Cafe Atlantique

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Cafe Atlantique

Cafe Atlantique-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 40mm F8 1/160 ISO 100
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I am not really a bar or club person, and neither is my wife, but when we used to go out for the occasional evening, the Cafe Atlantique is the place we used to love going to, we became friends with the owner Tina, who does such a great job of running the place and making it so inviting.

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Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/160 ISO 100
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The Cafe is so beautiful decorated both inside and out, Tina clearly has a lot of pride in the place and makes sure to keep it looking beautiful.

She has local bands in on Friday and Saturday evenings and thats when we used to go, sadly for health reasons we dont get out much these days but if we ever did this would be where we would go,

Cafe Atlantique.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/160 ISO 100
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Another shot of the Walkway beside the Cafe Atlantique and the outside seating always so popular in summer, on nice evenings the bands used to play on the grass to the right, I am not sure if thats still the case but we had some good evenings there listening to great Music and my wife even did a couple of shows there.

Cafe Atlantique-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 39mm F8 1/200 ISO 100
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Each month she has a featured artist who can display their art on the walls of the Cafe, I did a few shows their, and I know I could again if I wanted to but it has got so popular it is booked out for monthly spots a good year or two in Advance, I felt bad doing shows there when i seldom visit the place now so I haven't done a show there for a couple of years.

But if you ever visit Milford this is a place I highly recommend you pop into to

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It's amazing to see level architecture built on an inclined foundation.

Even more astonishing is the prevalence of ancient monolithic structures built in the same manner; supposedly with crude tools?


Thanks for the cool images.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

Namaste, jaiChai

Thanks Kindly and all the best to you and yours

Wow! The place is so inviting! 😍 I love it's coziness.

What do you mean by "show"? Do you play a musical instrument? Or you sing? 😊

@gingbabida no I cannot sing or play any instruments i leave that to my wife, my show was my photography up for a month a year for about 4 years until I decided to have a breakk from that

Oh! That answers why you have excellent photographs!!! 😍

What a charming spot! I bet it would be wonderful to sit out and have dinner on the sidewalk. So beautiful, thanks for the share!

@birdsinparadise and thanks for your visit its my favorite place in the city

That is a really nice and fancy cafe place.
What a perfect place to enjoy your coffee.

@joalvarez It truly is, getting a park near by is a challenge but its worth a little walk

That looks like a place we would go for sure! It is on our "to do list" from now on.

@themonkeyzuelans Cool I do love it and its well worth visiting

Really quaint😀
Nice color on that building, great shots @tattoodjay!

Awesome. I want to walk right in to that shop. Does your wife post anything on Steemit?

It is well worth visiting i love it, we havent been there for the music or anything for ages but I pop in at least once a monnth to see the art there

No my Wife isnt on Steemit

That 3rd photo of the walkway is so pretty!

It is such a beautiful spot I have spent many a time sitting in that walkway

O the house looks totally cute and that is street is so lovely and colorful 💚

@zen-art Thanks it is such a charming spot

Wow, this place is stunning - I love the colours. The walkway along the back is really pretty with all the flowers.

#thealliance #witness

@c0ff33a Thanks Mate it is such a welcoming spot and the Cafe is always fun to visit

Very colourful place, if you go it and eat or drink your could do review on They reward rather well for these in terms of SP. Ill be doing one later.

@slobberchops Yes I remember seeing that, We dont eat out any more so thats not really an option for me

Just because for health reasons you can't indulge is no reason you shouldn't go out and enjoy an evening of good music. A glass of mineral water with a twist of lemon works just fine. I assume they serve some sort of foods as well. You could go for something lighter. It seems a shame not to be able to enjoy something in right your backyard...

@cecicastor Very true, the food there is good and healthy, but with my wifes illness of recent getting out has been hard so we have been staying in

Good to share the outer view...and looks like a perfect place....would loce to see the interior as well....awsome photography JJ

@steemflow I may pop in today and get some shots, I generally dont as its to crowded in there at the time I will be popping in

Hahah...most of the restaurant remain same during weekend😉

Wow you know what those photos to me look like a painting that looks realistic as a photo the quality is outstanding.
Now that is a place I could just sit at all day.

@crazybgadventure I am sure you would love it there it is such a cool place and thanks for your kind words

Looks very charming, and my kinda place!!

Beautiful location! My kind of place.

it is such a charming spot has a european cafe feel to it

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i second your coment about bar& pubs buut i do sooooo love a great building, :D, super cosy framing on this once hun 🐲🐉💗

I love strett and architecture photography, nice one!

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