Borran's Nature Photography: Dragonfly | Macro Photography

in photography •  2 months ago 
Dragonflies are very mystical insects. I have always liked to photograph them.
Yesterday, when I took a walk, I found one that was sunbathing.
I didn't want it to fly away, so I carefully sneaked closer, took some photos, and continued in the same manner until I realized it was dead.
Poor dragonfly, but it made it so much easier for me of course.
I hope you don't get nightmares after looking at the last picture!

DSCN0594 (2).JPG

Shutter Speed1/640 sec

DSCN0598 (2).JPG

Shutter Speed1/800 sec

DSCN0603 (2).JPG

Shutter Speed1/1250 sec

DSCN0603 (3).JPG
Zoomed in!

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I love nature photography. I regularly post nature photos taken by me, wherever I happen to be. If you have similar interests, be sure to follow me here on steemit!

Shot with: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by!

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You should use 'creativecoin' tag for photography posts!

What is that? :)

A tribe/community that is focusing on rewarding all kinds of creative content, photography included, with their own token: creativecoin. <- that is their front-end

Been really enjoying that tribe thus far.

Okay cool! I'll check it out! Thanks! :)

I like the gradation here :) The last macro is a nightmare stuff indeed :D

So, did you sleep well last night? ;)

Haha I did :D

Good! :D

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