Night scene at Clarke Quay [2nd Photo fun entry: Harbour / yacht club photography]

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This is Clarke Quay, one of the most vibrant places to visit here in Singapore. At present, this place is packed with restaurants, nightclubs, and the famous reverse bungee which is located at the entrance.

Clarke Quay is also notable for the River Cruise, these are bumboats that will bring you to historic places along the Singapore river.


If you happen to visit Singapore anytime soon, this should be on your list if you want to experience good food, night tour, and thrilling attractions.


This set of photos will serve as my 2nd entry to @claudiaz's Harbour / Yacht club photography contest. If you want to participate to this contest, feel free to read it HERE.

Thank you for viewing my post.


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All original photos by author using Sony RX1R with 35mm lens

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I would sure have a stop over at this place if I ever travel to Singapore.. They sure have a way of lighting up the environment to make it beautiful than it already looks..
Awesome post thanks for sharing

The colorful lights makes it look lively especially at night. Have fun on your future travel here! Cheers

It looks very beautiful Singapore. Apparently there is no room for boredom. It looks very funny.

Yes that's true, you always find something to do om every corner. Have a great weekend :)

Thank you. Equally!

beutiful photos, hope I get to take pictures like that nice capture...dear..thanks for sharing..

If you think it's nice, then what prevents you from upvoting?

I'm curious.

yeaj..i will i just..wait for my voting..power..

We LOVE your photography!

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Wow, all the pictures are really beautiful, thanks for sharing, good luck always

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Great evening photos. Nice as the colors reflect in the water and also reflect a part of the culture.

I like the colors, seems to be a good place to hang out in the evening with many interesting views...:)

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