Kesh Rules.

in photo •  8 months ago

Surprise.. another piece of street art.

I assume the owner gave permission to get his truck painted.

But if not, I wonder what the owner thought when he saw his painted truck for the first time

Thanks for your time and enjoy this sunny day


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Hello @markush:)


Yes @markush i am back again. I hope you can continue to support my blog! 😍

Graffiti makes street life so much more beautiful! :) Hope all is good, cheers to you!


Yes i agree imo it really lightens up the streets.

Im still breathing :) thanks for asking.

And good luck there with finding a job. pff.. Looking for a job can be way worse then the job itself..

Anyway good day there!

I love the street art, thank you for sharing! I can't but wonder about how this design was settled on and what the van is for, it can't carry cash, and you would might think twice about a tradesman who pulled up in this van lol

I am really sorry that this bullies tactics are working, I don't know how else to assure you it is not me, but someone who is bullying me. I thought the stupid boobies pic they use would at least give a good hint that it was a troll. Ultimately, if it makes you feel better to be able to be able to blame a person who cares, then I can deal :) I got to meet someone new and see some great street art, so it isn't all bad


My pleasure :) I really dont know much about i just like to take photos. But i dont expect it transfers money though :) its probably the name of the artist.

Thanks for your explanation. I dont happen often but i missed the boobs picture.. :D That should indeed gave me an indicator that it was something shady or a troll. I have zero problems with you i just thought you other account downvoted me..

Dont be sorry i believe you. And if others ask questions just tell em what you told me. They will most likely believe you. Sorry for bothering you but at least now we know right?

See you around :)

That’s unique. Sorry but what does “kesh” mean ?
Actually it is a Hindi word also and it means hair



Nice learned something new today :) it means cash. But its not Dutch just a different way of writing cash.

Good day there

edit: and its probably the name of the artist.


Oh ok! Thanks for updating my knowledge. These day new lingo can be confusing. 😆

The imajiner art, hehe, wonderful talent

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