its intense color? Undoubtedly Moraine is a MAGICAL place, thank you for transporting us to that beautiful place through your photographs. A big hug @chaseburnett

wow, you photos aree sooo amazing!!!

This is a great experience, it literally looks like another world! Hahaha.

The trees look beautiful, the sky is like a dream made poetry, ufff I have no words.

My respect.

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Just.freaking.WOW :D Well that for sure is the bluest water I've ever seen in my life as well :D In case you haven't played with pictures that much haha :D

What's the price of those canoes then? I believe too expensive can be relative. But yeah, bringing own stuff is always cheaper haha :D I've always wanted to visit Canada...but somehow never had enough time/money/ of those three haha :D But I have 2 friends living in Montreal now so maybe maybe :)

Btw what camera are you using? Those pictures are absolute HEAVEN ;)

Haha only minimal editing, I like to keep things natural. I think the canoes were over $200 for a few hours! I use a Fuji XT2!

Hah was considering buying XT20 couple of months ago, went with Sony then :D Anyway, enjoy ur travels!

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