The Hashtag Race #7 - Announcing The Daily Winners

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Hello all steeming photo lovers!

Another week of The Hashtag Race is over and it is time to announce the daily winners!

Voting for the weekly winner is happening in a dedicated room on our Discord channel. Everybody has 2 votes. You can give just one vote to each post and you cannot vote for yourself. Bare in mind that we are judging not only a photo but the overall quality of the photo post. Some people can be nominated more than once and therefore it is important to specify the day too. I will vote only in the case of a tie. The winner will be announced on Friday and win 7 100% upvotes for the next week.

@photofriend is a community of photographers supporting original photography on Steeemit and fight against plagiarism. To improve the overall Steemit experience and help fellow photographers is our shared mission. Come to join us on discord:

Monday Winner

Animal Photography- Buddies On Guard

by @redheadpei


Tuesday Winner

AnimalPhotography: Scarlet Macaw

by @leyargoz


Wednesday Winner

Sommer/Winter [ENG/GER]

by @fotogruppemunich


Thursday Winner

Sometimes miracles comes in pairs

by @axeman


Friday Winner

Rocky Mountain High

by @coloneljethro


Saturday Winner


by @brumest


Sunday Winner

Sunset in Bermeo / Atardecer en Bermeo

by @tashidelek


Thank you for reading and for your kind support! Fell free to upvote / follow / resteem.

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Beautiful shots

Great captures Everyone! Thanks @photofriend for featuring my post for Monday. U&R

hi good friend thanks
by. @ adit123

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