Why I Believe in Bitcoin

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The Great Bitcoin


Bitcoin has changed many people’s lives including mine. Some people believe Bitcoin is a “bubble” or a “scam”. However, the people saying these things don’t have enough evidence to back up their statements.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in an overdraft situation, that we all think is pretty stupid. Or how about when your account says you have a certain amount of money, so you go out for some groceries, you’re at the register, then your card is decline? You then check your account, turns out a payment you made three days ago was just confirmed. Or when you’re out of town and your bank assumes you’re card is being used by someone else so they basically lock you out of your own account while you’re on vacation. Instead of just giving you a call or texting you to verify if you’re actually making these purchases. What if you become a billionaire and you want to send a million dollars to your mom? Nope! You can’t because the banks won’t allow you to do it all at once, it has to be in portions. Oh I almost forgot, what about all those hidden fees? What’s that all about?

What makes Bitcoin better than having a bank? For starters you don’t need a bank account to own Bitcoin. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet, a phone or laptop and an email. Once you have your bitcoin wallet it is time to purchase your bitcoins. You can buy them in an exchange or use a bitcoin ATM. I personally prefer the Bitcoin ATM’s because it is much easier and faster. Because Bitcoin is more popular now, it has become more difficult to buy bitcoin using the money you have in your bank account. Why? Well let’s just say the banks feel threatened by Bitcoin and will create all type of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage.) so people don’t buy it. You can also send Bitcoin peer-to-peer without having a middle man (banks) interfere with your transactions. Another reason why the banks don’t want people to buy Bitcoin. Do you see how Bitcoin can put banks out of business? The best thing is that no one has control of Bitcoin. We know the name of the creator of Bitcoin, but not the person(s). This is how Bitcoin is decentralized, because no one has full control of it. Bitcoin works because of the blockchain. If there was no blockchain, Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies wouldn’t be able to function as well as they do. They would also be more vulnerable to hack. People have been trying to stop Bitcoin but haven’t succeeded because of how the blockchain is set up to work.

What do we know about Mathematics? The definition of Mathematics:
1 (used with a singular verb)the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationships between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically.
2 (used with a singular or plural verb)mathematical procedures, operations, or properties.

Sounds like Bitcoin to me. 😏

The best time to purchase Bitcoin is when the crypto market is tanking. Why? Well it’s like when you go out shopping. If you’re on a budget you can go to the clearance section and buy 3-5 items vs getting one or two items for the same price as the clearance items. That’s kind of the same thing when you go “shopping” for these coins. Especially Bitcoin. There will only be 21 million Bitcoin ever to circulate the world. There is over a trillion people in the world! Did I mention Bitcoin is World Wide?

There are many people in other countries like India & Zimbabwe that don’t have banks and Bitcoin is the perfect opportunity for these people to grow.
This is why Bitcoin is more valuable in countries where there are no banks.

In order to understand Bitcoin, one must know how the fiat currency works. Whether they live in China, Mexico, Ireland, or England, fiat money is all the same; it has no true value. They are simply notes that have numbers to represent “currency”. Sounds like a scam, doesn’t it?

The future is here. It is your choice to either believe or disbelieve about this great technology. The Universe has provided this wonderful opportunity and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.






Definitivamente bitcoin es la solución de muchos , ademas de lo rapido que puede llegar , cero colas, cero bancos, aprovechemos estas excelentes herramientas!

Claro que si! Todo se mueve mas facil y con seguridad. Gracias por tu comentario ^.^

Thanks to you for keeping us updated daily with quality content

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