Official Hello & Thank You

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This is an official hello & thank you to @emafe and our son Zac for being with me through the thick, thin & middle ground.

@zaclucas is only 2 years old so it's @emafe that has been around me longer but I must say, I have benefited from both of them, even though it was not my intention to benefit from either of them.

Sometimes when we give we recieve just as much and @emafe has matched every bit of every gift, effort and/or contribution I ever sent her way, and she also matched the effort and contributions I made toward other people because of her.

She is the gift that always gives and the two of us now have a son, @zaclucas who gives by his mere existence ( @emafe gives by her mere existence too ).

Thank you, @emafe for standing by me, when it was easy, when it was hard, when it all seemed to make sense + when it didn't. I love you in the way I dreamed of loving.. and it's with you that all of my dreams came true.

Be happy, Be Bright, Be You
~ @emafe

And everything else will take care of itself.

P.S. Happy Birthday again baby @zaclucas (July 16th) it's always your birthday to me 🤗👏🎂


To Prevent, Reduce & Eliminate Suffering.

~ @chrisrice

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Hi bro.

You got some MARLIANS stake. Also a small community whereupon you are overseer on '' or '#life on'. Somehow we can grow together.

Other '#life authors' can add in '#marlians' to their posts for their post to appear on or they can post to steem directly via, signing in with their steem 'posting key' and earn some MARLIANS (a steem-based token) along with steem. There are 4 'certified' uloggers (overseers) so far overseeing '' and each got some stake to curate with; a 'good collective stake' (around 9k additional stake) start at least. Stay awesome. You have a home on

Read more about here

I am on discord @surpassinggoogle#1660. Kindly complete the 4 simple steps for getting 'certified' here. That will be so appreciated. Our ecosystem is built around 'certified' uloggers. Everyone is a ulogger and everyone can get 'certified'.

Hi @surpassinggoogle and thank you.

I will login 😁😀✌️

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