Baybayin Steemgigs: Want your own username in Baybayin? Read on how to get one now!

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Hey Guys, I've been creating stuff out of Baybayin scripts even before I blogged here. After Steemit though, I've been able to incorporate it into different things like headers or footers, especially on my @artguildph project where the logo is basically made up from Baybayin script. Creating that logo is detailed in this blog post.

I also made these name footers for people who helped us established the @bayanihan group.

all names.png

Also, on footers. @artguildph footers and @bayanihan curator footers all have their names written in Baybayin on it.



deveerei new.png

I've also incorporated Baybayin scripts into artworks:

You can check out these posts of mine related to Baybayin:

Baybayin is an ancient script used in the Philippines used between the 13th and the 18th century. If you ask me, I'd say that it's beautiful and awesome to use, I hope we bring it back someday. All the scripts used in this post are handwritten and digitized by me.

Want your own?


I'm offering you guys your very own username, etc on Baybayin scripts. All hand-made. I can make you one like the sample @username above or in the form of a footer (either personal or for a group).

Basic username with Baybayin would cost 1 Steem (or equivalent SBD). For 8 characters or less, if more than 8 then it's twice the price.
Footers may cost more, we can discuss that in the comments or on Discord.
I can also made other customized things with Baybayin on it if you want (logos, banners, headers, etc).

For the basic ones, you can customize the colors that you want to use, the main color and the stroke color. Additional prices for additional colors.

Btw, 10% of all the amounts gathered for this project will be raffled off to all those who bought their customized Baybayin goodies.

Thanks! I hope you guys get yours!


deveerei new.png





howdy @deveerei! hey this is a brilliant entrepreneurial idea!
do you actually know how to read this language or speak it also?
great artwork too. very fascinating post!

Thanks. Yep, I can read/write in this script. It's literally an older way to write the (previous versions of the) language we use today (we also use Latin alphabets). It's like, you can write English with the English(Latin) alphabet but also with Braille. Or something like that.

oh man! and can a lot of people do that in the Philippines or just a few, I think it's so unique and cool.

Just a few, those who study it in-line with their profession (historians, teachers, museum stuff), artists, hobbyist. Thanks for the praise, it's part of our heritage.

yes sir it's an important and fascinating part. you learned it because of your interest in art?

yes sir it's an important and fascinating part. you learned it because of your interest in art?

it's an interesting job, may I imitate it

Imitate what?

This is awesome!!! Ang ganda ❤ I think I'm being too ignorant with this Baybayin. I ought to check out more about this with your other posts. Hmmmm. But I'm really thinking of buying one from you :)

Thank you @filnette! If you have Steemit friends, you can share this to them. Or kahit friends elsewhere baka gusto nila ng graphics with this. :)

Yes sure :) Share ko to them. Thanks for having this.

I wanted to wait awhile kasi I wanted to come up with a separate sbd for this kaya lang gusto ko na magpagawa now :) So how does this go?