Travel in Singapore like a local #1—Free concerts and movies in Botanical Gardens

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Singapore is a country in the garden which I love discovering again and again. From its futuristic architectures, super-efficient public transport, gorgeous gardens, to bustling hawker centers and diverse culture, Singapore has so much to offer.

Iconic sights a first-timer shouldn’t miss are: Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, Orchard Road. You can easily find loads of information about these places. Today I am going to share with you the less known amazing places and local food.

Night view from Singapore river

Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands


Super Trees


The first one I would like to share is: Botanical Gardens and it’s free concerts and movies.

The more than 150-year-old Singapore Botanic Gardens is a gift for nature lovers. It shows the best and most spectacular tropical flora. The stunning National Orchid Garden has more than 1000 species. For flower lovers, there is your heaven. Apart from a small entrance fee for the orchid garden, the other parts of the garden are free for all.





Ginger flower: day and night




National Orchid Garden



Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage
2011-08-27 18.03.59.jpg

There are free concerts held regularly at Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage which seats in symphony lake near the visiting centre. Check what’s on in the garden’s official website before your trip. The free concerts are normally held on Sundays, public holidays. Don’t forget to bring your picnic & wine. If you do forget, the hustle and bustle Tangling Road and Orchard Road are just around 15-minute walk away. Whether you are into a tea and Kaya toast in a local tea shop or a cake and coffee, there are never lack of choices.




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Much of the food is delicious in Singapore.
I like Singapore.

Thanks @qmin0705. Yes, I love the food there as well. Chinese food, India, Malaysia, Western, Japanese, Thai, middle east almost can find everything there.

Too nice. I think you exhausted compiling the pics for one post. :-)

I have tons of nice pictures for Singapore. Wasn't thinking of strategy :)

sometime the plan don't work because you get sidetrack with something else which think you have to go first 😎

There is no food in this post which means you have been to Singapore before. :-)

Haha, sharp eyes. I lived there for just 6 years lah :)

6 years is good long time enough for you to get to know us. :-)

I love Singapore. Just had some Singapore friends visiting here a few days ago. Miss it.

Come back for the kaya toast and all.. :-)

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