Flight of the Phoenix

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A couple of reasons for the naming of this one. The clouds in the sky kind of look like a phoenix to me...and I took this shot years ago so it kind of has been reborn from the ashes of an old hard drive.


Just as a Steemit exclusive, this next shot is one I took a few minutes beforehand and my editing style and approach is completely different.


I like the new one more personally. But the older one has a different mood and feel to it so I don't dislike it.

I recently bought a professional (size and price) printer so I can do some printing at home. This has led me to decrease my screen brightness a bit and I'm finding some of my older images a bit too dark for my current taste. I'll do a post about my printing endeavours another time.

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Dreamy shot man! I definitely prefer the smooth, subtle colors of the first one! Resteemed.

Glad you like the new one! Thanks for the Resteem!

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Feeling to be there, dream kind of shot.

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Thank you!

Absolutely spectacular, Kieran <3

I.... cant choose, but maybe I like the older one slightly? But they are gorgeous, geez

Always such a treat to see a post from you :D

Are you going to do winter shoots? The snow's really coming down since last week, I heard :O

Thank you! I do like both but prefer the new one.

I'm not a huge fan of being really cold, even though I like the snow. I don't think I have any real snow shots...

outstanding scenery and lovely color on the sky..

Thank you very much!

I like the explanation for the name 😉 and I would prefer the first photo for its softer, more dreamy look, although both shots are amazing beautiful 😊

Thanks! I didn't even notice the phoenix shape the first time I processed the photo :)

You're much welcome 😄

I often see such things in my photos not at first sight or other tell me, what they see and I don't 😉

I forgot something when I wrote my comment: !BEER

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Holy moly, this is beautiful! Both are gorgeous, but I prefer the first one— the second one is moodier, for sure, but the first straight-up fills me with joy. 😍

Would you mind sharing some technical info how you did this photo?
I would really like to know how you did it!