[Street photography] in color - Capturing emotions

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"No one feels another's grief, no one understands another's joy. People imagine that they can reach one another. In reality they only pass each other by."
Franz Schubert

When I wander around the streets with my camera, what I'm looking for is not necessarily interesting characters, but the face expressions and body language. Something unique that makes a person stand out from the crowd. One person that seems the least interesting can give you the best photo with a single powerful face expression.

Usually, people are just zoned out, lost in their thoughts with a blank face and nothing to capture. But sometimes their gestures, face expressions and interactions with the rest of the scene reveal their deep thoughts and emotions. And as a street photographer, you have to keep your eyes wide open to these subtle signs. We try to be unobtrusive as much as possible and not pay attention to what others are doing, But to me, this capturing of emotion is the ultimate challenge.

Those emotions are usually not easy to interpret though. That's why I like to let the viewers come up with their own stories for the photos.

All photos taken with Fuji x100f

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Beautiful capture dude. Did you have to do any processing on the images or are these raw? Also how does that camera perform if used for nature and travel photography? I'm in search of a good camera for travel photography. :)

Hey, thanks! I usually do some post processing to make them look certain way, but it's not necessary. I'm quite satisfied with this camera when it comes to travel and nature photography. You can see here some example photos. It's compact and lightweight so you can bring it with you wherever you go.
Sorry for the late response. :)

Thanks man! I'll take that as a go sign to get once the cryptos bounce back. Top of the list is a high end action camera. Those bridges and lit up buildings look great. I don't see any grains as well.

The drawback is that it comes with a fixed 35mm lens, so you can't attach zooms or anything. But 35 is a sweet spot and it works for most types of photography. Sony has some great action cameras as well.

Most of my photos involve close range subjects such as my motorcycle or people and others have the range similar to the buildings and bridges in your photographs. That's what attracted me towards it. As for the action cams, I've been more inclined towards GoPro Hero 6 because I've been using one for some time now and I absolutely love their quality, ruggedness and handyness.

Good shots of people’s expressions without them even looking up and discovering you. That way you catch the full essence of the moment. Great work. 🐓🐓

Yeah, pictures are more authentic when you shoot this way. Glad you liked it! :)

What I really like about your photo's in this article is to see that people still do things other than staring at their phones.

That's refreshing to see, indeed. Although, I can make an album of those staring at their phones every time I go out to shoot.

Ah, you're talking about my wheelhouse now - Emotions! :D I think this may be my favorite group of shots yet. The couple kissing against the sky is my fave of the bunch, though. That one is so perfect it could be a scene from a movie. Well done!!

I'm glad you enjoyed this set, that means I'm improving. :D Thanks!

Always improving!

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pic 1: This article is pure nonsense ... what else are they gonna come up with... Just silly.

pic 2. This is the last one. I am truly quiting after.

pic 3. Oh come on ... it was only one pair of earings.

...and so on... love reading these. :) My fav is 10 though ;)

See, it's that easy to come up with stories for each photo. :D Thanks for participating!

It's good to hear your purpose for street photography. I've never heard anyone tell their reason. That's a whole lot of human behavior to be learning as you go.

No 3 gave me a chuckle - looks like he's not happy with her purchase and she's giving him the puppy dog look as if to say...."It didn't cost that much".

The man feeding the birds with the little girl reminds me of my father in law - and how he took our daughter on little outings like this. He looks very happy to be with her.

My favorite shot though is the one with the sun rays covering the lady as she looks down at her phone.(No . 10)

After all is said and done with your project today, wouldn't it be great if you could find these people and give them the photo? Especially the lovers kissing on the bench watching the gorgeous sunset.

That's one of the things that excites me the most. I know a lot of street photographers like to play with lights, shadows, leading lines and stuff like that (No wonder No. 10 is your favorite photo :D). For now, I'm sticking to the basics.

It would be cool if people who are photographed stumbled upon a photo eventually (and hopefully want it printed or something instead of taken down :D). Who knows, life works in mysterious ways. You can see one of them is recognized even in this post!

In street photography, I never could be so close to shot them. here you did it, all photos are so quiet without any interrupting their attention. Really love your shots. Good job, buddy! :)

Thanks! You said it very well, I just try to remain as unobtrusive as possible while still capturing people's emotions. The point is just to blend in and be a part of the scene. Having a small camera helps as well. :)

Great shots! Do people ever get upset with you for taking their photo without their consent? I always worry about that. These are great though - lots of mini, individual stories.. thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! At this point rarely anyone notices I'm taking their photo. But the thing is I mostly shoot blindly without raising the camera and looking through the viewfinder cause I like to leave the scene as it is and not interrupt people. And my Fuji has silent shutter.
Before that, while I was shooting with the dslr, I was uncomfortable getting this close cause everyone notices the big camera and thinks you are pro. Like this, even if you raise the camera to eye level they think you are a tourist and just snapping photos. It helps when you act like one. :D

But I honestly never had anyone complaining if they see me taking the photo of them. And if you are clear about your intention, if you like capturing the life of the street or whatever, then you will be just fine. :)

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Amazing shots. Coincidentally you photographed my friend also, the third photo with the girl :D

Hahaha it's a small world! :D

It is :D

they say it's a small world we live in

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about street photography. I enjoyed studying the your pictures with your thought process in mind. And you did capture some interesting expressions.

Are these straight out of the camera or did you do some post processing?

Thanks! I always shoot raw and do some post processing to make the photos pop.

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Impressive photos. Where have you taken them?

Thank you! Photos are taken on the streets of Belgrade.

Good pics...!!You really have extraordinary skills of photography...awesome work✌

Thanks! :)


Vote saya lah

Interesting thoughts. Good luck with your photos.


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Very good information, we always wait for any information from you. Thank you for this posting.

I like the one with playing chess. It carries something poetic...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed that one. :)

Beautiful photos. :)

Thank you! :)

Your photos are stunning! Really beautiful captures of human emotion.

I'm happy that you enjoyed them!

You have just captured the moment. Its different from when people pose in front of the camera. Please can you recommend a camera for me?

Great pics