Trying to teach myself to use a camera not on a smartphone! Northern Queensland sunset blew me away :)

in photography •  last year


Not bad for a first attempt, no filter and just the normal lense that came in the camera... I still have no idea what all of the functions do or if I really need different lenses, I love food, babies and photography as equal as each other (am only familiar with 2 of the 3 however) so am after any and all pointers or tips on how to photograph like a pro in exchange for tips on either food or babies :P


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Haha. Well it is a true fact that nowadays quality of phone pictures is amazing.


That may be true, but unfortunately my Galaxy J2 Prime is just not that fantastic. I recently had my Note 5 stolen from my pocket in Thailand which really did have a great camera.... so on the upside I am trying to learn how to use this camera that i so NEEDED 3 years ago! haha.


Well what can I say is good luck and they only way you can learn is by practising.. :)

Wow great picture .upvote. greets

Very pretty. Following you now.

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