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Hello dear friends,
I know it 's been a long time. I missed you all. I'm having a troubled pregnancy, these intermediate processes. I had to sleep for some reason. I was far away from your wonderful work. I want to examine each one one by one. I hope you have not forgotten me. :) I'll try to be here anymore.

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And my dear friends, whom I forgot to name,
I hope you're all good! I send my love and kisses to you all!

_MG_8329-01 2.jpeg

Settings; f3.5- 1/6400 -200mm - Camera; CANON EOS 5D – TAMRON 70-200 f2.8

Ben Ceren ,

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Welcome back 😊 hope u feel better 😊🍀 upsss... And pretty nice pic! heheh

Welcome back. I missed you my dear fried.

Welcome back! Sorry to hear your having a troubled pregnancy, I wish you all the best, and congratulations! :)


My dear friend thank you very much :) <3

Hope you're doing well and the delivery would go smoothly!



Hi! This is a great news (I'm about your pregnancy) and I hope you have everything well. I have not forgotten you and your great works. Come back to us, I wait your wonderful photos!


Hello my friend!
I miss you. and yes, great news!
just a little tiring! thank you!

All the best.


thank you <3

oh so happy to hear from you and glad to know that everything is well !
great atmospheric image and this WOW video :-))

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You rest and listen to your body and your baby! We will all be here whenever you feel up to stopping by. Do keep us posted on how you are doing. Sending hugs! Oh, and lovely photo, by the way!

Welcome back! Keep you're spirits up and relax! So do you know if hes a he or shes a she? Also beautiful black and white photo!

Hello my dear, I remember you. Now I go missing a lot too. I wish you much health, and health to the future baby. Take care.

welcome back... hope you are feeling better!

oooh I was not aware of the pregnancy :) Congrats and have a rest!


Hey, thanks a lot buddy :)

Good to hear from you, @artizm ! It' so wonderful to bring a new life to this world! Good luck and much happiness to both of you!


thank you so much dear friend :)

I have been off the site a lot myself. Just voting fast every few days and writing/posting only now and then. But I just wanted to get back and say I hope you are feeling better, and all is well in your corner of the world. All your Steemit friends are still around and doing things, and will miss you until you return once more. Though the summer on the site is slow for just about everyone I know. Think it is the weather, and so many things to do. Sitting at the computer takes what we call "a back seat".

I'm sure it will all pick up soon once more, when the rains start. Just in time to hear more about your new addition to the family for you and Mustafa.
Take care, and come back to writing, photo-ing and just being you when the time is right. Have a nice day today, and hopefully not too hot. Thinking of you, dd