Photochain Photography Contest - The thunderbolt

in photography •  7 months ago

One year ago for the first time I had a chance to photograph a lightning.

It was already late and I was going to go to bed. Suddenly I noticed that lightning flashed in the street. Then I went to the balcony and saw how strong the lightning flashes sparkle in the sky, I decided to try to photograph them.

Unfortunately the landscape of my windows is not very beautiful. And my tripod was in the car. So I had to put the camera on the windowsill and catch lightning in this way.

Fortunately, on several shots, I managed to capture lightning strikes.

This shot was one of the best.

I recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

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@boddhisattva, this is amazing!!


Thank you! 8)

Оооо шикарно! :) прямо чувствуется мощь! Отличное фото!
Тоже пытался поймать грозу, но получилось неинтересно, мелкая, сверкнуло пару раз и все.


Я когда-то давно пробовал, когда вообще не понимал как это делается. И конечно результат был никакой.
А в этот раз гроза была просто чумовая. Не будь передо мной кучи домов, можно было бы много хороших кадров сделать.
А вообще, эту молнию поймал со второго кадра. Больше таких крутых не удалось поймать, как это обычно и бывает 8))

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account. one too :) catch lightning is my dream pic. I am afraid od being struck by nature. But storms od something I really like. These sounds are soo goooood. There are days at work when I have to calm down and focus on my tasks so I put my headphones on and play storms sounds. Great for hot days especially :)


Never tried to listen to the sounds of a thunderstorm. It will be necessary to try 8))

Stunning catch! And great match to citiscape :)

..... and hey, мебель, ателье..... since very first time I saw your nick, I was thinking, this guy should know Akvarium :) вперёд, Бодхисаттва, Иван Бодхидхарма, Сидя На Красивом Холме are my favorites of them hehe (20 years smerican now, Prock is my music and now photo artist nick, but remember enjoying День Серебра on vinyl :)


Oh yes, I certainly know this group and Boris Grebenshchikov. He is very popular in Russia. I did not know that he is popular in other countries 8)

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