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So, I got my delegation back... Minus the extra $10,000 that I am going to invest. As you all have seen, Steemit has been on a downslide lately. This is due to BTC-Gold fork coming this month.

Everyone is dumping alt-coins to get their share of the pie; If it's similar to Bitcoin Cash- We could see BTC-Gold hitting $1k plus in the first trading days. I guess only the futures market will be able to give us insight before the markets go live.

So, I have to hold off on the extra $10k in Steemit for a few more weeks. $10k spent today, could be leaving too much money on the table; After BTC-G, I will buy Steemit, and delegate it.

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About the Cebu Steemit conference;

I am headed to Thailand tonight until Nov 2nd, then headed to Spain and then USA for cryptocurrency conventions. I wish I had planned it better, to make Steemfest in Lisbon, Portgual the first week of Nov. Heck... I am right next door already!

So, since I will be traveling a lot until early December- What do you all think about having the Cebu Steemit Convention in the first 2 weeks of December? My offer to @surpassinggoogle is still on the table! I would really love to meet him, and have him speak to the 100's of Cebu/Steemit-Filipinos that will be attending.

Since I know the convention will be at least 100 people, we have a few tentative locations already in the works. One being the convention hall at Jcenter Mall (in Mandaue). Another being @ Waterfront Hotel/Casino, in Lahug.

Remember... This is a 100% free event for all Filisteemians, where we will have lots of SBD contests, and enough information to give you a 'nose-bleed' for a week :D

I guess everything will work out better by having this event in December. With @Ned implementing SMT's and other promised changes to Steemit... We may see an entirely new platform by this time!

If you would cast a vote for me as a witness, I would appreciate it. This will help me, to help you all. If I ever slack on my duties, or do not carry through with promises-Feel free to pull your vote :)

Having good witnesses are crucial to the success and security of Steemit, as any changes to the platform are voted on by those who secure the network.

Step 1; open this link-

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :Dxd.jpg

As always,

Reinvest in yourself
Charity starts at home.


(And my autovoter will be back online once my VP recovers!)


Where in the US are you going?

Santa Clara California ;) where in USA are you?

Actually, as I wrote that, I was getting on a plane
When I sat down, I remembered you telling me you met Jerry and I noticed you were in Florida. I used to live in Jax, and then Vero Beach.

I'm in Sarasota. Going out to LA next week.

Hello Rob, I just knew that you were also in cebu. I've been there a number of times for the monthly steemit meetups. I wasn't able to come on last month's monthly meetup. I just dont know if there will still be a monthly meetup since my team is now integrated and become one with steemph.cebu. Hopefully, I can come on the upcoming conference.

Don't worry about the merging groups.

I am a big fan of smaller steemit groups, as I laid out in my first witness post.

So anytime you want to have a steemit-meetup in Cebu... Just get a small group together over coffee and shoot ideas past each other.

If you have to always wait for a big groups schedule, many members will have conflicting schedules and it won't happen so often.

You could even team up with some of your closest friends in Cebu...And create collab-blogs. Make it a series...Once a week, make a blog with someone else from Cebu. Maybe it would be a blog where you would interview a total stranger...or your favorite barista. Or try a new coffee shop every week, and blog about that. The possibilities are endless.

I will keep everyone posted on the convention I'm planning, thanks for the message :)


I'm not worried about the merge, I was happy about it because it only means that we had grown and that we are on the right tract. Looking forward for the convention.

Yayy great Rob, i wish to attend the conference, when will it be? :))
thank you by the way and to @purepinay for supporting @steemph.cebu on helping the World Food Day , more power to you and your future steemit plans #fullsupport :)

Early to mid December :) while I'm gone, @purepinay will be taking final numbers and calling convention halls.

Hope to see you there!


Have a safe travel bro Rob..

We are looking forward for that convention here in cebu,hope to meet and see you there on that day!


Thanks, @Bien

In Thailand now. Will keep everyone posted :)

Welcome bro!wow... enjoy your trip bro!

Treasure every moments there!😊😊



That's great, more money will came back to steemit after the fork and that's awesome.

Indeed. Coupled with news about SMT's, I think we will see great growth

So there will be a steem convention in cebu. I'm going to find the details of this event. Thanks..!

I will be the one sponsoring it :)

So for any questions, feel free to ask me!

Hope to see you there.


Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Thanks, but beware... By resteeming so much content, the followers you have obtained through your own works-May not be interested in seeing all your resteems. This floods their feed, and can have a negative impact on your growth.

Just a tip, after seeing your feed was all resteems.


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Great to know that.

Good luck to all your travels and plans. :)

Best of luck for your visit, but whom you are going to delegate? yummm :P

Good luck Rob,
Lots of travelling there!
Have a safe journey:)

rock n roll! gorabels!

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