thilly wabbit

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This little baby.

Just sitting there on my front stoop as if he had no care in the world.

It's been a very long time since I've seen bunnies this tiny. If I were to pick it up I am sure he would have fit into the palm of my hand.

He was too unprotected for my liking. I crept outside to see if he would hop into the bushes. He didn't flinch and I began wondering if he might be injured. I recognized the rabbit freeze — ears lowered, breathing unnoticeable, dead stare. He wasn't old enough to jump away.

@johnjgeddes snuck out with some lettuce. I placed it in front of the bunny. He didn't even flinch. I touched him with the leaf to try to get him to move. Nothing.

While I was waiting for the mother rabbit to appear to rescue her offspring I captured some shots of the bushes beside me hoping the little guy would move so I could get a different pose.


I went back inside to leave him alone and watched from my front doorway.

The first change happened. He raised his ears. He then sniffed at the lettuce and very slowly crept into the bushes. No hopping.

I caught a glimpse of the mom but unfortunately some neighbors were walking near my house and spotted her. They began squealing with delight which caused her to jack rabbit away.

I am almost positive she came for her baby even though I didn't wait. Abbey was in the backyard on guard watching the bunny trail from the other side of the fence. She was ordered into the house so this little family could go home.

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm f/1.8
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018


Thank you for posting @countrygirl.

Lovely little bunny photographs.......what a glad you had your camera close by.......the close ups of the plants.....lovely.

All the best. ^__^


Thank you @bleujay - appreciate the visit and glad you enjoyed the photos. See you soon. :)

Very nice photos of the little hopper! That's a palm-sized garden destroyer, right there. I'm impressed you could get close enough to use the 55mm. It's a nice, sharp lens, though. You got a lot of great fur detail, and look at that eyeball reflection! That almost qualifies as a selfie :-)

Does Abby like waskly wabbits? I hear they taste like chicken...

Ya, I know!! I got so close to even tickle his nose with the lettuce. A selfie!!!! lol....I couldn't see me in the eye but I did see the houses across the street. I don't understand the focal length math. I try so hard to but it just won't stay in my brain :) So I just set up the shot, focus and shoot.

Yes, Abbey loves to CHASE wabbits. And runs away if she is surprised by them....well she jumps up in the air first then runs.

Our last dog killed wabbits. I'm still traumatized by it. Terrible. He killed a nest of babies - squeaky toys. And a few years later killed a full grown wabbit - scared it to death. High prey drive in that dog - australian shepherd. He'd obey and drop it when told to but he'd jump in the air to catch the grackles (which was okay, just kidding) and caught a few cardinals. They lived thankfully.

Too funny calling the babies squeaky toys! And yes @fotosdenada they DO taste like chicken...I was told it was SPECIAL chicken that I was eating. I thought they meant the chicken was made a special way, aRRgHH.
Although...@countrygirl, I would have loved seeing if your last dog would have dealt with our Canadian Geese problem in our yard :)

Oh dog would have made their visit very short if let loose on them. Although I wouldn't have wanted to bathe him after - goose poop is very sticky!!

You really ate rabbit? I've eaten deer and was told it was special beef .... and bison and told the same. I don't like being fooled like that.

I called them squeaky because I was in my tool shed and Levi was running around the yard as usual with his squeaky toy or so I thought. When I came out I saw 4 dead bunnies and one in his mouth. Squeaking! It died in my hand. Trauma!!! The other one got away.

Oh that was too funny!! Thanks for the belly laugh! I thought I was the only one that fell for the “special” meat. I too would need councilling on the squeaky toy story (although it’s so bad I’m laughing). I have a similar horror story about the death of my talking parrot. Jeez!

Eyeball selfie 😁 A garden destroyer or not, this bunny is super cute!

By the way, sorry guys for not being very active lately...

Beautiful little one. I have a pair here that love to have supper around the yard. Bigz loves to watch them. I sa.w one tonight they were eating dandelion stems from the seeding ones. I guess those might be good in a salad.

