Be appreciative of what you have, not focused on what you want to have

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Be appreciative of what you have, not focused on what you want to have

This post came to my mind the other day on the train ride home, where I heard a group talking about how rough life was for them, and what they felt they should have, and having travelled the world and been to countries where the people are truly suffering its something that does get to me when I hear people talking like that, while sitting there in designer clothes, with fancy jewelry or watches riding on a comfortable train. but let me share my first photo and continue this line of thought

1 Sleeping oon the street-4.jpg

Sony A7iii 43mm F5.6 1/60 Sec ISO 1000
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They were heading home probably to a very nice house, at one stage talking about where they would be eating that night after they got home, probably having a nice meal a drink or three and heading home to a comfortable and nice house, unlike the person in the photo above who has all his worldly belongings in the cart and is sleeping on the street.
This is a post for beautiful Sunday By @ace108, now you may wonder why a post of people sleeping on the street in my mind is a beautiful Sunday post, well very simply, seeing people struggling like this does make me appreciate how lucky I am and makes me think every day is beautiful if you look at it with the right attitude.

1 Sleeping oon the street-3.jpg

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Now I know some people are very skeptical about the panhandlers they see on the streets of NYC, and to be honest I share that skepticism myself and will seldom give to the people I see sitting on the sidewalk with therir bit of cardboard written on claiming they need money for a train ticket to get home, or some other reason why we should give them money, and how can we really know their situation, but when I see people sleeping on the street like the shots above, I do so feel for them, clearly their situation is dire for some reason or other that they need to sleep on the street like this.

So although I will not give money tot he panhandlers I mentioned above, I will occasionally buy a sandwich and a drink and leave it for them when they wake up,

So to close out, I know its easy for us all at times to feel sorry for ourselves over something or other, but I suspect the problems we may have to deal with at times are not so bad that we do not have a roof over our head a warm place to sleep and have to worry about where the money for our next meal will come from, and that for me always puts things into perspective.

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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The noticing of contrast ... things we don't like or wish would change ... is essential to evolution and development. However there is a shift in consciousness when we go from complaining to envisioning. It is so helpful to celebrate the good in any situtation but no harm in envisioning your desires as long as it doesn't become complaining. The magic, so to speak, is found in the energetic nuance we give to things.


That is so well said, Finding the right balance with this and so many things is really the key, your right there is nothing wrong with having desires, and striving to achieve them :)

Definitely a sad thing to see and it always makes me angry to see that because there shouldn't be any need for that but unfortunately it's in every country for many reasons but we do want we can if it feels right :)


Yes I can relate it does make me angry as well and this doesnt need to happen in what is a pretty well of country, but like you say we do what we can and what feels right for us in our own way

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thanks so much I appreciate the resteem :)

It's so easy to live life oblivious to those in need. We must open our eyes and lend a hand whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Yes thats very true,

I think we all do this sometimes. It is hard not to put the issues you think are unfair to you first. It is also very hard to want to give to others for me once I had my kids. I can't help but think that every dollar I make should go to them or things for them. Yet I have and do sometimes give a few dollars to a person out there. But I have to believe them. I very rarely do it to younger looking men though. I grew up very poor and can't believe when I see a younger person begging and not hustling. I am very lucky I know that I grew up poor where I did though. Again a great post man you always make me think. Nice photos, I never feel okay taking shots like those.


Yes i think your right its something most of us go through
, I pretty much never give cash to people on the street, if they touch me I may give food and or a drink, but cash you never know what it is going to be used for,
I remember in one country I was in there were young kids begging looking so dirty and poor, it was so touching to see and you felt you had to give something, but then one of the Local staff one day showed,me where those kids lived as they got home for a day begging on the roadside, their father was driving them home in a very nice car, and a short while later they were all clean in good clothes and playing outdoors and having fun, and the house they were in was quite grand for the city I was in.
I was totally shocked by this, and hence I very seldom give money directly to people on the street no matter how they may tug at my heart.

