Perl Language: How To Write and Execute Perl Program

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Learn How To Write and Execute Perl Program. Perl is pretty old language which is being ignored these days. However it was one of the powerful languages on the web that had the server side scripting support and was used for web development too. These days many people choose the Perl purely for the server side scripting for automation and other network specific automation. So below you are going to find a video that shows you how to write first hello world program in Perl.

Before we start to get into the perl programming make sure to check for the following things.

  1. Make sure you have perl installed on your operating system.
  2. You can choose official installer.
  3. You can also choose unofficial strawberry perl for windows.
  4. You can verify if the perl is in the system path.

Tips for Running Perl Code

You can check the installation of the perl by typing the following code if you are on unix or linux, in case of windows you have to check the path if perl bin folder is added there.

which perl

Perl code requires you to have the code stored in the .perl file extension file. This way when you run the perl code say it's in the file named helloworld . pl

You can run the perl file on command prompt like this.

perl helloworld . pl

That's it. You can now execute the perl code on your computer.

I recommend checking out Learning Perl book. You can get a lot of answers to your questions. Plus the new edition of the book can cover some of the latest topics too.

If you are interested in modern language, try Go Language Tutorials.

I hope the information here helps you. I'd appreciate if you like the video and share it with others.

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