I have a love/hate with rabbits. They are beautiful to watch and are very cat like but they are rodents and they carry ticks - ew - and destroy gardens. I don't mind now bc I don't have gardens like I used to so there aren't issues.

I'm sure Bigz makes those crazy cat sounds when he sees them. Or does he do that only with birds?

Bigz does the old chatter noise at some birds and he really has a hate on for the chipmunks so he really gets going when he see's them :)

Awww. Baby bunnies are the cutest! Great shots!

baby bunnies....I know. They seem so helpless and alone when momma isn't there. I couldn't believe how close I got to it though. Amazing.

I understand why they are so prolific....their survival rate must be slim. My daughter had a nest of them in the backyard and all the babies died before their eyes opened. know the rabbit's are kind of dumb with their nests? They are about saucer deep. I always thought they'd be in a rabbit hole, right? But no....long grass would do as well....the mother sheds a bit of fluff and that's all that covers the babies. No wonder they don't last. Natures bounty lol

Good thing they breed like rabbits!😀

That little one was just too cute - I'm glad Mom showed up - maybe rabbits don't like lettuce - we'll see if it's there in the morning. Another mouth to feed...

sigh, yes, life is hard.

Just precious.... I don’t know that I have ever seen a baby stay so still. You captured some great memories.

I'm the animal whisperer. It's one of my many talents! 😇

What a cute visitor. So adorable.

Aren't they though? So cute.

Aww, bless its heart. Finding a baby rabbit on your front stoop seems like some sort of good luck omen. I've always thought the whole rabbits foot concept a bit morbid...

Me too! I've never had rabbit anything that I know of, I won't eat veal, or lamb bc I just can't. I could really be a vegetarian - I'm close to it I suppose.

Poor John made a veal stew the other day and I couldn't eat it and it turned him off of eating it as well. The dog ended up with two days worth of food but never again.

I'm the same way. The eating baby animals thing is a pretty disgusting human habit. I eat beef, chicken, and occasionally pork. I get all weird about the chicken though, because I have chickens. Like if I use a can of chicken I feel guilty because I think about how happy my chickens are, and how the meat came from miserable factory raised chickens. Maybe I think too much :)

I've never eaten rabbit either. Don't plan on it unless I'm starving.

I would totally get weird about chickens if I had them too!! They'd all have names which is a big no no if you are raising them, but I'd still have names.

A very cute animal, if it is not wrong rabbit huh @countrygirl?

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So cute! You had a rare chance to capture it from so close :) The other pictures are also very nice :)

Wow very cute fabbites I like it

Awww how cute, I really hope they are reunited now!

oh how cute :)
I really wanted to see and love such a thing. I hope that lettuce made this little rabbit happy. He's so lucky to meet people like you! @johnjgeddes @countrygirl
respects, my dear friend

Thank you so much @artizm. You are very sweet. You would have loved this little guy.

Cuteness overload! :D

I know.!! I get all giddy about such things. :)

Very cute rabbit @countrygirl. Whose owned, do they haven't home? Hopefully, rabbit and his son are okay.

The rabbits run wild around here. It's not a pet rabbit. Actually these wild ones are considered pests because they eat gardens, reproduce prolifically and carry ticks. All that and cuteness.

All living things that exist in the world certainly have benefits for this nature. May he live freely, as long as his existence is not too threatening.

What a sweet little bunny. I think she (or he?) made your day. If something like that happens to me, I feel cheerful all day long.

Simple pleasures @clio :)

Look at that sweetness!
I guess these cute things come to you. Because you are, too. my dear friend.

have a nice day!

Aw....thanks so much @mnallica. You are sweet too.

Lovely little bunny I wished I was there with you! So tiny, and look at his eyes!

They are know. Garden ruiners :)

Even so... <3 <3 <3

Poor little guy! I hope he got reunited with his mom...

me too. I haven't seen them again but I know they've been around - Abbey gets excited and sees things I don't so I go by her body language :)

Then they probably got away to safety. Cute little rabbit. I'd hate to think that anything happened to him...