The Dynamic Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe

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Emerald Bay - If you go up here every morning and every day you will never see the same sunrise.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

All photos are taken and articles are written by Adonis Villanueva of Always Wanderlust unless otherwise stated.



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Such a calm photo!

Beautiful shots!

Wow. Amazing nature photography!

All beautiful and mesmerizing clicks, thank you so much for making my day with such beautiful clicks. a big thumbs up and a resteem for nature

These are all beautiful @adonisabril, i observe they all have "water" in common. These are beautiful places for meditation.

It’s all the same location but at different times of the day.

wow it's really sir?

nice post you

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Your point of view is amazing ...its just motivate me.this type of post help to get more knowladge in this sector

Some beautiful vistas, Adonisabril:) I am particularly partial to the blue sunset one:)

Best of luck

i love you

I used to go to Emerald Bay often in the Summer (not in the Winter) with my Dad when I was living in California. The waters are incredibly clear. I didn't realize how spoiled I was until I moved here to Israel where the Med is not that clear at all

So amazing shots indeed!!

Very astonishing.

Beautiful photos * ^ *

Bellísimas fotos, espectaculares!

Gracias por compartirlas.

very beautiful scenery @adonisabril

the atmosphere is very beautiful you get it, congratulations for you have been waiting and waiting for the right time so get it ,.

What an exceptional atmosphere just a few minutes before the day gives the baton to the night!!!

see your photos as I see them in front of my eyes ..
you are a wonderful [email protected]

Beautiful photos! The view of the sky never fails to amaze me yet. Good post @adonisabril keep it up!

wowwwww amazing..... really stunning photoshoot ❤

nice pict :D
i really love it

an amazing photography, I hope I can get there

Hola @adonisabril
Este parque ubicado en California es una nota y sí realmente los coloridos no son iguales siempre.
La fotografías son geniales.
Saludos y Gracias

i also agree with u bro....its a fantabulous photography...

you great, you can capture the moment that lake be something beautifull

nice picture quality, and amazing location. keep up with the good stuffs.

Amazing colors and shots!

amazing pictures and amazing place, just in my dream to go there

I would like to go there, looks really beautiful!

Pixelated light,
The revealing.
Wrapped up in memories...


Beautiful nature.

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Gorgeous shots, I'm a sucker for skies and no 5 is my favorite one

Are these your photos? You are really good. Your sense for timing is unbelievable! GOOD JOB!

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If you want to, you can try it here:

Beautiful shots. <3

Very good job, really like you photos! 📸

incredible the peace that he transmits to me!

Amazing photos!

Really Glad to see these photograph.
Very beautiful.
Thanks for shear it.

Happy Steeming.

Really nice photos, the sunrises are surreal!

Ohhhh beautiful shots. I have spent some wonderful time up there. You are inspiring me to put some of my own shots up.

very interesting pictures hopefully I am motivated with your post @adonisabril ..

very much my hope you visit my blog

Wow Nice View, Good Shoot! I Have Done Upvote & Follow You

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