One Year In The Hole

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Or, How I spent my First Year On the Steem Blockchain.

The question of the day being: How does it feel to be one year old on Steem?

The short answer being: About like being one year old period. I’m still sorta new and feeling my way around. I do walk fairly well, and take care of my own restroom needs but I spend a stunning amount of time wondering ‘What the hell just happened?’

North Rim.JPG

You had to know I wasn’t going to let it be with the short answer, didn’t you?

This is my personal 151st post on Steemit. In the words of Led Zeppelin “ Good times, bad times, you know I’ve seen my share..”

I’ve written some good stuff, there are several posts I am very proud of. I’ve written some less than stellar stuff. It’s all about trying for the good stuff all the time but coming up short on some. In the words of a friend “ Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Great ideas are about a buck apiece. Actionable, useable ideas are priceless.” Just like everybody else, some of my ideas are better than others.

I’ve also published 42 posts for Adsactly. Those are different than my personal posts. Every one of them is carefully researched and crafted. I truly do give my very best to people that not only pay me, but who nurture me. I can not say enough about the people I’ve been privileged to work with there.


Which gives me a total of 193 published posts on Steemit. My steel trap mathematical mind says that is an average of about one every other day. I am satisfied with that output, it’s a pace I can sustain and hopefully put out more of the good stuff than the less than stuff.

According to SteemWorld I have made 5200 comments and received almost 4500 replies. I believe that is the number I am most proud of in my time here. Engagement has been the key for me the whole time I have been here. I have also given out 13,267 votes. My only regret is that they weren’t worth more.

Badlands Sunflower.JPG

I can’t let this go by without mentioning a couple of other places. Isle of Write was so incredibly instrumental to my early success that I’m not sure I’d be here today if I hadn’t staggered in there at the start. They have the two best editors on the innerwebs and are completely free with their advice and help.

The Steem Engine is a small and tight knit community of incredibly talented writers. Those people casually drop off posts that are just stunning. I’m still not sure how I managed to sneak into that group but the love and support I’ve gotten there is just priceless.

PAL. Aggroed and his happy band (and they ARE a happy band) not only are home to the Minnow Support Project (I can’t explain how much that vote meant to me on every post!) but probably the coolest project on the blockchain in MSP Waves. Plus it seems there is a little game going on that might make it: SteemMonsters. Those guys remind me of the SeaBees in WWII. “The merely difficult we can do right away. The impossible takes slightly longer.” It seems nothing is beyond them.

Oatman Bob.JPG

Quarator. Simple words just can not explain how important it was to me to be accepted into that body. They have clear standards on the posts they will accept and not every applicant makes it in. I have been fortunate indeed by having not one, but two photographs picked as cover photos (my personal favorite is just above here) but have also been honored as “Shining Quarite of the Week”. I am deeply in their debt.

I’d ask you to notice that I have mentioned almost no individuals here. If I try to list the legion that gives me help and support I will forget more than I will remember and hate myself for the omissions. Hopefully, you know who you are, and please accept my gratitude and thanks without mention. It is simply my way of cutting down on my self loathing.

Dreams Die Hard.JPG

So. I promised a year on Steem when I started. I have now fulfilled that promise.

The last question of the day is simple: How do I feel going on here after my promise is completed?

Excited. Energized. I see this coming year as pivotal and enticing for the entire project. I thank you, one and all, for all you have done for me and will try to repay a part of that with what I can help with in the future. Life is good here. I plan to stay!

All words and photographs in this post are mine. For better or worse

The photographs used in this post are a few of my favorites that I used this past year.

You want some really cool stuff? Check these authors, they will not disappoint.

@broncofan99 Sports Teaching Fishing BBQ. Not necessarily in that order.

@morkrock Music Games Stinging Politics. Don't go here with thin skin.

@princessmewmew Food Antiques Food Life Food Cats. Anything of beauty could show up here.

@soyrosa Great Photographs and Insights for us All

@sultnpapper All the truth you can take and then some. The monthly BBQ is worth the price...

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Those are some great groups that you have mentioned. I am glad that you have had such a great year and that you are planning on continuing. I agree, there are some exciting things coming down the road. It's important in our rush to get there to take it slow and enjoy the ride though :)


Thanks Bozz. I'm looking forward to this year. A lot!

Your research skills and writing you have done on those Adsactly articles are impeccable my friend. I am not saying your others lack by any means so don't take that wrong.
Congrats on the one year anniversary and I hope there are many more in the future. I look forward to being here and seeing what the future has in store for you.


