Travel with me #2: Lavender summer in Furano, Hokkaido 薰衣草的夏天,北海道富良野小秘籍

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Lavender East Farm

Hokkaido's summer full of lavender flavor. In July and August, Furano and Biei are one of the best places to enjoy lavender and farm scenery.


From Sapporo, we boarded JR summer special lavender train. The front of the train, windows and roof are all-glass design to give the riders full spectacular Hokkaido views. Remember to check the JR official website to confirm the special train schedules. They are only for the summer and it's an experience you can't miss.



The end stop of the special train is Furano Station. you need to take the JR local line or take the retro Norokko Train to the famous lavender farms.

薰衣草好列车在富良野站终点,然后换乘JR当地线或者乘坐复古的Norokko Train 前往农场站。


The most popular farms can be very crowded. If you want to avoid the crowd, enjoy the beauty alone. My little Tip: Rent a bike in a local shop. Around 8$ for a whole day. Farm Tomita's largest lavender farm, Laverder East, because of lack of public transport, few people knows. However, it is the most beautiful and tranquil place.

​赏花人络绎不绝,Farm Tomita是最有人气的农场。但是如果你想避开人潮,独自欣赏美景。我的小Tip: 火车到达富良野后在附近人家就有便宜的自行车出租。Farm Tomita 旗下的另一个最大的薰衣草农场Laverder East因为公共交通不能直达,很少有人发现,却是最美最宁静的地方。


All the way the scenery is just breathtaking. Passing a local farm coffee shop. The aroma of coffee and delicate dessert melt the heart. The infinite purple - that is what I am looking for. No other visitors, this world, only the sea of purple ...

2012-01-08 16.31.13.jpg

收获 Harvesting

40 minutes cycling to Farm Tomita. Nothing is better than a cup of lavender ice cream and all those flowers.

一路骑行至人气爆棚的农场Tomita, 一杯Farm Tomita的薰衣草冰淇淋, 万花入眼。





Bring home your own lavender perfume.



偶遇青蛙王子 Run into a frog prince

Let this moment, immersed in the natural, purifying the mind, then start another journey.




​Tips: 若在日本长距离旅行,特别推荐JR Pass. 只能在入境前购买,网上或者授权旅行社都可以购买。。只要乘坐Shinkansen高速列车。大概3小时车程往返的价格就可以购买JR Pass. 并且任何线路都可以提前预定座位,省去很多时间和烦恼。快速火车都飞指定席车厢和自由席,指定席需要多付,但是对JR pass 免费。​

If you travel in Japan for a long distance, the trains especially the fast ones can be very expensive. It is highly recommended to buy a JR Pass. Note that it can be only purchased before entering the country. Https://
Any lines, you can book the seat in advance, save a lot of time and trouble.


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