"Not everything happens for a reason." - Part 1

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Good Morning,
I used to agree that everything happens for a reason but those words are so overused now they're insulting. Fact is, both good and bad exist in this world (always have and always will) and none of us are exempt from either. So in our lifetime really good things will happen to us and sometimes really shitty things and other times it's all about perception. Some of the bad thing's we will be able to accept but some thing's will be so awful they will leave us scarred for life. The secret is in how we manage to come to a place of acceptance over the really bad stuff. It's not necessarily about deserving or learning or understanding, it's about accepting what can't be changed and finding the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

"Not everything happens for a reason. Some things happen because evil exists in the world. That did not happen to you because you deserved it. It didn’t happen to you because you needed to learn a lesson. There are lessons you can learn without experiencing pain." –caringsuggestion

painting by Daliah Ammar

I can’t agree. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason, but not necessarily like people deserve it, more like the butterfly effect. One thing happens, so something else can happen.

I mean this isn’t wrong or inaccurate. But, failure and loss are great teachers. Pain can’t always be avoided. But we do our best to learn from mistakes.

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