It is sad how common this is becoming is cities both large and small across the world.


Indeed very sad i have to admit that was one of my biggest shots when I came to NYC, i have seen homeless and sad situations in many countries but I never expected to see it here and sadly now quite a few Ayers it seems there’s more not less

it is a sad thing to see indeed
one would not expect that in such a rich country as the US


Yes when I first came here i must admit I was shocked to see it, I have seen sad conditions in many countries which one expects when a countrie has been through War, famine or other crisis but not here

Wonderful message today @tattoodjay. I know we have spoken about this several times, devastating to see the homeless sleeping passed out on the street. It is so easy to forget how fortunate we all are. I too would have a hard time hearing a conversation like that..glad you shared today!


Thanks, and yes we have discussed this before, It is something I never expected to see in such a big city like NYC, I have seen sad sights in my travels in countries who have suffered from War, Famine or natural disasters and you expect to see sad sights there, just not so much in a big city

Ohh yes when I hear conversations like that it takes me great control for me to go over to them and Say, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LUCKY YOU ARE

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Mostly I don't agree with taking photos of the homeless. Seems like they would not want to be photographed and are taken advantage of. But in this case, I am glad you did and bring up some good points about people that want things they really don't need.

At least you realize what you have. I do too and give thanks on a daily basis.


It is something I do not feel comfortable taking photos of them, but I think its something that sometimes need to be documented and to express my feelings as I did in this post

thanks for your visit ;)

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Hello..!!! :D
Daily Gratitude for what I have..!!! And truly much gratitude for health.


Thats a good way to be, I to give daily gratitude for my Health, funnily enough, it was only when I started to have some health problems, and dealing with them quickly and following Dr's advice did I actually really think about it and appreciate how lucky I am


Me too... I've been hospitalized in the past
and have lost a lot of family and friends due to health issues. Gets ya thinking and giving much great Gratitude....!!! for health. Health is far more important than wealth.


Yes indeed your last line says it all health is far more important than wealth without a doubt

A lot of things still boils down to money.
Money cannot solve all the problem but without money, there is a lot of problem.


Yes indeed that is very true its a reality we all have to deal with ;)

I contemplate about this sometimes.

To a wealthy person, I would not look like I have much in general I'm sure, but over time I have read about or seen on the internet or TV, how in some places, multiple families live in less space than I occupy alone. Thinking about such things makes me feel very fortunate.

I realize there are many people who need every penny they can scrape up just to have the bare necessities and I know there are others who have, like you show, nothing but what is in a cart or on their backs. I buy things because they are pretty or for some reason I just want them. What a luxury, right?

Some of these people have mental difficiencies, some are truly just severely down on their luck, while others...... begging is just their chosen job ! There is frequently no way to discern which is which.

I read long ago something Mother Teresa was supposedly to have said about that and it is said that SHE said something like..... when you give to the poor/beggars & etc, you will answer for what you did out of the goodness of your heart...... and the person that you give it too, will have to answer for what they do with it.

It is nice that you try to help out in a constructive and generous way.


I know the Mother Teresa Quote you mean

At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.

I remember seeing it written on a memorial for her in India and it stays in my memory still today
I agree one can never tell the real reason why
someone is sleeping or begging on the street there can be so many reasons and we can never know

I to am in the middle ground to the wealthy I have little to the poor I have a lot but to me the fact that I can but things on a whim because as you said they are pretty or I just want them so I consider myself comfortable

I think it’s totally a personal choice whether to give to people on the street there was one I felt for in queens years ago I used to regularly buy him some pizza and a drink each Thursday evening and ended up sitting with him and chatting and got to know him well he had been through some bad luck and bad choices but he managed to get himself back on track

Eventually he was ready to work and I helped him to get some clothes and funnily enough the first job he got was in the pizza place I bought the pizza from I took him there after he had been to a couple of job interviews for a meal and the owner got chatting with us as he knew me fairly well and offered him a job
I still keep in touch with him occasionally and he is doing well

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