Curie Author Showcase (January 30, 2020)

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Featured Author: @erh.germany
"Truth is a liar's invention." A Reading for happy Skepticism.

Images property of @erh.germany

For starters we have a really lengthy post mixing philosophy and psychology. @erh.germany kicks it of by talking about a couple of her patients, their pasts, presents and possible futures. Although it is really long as I've said, I really recommend reading it through out as it gives a lot of perspective and things to think about.

Many years ago, in a counselling situation with a client, I listened to the explanation attempts of the woman who, on the one hand, believed herself to be safe in the assumption that she had been sexually abused in some way as a young child, but who, on the other hand, could not evoke any tangible memory of it. I noticed how she wrestled with this subject and how it seemed to be of great importance to her. But she came to the other sessions with again very important topics, which made the previous one seem like something completely meaningless. So we moved from meeting to meeting and in all of this I felt that the client was trying to pick out different pathologies that she gave meaning to and wanted to mix it with her personal life experiences. She listed various physical limitations and illnesses and yet she seemed to me far too healthy and mentally alert for that and I said to her at some point: "I think that you take care of all your shortcomings and illnesses like a loving nurse." -@erh.germany

This author's profile is filled with posts on various topics, from travel and photos to philosophy and psychology. A lot of her articles are very long, but very worth reading, so If you've enjoyed this one I suggest you to check out some more!

Featured Author: @breelikeatree
"The Arizona Mandala Band" Gem and Jam 2020 art piece

Images property of @breelikeatree

A picture says thousand words! I'm not sure what would be my words for this one as I can't even begin to describe what is happening here. If it wasn't for the author's description I wouldn't really understand the picture to be honest, but @breelikeatree explained it's meaning, make sure to check it out!

Hello and Happy Monday!
As I prepared for my first live paint of 2020; at Gem and Jam in Arizona, I decided last minute on a whim to start and end a piece in just under 2 weeks!! I might have been crazy, but I accomplished it!! This is my fastest piece made to date (I still spent about 130 hours on it, just all crunched into 2 weeks). I am super proud of myself that I was able to do it!
It all started with Gem and Jam requiring all artists to start and end a piece at the festival and then it goes up for auction Sunday at the fest and the proceeds go to a charity of their choice. I had never done this before(finished a painting at the polished level I usually do in 3 days), and I started sketching out a piece to prepare and ended up loving it so much I decided to finish it BEFORE the Jam and start a different piece there. Time was stretched so thin, but I made it!! YAY! -@breelikeatree

This author is an exceptional artist and their Steemit profile is full of spectacular art posts. If you liked this painting make sure to check out a few more!

Featured Author: @lerchen
In this video I play one more piece of my favorite composer Ludovico Einaudi. It ...

Images property of @lerchen

For our third post today, we have a really beautiful and long composition, played by a clearly amazing musician. I really can't describe the music, you should click the link and feel it for yourself, I guarantee you'll enjoy it! Great work @lerchen, keep it up!

In this video I play one more piece of my favorite composer Ludovico Einaudi. It calls "Divenire" which means "Become" in english. The video is pretty long☺️
Enjoy!! 🎶 -@lerchen

This author posted a whole bunch of cat videos and photography, but has recently started posting incredible music pieces, we hope to hear more from her!

Featured Author: @ammonite
Iglu-Dorf snow hotel virtual tour - snow sculpture

Images property of @ammonite

Wow, just wow is all I have to say for this post.. It's creative, well made and quite satisfying to see. It's clearly a project that took some time investment to make it look this beautiful. I urge you all to go and check it out, it deserves a lot of attention. Amazing work @ammonite!

Thanks to all those who followed my Vlog as I created the igloo hotel in Davos. Today I have something special for you to make up for all the bad camera work and lack of good photos. This is a virtual tour of the hotel that the organisers put together. It will allow you to view each room Martijn and myself made and get an idea of the true scale of what we had to do. -@ammonite

This author is a really great sculptor and if you enjoyed this post, you will definitely want to see some more of their work, it's really spectacular!

Featured Author: @tillysfamilyfarm
7 Things I learned Gardening in 2019

Images property of @tillysfamilyfarm

Finally, we have a nice gardening tips post that could possibly help anyone who is interested in this line of work. The author takes us through the 7 most important things they've learned during the previous year, so please enjoy!

With the beginning of a new year, I find myself once again looking forward to the planting season. With the efforts of last year, we have learned a few things again. I wanted to share what we learned from 2019. -@tillysfamilyfarm

This post was really incredible and interesting and we all hope that the author will keep up with such posts in the future. Great work @tillysfamilyfarm!

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @ivanm7 (Ivan) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.



Good job 👌👍👏

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That's what I call a surprise, thank you very much for the feature. It is interesting to see yourself written about from a different perspective. I also laughed because I was turned into a "he" although I am a "she". I'm very happy about the naming and for the service to have other interesting authors presented at one go.
Thank you very much for your constant care and attention, and I hope that you will continue to be fruitful in your search for entries worth reading in the Forest of Possibilities.

Greetings from Germany!

I'm glad you're happy for being featured and my apologies for the he/she mix-up!
Most of the time I just try to use "their" to stay neutral, but sometimes it just slips my mind, hope you understand :)
Have a great day!

Not a problem :) Thank you for the correction. Though I was able to call me for the time being as "Mister Erika" in my mind, lol.

Those little mistakes are the spices of the day.

You too, have a great day.

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