"I am fascinated by people who are themselves."

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Being real and authentic is not very common today, there is too much societal pressure, so when you find someone who is actually real, make you sure you try to make them a part of your life because when you surround yourself by people who are themselves and don’t judge others it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin as well.

"I am fascinated by people who are themselves." —Phelps Schneider #JustSaying

But there is one more fact, Well if you don't know them how do you know they are being themselves? Sometimes it's hard to know when you're being yourself cos you 'realize' you are harsh and maybe rude. Sometimes you just gotta let life control you.

artwork by Victor Rodriguez

Tip for you guys : In a world full of masks, dare to be courageous enough to be vulnerable and carry your heart on your sleeve.


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thanks, perhaps thats the only thing i can offer to you:)