Perl Language : How To Create Excel Spreadsheet File in Perl Program

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Learn How To Create Excel Spreadsheet in Perl language. Check out the below video to learn how to use if and else statement in perl.

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How To Create Excel Spreadsheet File using Perl Language?

If you want the perl to read and write the excel files. Then you need the spreadsheet module named as Excel::Writer::XLSX. This module allows you to create an excel file.

Just call the module at the begining.

use Excel::Writer::XLSX;

So you follow the typical approach.

  1. Create file with the name and ending with the .xlsx file format.
  2. You add worksheet into this spreadsheet.
  3. Then you can write the content into the spreadsheet.
  4. Finally close the file.

If you follow this approach and check the video above. I am sure you can find how to create the spreadsheet file and then get it to work. That's what you'd find in the video above.

Hopefully the video helps you with the opening of the file in perl.

I hope that this tutorial article helped.

If you haven't checked out the first video in the series. Check how to run program in Perl .

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Tips for Running Perl Code

You can check the installation of the perl by typing the following code if you are on unix or linux, in case of windows you have to check the path if perl bin folder is added there.

which perl

Perl code requires you to have the code stored in the .perl file extension file. This way when you run the perl code say it's in the file named helloworld . pl

You can run the perl file on command prompt like this.

perl helloworld . pl

That's it. You can now execute the perl code on your computer.

If you are interested in modern language, try Go Language Tutorials.

I hope the information here helps you. I'd appreciate if you like the video and share it with others.

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