Thank you. Very kind words indeed. I look forward to 'spending time' with you this year, too.

Glad and proud you made it through. It's a special place for special people and only those who put in special efforts and are embraced by all the special communities make it <3 And you did. Congratulations. Also very very happy to hear you're staying - Let's make 2019 a very very successful year for Steem but most of all for ourselves - as writers, curators, community minded people. Cheers Tom! You've traveled a great road so far.


Thanks Soyrosa! I agree. Let's rock this place in 2019!

HAPPY Anniversary!!! Great to see you still here and sharing all your adventures!


Thank you. I'm really glad I'm here.


I'm glad to be here!

Beautifull view

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Congratulations on your 1st Year, I have enjoyed reading your posts packed with adventure @bigtom13 it has been wonderful meeting so many committed bloggers in Steemit.

Agree with your post every other day, make them quality posts and do a lot of reading and commenting, there are so many talented authors here it is hard to keep up some days.


Thanks Joan. It's a great place for us that wish to share our adventurers, isn't it?


Life is one big adventure, sharing places someone else may never see, learn more about each other is what makes life interesting.

Congratulations on your one year mark on Steemit and what a greta post i think you sum up what most of us feel at times

I must have missed your non stellar posts as I have enjoyed everyone of your posts I have seen, and a greta selection of people you mentioned I follow them all

And even though I have been slack with Adsactly i have seen your and others post onthere and they are all top notch, I have bene slackin that regard I am seldom on Discord and don’t keep up twiththe groups on there I think I need to clean out the groups I follow and try and be more active in them


Thank you. I really do appreciate the support and love I get from you all the time. That and I love your photographs!


Thanks mate you are so easy to support I love your posts thoughts and travels

Happy Anniversary Big Tom. Enjoy your adventures and happy to have you as a friend. 😊


Thanks. It's been a great year, and I am really looking forward to the next.

Happy Steemiversary! :D
Your posts are always interesting! Ive only been on here a couple more months than you and I agree, I still feel like a noob, wandering around confused half the time. Haha!
Heres hoping for a great second year!


Thanks. Maybe I can just watch you to see what I should do? That would work for me :)


Bah ha ha, you could, but then it would be the blind leading the blind...

Congratulations on your first year on steemit, you sure did make it amazing. Your numbers are wow, great! So many quality posts and so so so many wonderful comments that can be considered posts. You are one of the reasons this platform is amazing and I am sure that there is so much more from you that we still havent seen. I am looking forward to it. Happy new year honey and may your every day be happy and fulfilled!


Thanks Petra. I really appreciate the love and support!

You know, when I witness more and more people leaving Steemit, it's just great to find another believer who will say "Life is good here. I plan to stay!" It gives a hope.
Congrats on your first anniversary!


Life is good here. It could be better, and I think changes are in the works that will make it so. It's so cool to have real live readers that give feedback for my writing. It's really available no where else that I've tried.

Congratulations! And I am glad to have met you.

I met you when I finally took the plunge into Discord. A plunge I have as of late sort of left aside. In fact I think I have only been on it ONCE since getting to the UK, that is mainly because I am just too busy whilst here to really have the time for it.

But, of all the channels, the adsactly crew were the friendliest and I had the best chats there. I will return, just not sure when.

I am SO excited about 2919 and Steemit. I think it really shall be a good year for our community and I'm glad to be a small part of it and hope to see it grow and grow. I only wish I had more time in my day to contribute to it.

Happy New Steemit Year now let's make this place even better :)


Thanks Donna! I'm really excited for 2019 too! People like make it so.

Howdy sir bigtom13! I love this post! Super well written and giving credit to all the great groups, and if that ain't enough we have those wonderful photos! in a year's time when you write your 2 year anniversary post I wonder if you'll be walking around on your own or even running?


Ahahahaha. I don't know. Probably blundering around getting into stuff I have no business in. That seems to be the report my mother gave me :)


haha! mom knows best! Butch should have listened to his mom. Ok well in another year you'll probably shock us by talking about your new wife!


But what would the world have been without him? A poor but honest cowboy from Utah wouldn't be played by Redford.


haha! great point sir bigtom13!

Congrats on your first (of many anniversaries)! Great to get to know you, love your posts and seeing your travels! Cheers to many more my friend :)


Thank you! I love not only looking at your delicious posts, but eating from some of them :) I am currently trying out different sausages for meatballs. So far, I think I like a bratwurst best, with Italian right close behind. What a great idea, thank you for it!

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