Now for something completely different

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Now for something completely different

For this post, I am sharing something a little different, I have shared some photos I took with the Lensbaby trio 28 recently, and it also has a unique kind of effect when you rotate the lens so its midway between two of them and it gives a cool kind of double exposure effect which is what I will share with this post,
I know they won't be to everyone's taste but I tried this option many times and had so many that were total failures but I do kind of like these as something a little different.

This first shot was walking up 42nd Street with the flags and the Chrysler building

1 lensbaby trio dual exposure effect.jpg

Sony A7iii lensbaby trio 28
Click here to view larger

I would really appreciate your honest thought so these images?, I was just playing around and having fun and will not be offended what ever you say honets feedback is always appreciated.

These next two shots are by the stairs heading up from 42nd Street to Tudor city, this next one isn't the dual exposure effect, but I think the velvet setting and I quite liked the bokeh and feel of this image

1 lensbaby trio dual exposure effect-2.jpg

Sony A7iii lensbaby trio 28
Click here to view larger

And this last shot in the same spot but betwene lenses giving the dual exposure kind of effect

1 lensbaby trio dual exposure effect-3.jpg

Sony A7iii lensbaby trio 28
Click here to view larger

Its fun playing with the lensbaby lenses and something completely different and mixes up what I share on my feed, I will play with them from time to time when I just want to have fun and be challenged by the trickiness of getting these lenses to give the effect I want, but don't worry post with photos from them will be only on occasion, I will still mostly use my regular conventional lenses

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Thanks for the resteem appreciated

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So, you need extra lenses for such a view? At that time, I only needed a few beers to see the stairway that way 😉 I mean the third photo, which I like most.

The second photo shows some kind of autumnal or lonely mood, but it looks good too.

When I saw the first image I thought "now he's doing double exposures", before I have read anything, and I was right :) but I didn't think of the lens babies though ;)

LOL beers would have been cheaper than this lens LOL, well over time if I wanted to do lot of these shots beers may be more expensive LOL

I seldom do real double exposures but that would be cool to try sometime as well even if doing them in photoshop LOL

I have never tried double exposures before, but maybe this is something to plan for the future.

Although it is still early in the morning, but you can accept this !BEER lol

It was fun doing it with this lens, but it is an idea to try with editing as well now :)

Thanks for the Beer virtual beer I can have as many as I want ;)

I will add such double exposure shots and Photoshop edits to my list, as well as crystal ball photos, which I have seen yesterday on the blog from @kunschj ;)

... and cheers :)

I must get my crystal ball out again soon its been a year or more since i last used it for shots :)

Same with me, I bought mine last Autumn, made a few shots and then somehow forgot about it ;)

I bought mine maybe 3 years ago, have used it a few times but its been gathering dust for well over a year now :)

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lovely! i loved #2 and especially #3.

Thanks for our feedback its interesting to har which ones people like

I like the stair photos, they are interesting. They add a bit of mystique to the stairs.

Thanks yeah this effect can be interesting i must try it again sometime soon

I like that play around with different effects. You have a great eye for when they work.

Thanks it was fun to do something different

Those are great shots. I really enjoy experimental photography as well and like how that third image, in particular, turned out. It's a surreal effect, reminiscent of a dream. Photography is an art and, as an art, has a facet that is meant to challenge the viewer and invoke an emotional response in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. No reason painters should have all the fun!

What an awesome comment thanks so much !tip
YEs why can only painters do surreal, I had fun playing with-this lenses and will no doubt play with it gain soon :)

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Ha ha! Are we all getting bored? I bought a glass ball to shoot with, but haven't tried it out yet. I'm hoping for a sunset through all the gray skies we've been having. Anyway...I really like the second image. I liked the third as well, but then scrolled down and saw it continued, so you could say I like the top half of the third too. Have fun and keep challenging yourself. That's the fun of life :-)

LOL not really bored i just like to mix up what I do, and when I realized I had this lens which I hadn’t used on the new camera i just had to go and play with it, its good fun and i will no doubt play with it again soon

Thanks for your feedback the second seems to be the most popular

NO a gass ball can be fun as well, I hve one sitting in the boot of my car, I need to play with that again soon :)

Playing is fun, and the pictures are nice , the stairs photo got a bit more mysterious, I want to do a lot with the fish lens I brought to Italy , as always I keep you posted !

Yeah ts good to just do something off the wall sometimes Fish Eye lens can be such fun to use in some places :)

That is pretty cool. The ones with the stairs are awesome. I really like the second one that is kind of sepia toned. Fantastic shots!

It was fun to play with this lens, trust me I have so many more rejects than ones I would edit trike these, but its fun trying with and I will no doubt play with it again soon

First photo, not so sure it makes one feel "out of register" bit too disjointed, second photo is enjoyed more from the aspect of speed walking up to the stairs that remain solidly in front of you, third one looks like staircase slipped and decided to continue from another angle. Nice to test equipment, bet every response will be different, that is what makes it interesting!

Firstly thanks so much for your honest feedback I love that tip!
And yes i can relate to what you say about each of the images :)

I will normally say it the way I see it when invited to :), have an awesome weekend.

Thanks and thats the way I like it honest feedback helps me to learn and adjust what I do :)
So far my weekend is going well I hope yours is as well :)

Perking up slowly but surely, been a rough two weeks, back to Specialist tomorrow hopefully we find out what it actually is.... Always from sunny skies in South Africa!

Lets hope that you get some answers tomorrow not knowing what it is can be so frustrating again wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Your experimentation is so fascinating! Great work. Love the transparent overlaps.

Thanks its not an effect i would do too often but its fun to play around and do something different now and again

Wow, it really captures my attention. Nice shot, something different 😊

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Thanks t was fun playing with this lenses and seeing What I could get i will probably play with it again before to long

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I like the last one.
By the way, you can use nTOPAZ platform to share your works. They have cancelled the beneficiary. It's really worth trying.

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Thanks and i must check out that platform again :)

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