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This is our #48 Roll Call, check who's ACTIVE members and deserving to follow.

  • Please support my Witness campaign, vote for me.
  • I need volunteer to continue the Roll Call for #TeamPhilippines or #Philippines. As you know by now, I am busy as a witness and I would like to give this responsibility to the new manager of the team. Let me know if you're up to the challenge.
  • I am working on a website project to offload some of the traffic for, this will go live soon.

The #Philippines or #TeamPhilippines is growing everyday, new minnows are joining daily. We read new stories, photos and event but it's too hard to keep up with hundreds of followers. I'm starting the daily roll call to keep us up to date. This is 100% Power Up so I can continue to earn more power votes to help new members along the way.

To all ACTIVE members, show your support to other members. Visit their posts, read it, resteem, comment and vote up if they DESERVE it.

If you don't check-in, your name will continue to sink (bottom of the list). The main objective is keep an active list of members of #TeamPhilippines (or #Philippines) and help everyone promote their contents.

We have our Forum, read for more information.

Who will be the first to promote their article? Post them below.
Ex. @yehey ---

Please see their promoted links below. VOTE UP and RESTEEM!

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@belle.julz --- BANNED for impersonating someone and asking for assistance ---

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Please VOTE @yehey for Witness, go to and vote for yehey.

Please follow me @Yehey, Vote Up and Resteem
Thank you.


I haven't been in Subic, always passing through going to the North. One day, I will check them out.

We have a new roll call.

Thank you,

i always here..i already post at # PROMOTE
philippines..see my post if you want ^_^ @yehey

Please don't forget to post your promoted article/post.

We have a new roll call.

Thank you,

its your own server @yehey ?

Please help me to create a more compassionate world for them. Feel free to upvote and resteem.

You travel to Japan just to watch a Fireworks? I envy you already :) You deserve my vote.

We have a new roll call.

Thank you,

Still in Office work...

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