Photofriend's Favorites #23 (Red or Yellow?)

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Hello all steeming photo lovers!

Welcome to another selection of great photos from the team members of @photofriend!

@photofriend is a community of photographers supporting original photography on Steeemit and fight against plagiarism. To improve the overall Steemit experience and help fellow photographers is our shared mission. Come to join us on discord:

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody already supporting @photofriend! Without your help, engagement and support this project would be pointless!

This list is in no particular order and I have absolutely nothing to do with these photographs. All compliments (or criticism) belong to the creators.

The flowing colors

by @axeman


Polish nature: Spider who wanted to be a bat?

by @photovisions


How About if We Hang Around?

by @brumest



by @fotogruppemunich


Photochain Photography Contest - LONG EXPOSURE - These are different long exposure photos taken in East Timor! (5 photos)

by @nolasco


Rise and shine (says the sun)

by @sina-adventure


“A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.” ― George Nakashima

by @photoquest


African Wednesday: Camels in the Sahara, Morocco

by @jpphotography


Make sure to show some support to the featured photographers, they deserve it!

Thank you for reading and for your kind support! Fell free to upvote / follow / resteem.

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Amazing pics!! All of them!

Pure magic! Love this community! :)

Great selection, all are fantastic shots!

Wow, wow and wow again. Such talent. These are truly beautiful. @axeman photo was the reason I read this post. My goodness what skills.

All photographs are outstanding

Thanks for featuring my work among this amazing selection! Congrats to the awesome photographers! Cheers to all! Steem on, @photofriend!

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