PEERPLAYS, the new Graphene Chain and its ICO dilemma.

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Peerplays is a new blockchain project based on Graphene. (Graphene is the technology originally created to build BitShares. Graphene has been used to create MUSE as well, a decentralised music blockchain music and then Steemit that you all know.)

Now the spotlights are steered to this very promising project.

Just like a traditional company, Peerplays digital tokens allow you to elect or fire your leadership, vote for budget proposals, and share in the profits. Peerplays™ puts the power of the blockchain at your fingertips - with fast transactions, simple & secure digital currency trading, and peer-to-peer gambling like you have never seen before.
If you have Peerplays™ tokens in your digital wallet, you automatically earn profits from every play - every single day - and in every supported digital currency worldwide. The Peerplays™ network collects fees for peer-to-peer wagering on sports games, lottery tickets, casino games and more, and a percentage of these fees are automatically distributed to you, the Peerplays™ token holder.

These few previous lines are a simple copy/past from the website. I recommend highly to have a look on What they aim to do is absolutely amazing and game changing for the gaming industry and the blockchain sphere. Sports betting from anywhere in the world, Texas Hold 'em poker with no rake fees and instant lottery tickets are just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities offered by this new revolutionary blockchain.

More stuff from their website :

Peerplays™ Does Gaming Unlike Anyone Else

Instead of hosting games on a server, Peerplays™ games are built directly onto the blockchain.
You simply download the Peerplays™ app, create and fund your account on the blockchain, and you are ready to play!
This means you have the freedom to buy a lottery ticket, build a Fantasy Football league, go head-to-head in your favorite board game or wager in a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament against your peers from anywhere in the world without restrictions.

Built-in Digital Asset Exchange

As a player, you should be able to choose what currency or token you would like to wager on a game.
Peerplays™ has a worldwide asset exchange featuring SmartCoin technology, so you can always select your currency of choice from US Dollars, Euros and Chinese Yuan, to popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Steem.
On top of that, throw in an eBay style marketplace for buying & selling in-game assets, and you just might start to feel the power that Peerplays™ places at your fingertips.

Open-Source Software Code Means Provably Fair Games

Every Peerplays™ game takes place between you and other players on the autonomous peer-to-peer network. The blockchain simply holds your wager in escrow, and then releases the jackpot once the winner is verified.
You never have to worry about being hacked, cheated or having your personal information compromised, because Peerplays™ does not require any personal information to play.
Peerplays™' uses provably fair open-source software code. All transactions are cryptographically secured by the blockchain, and anyone can audit the network at any time

During the pre-sale last year this project managed to gather half a million dollars. Before the 2017 ICO began, strategic investors pledged 4 million dollars. Today, the ICO is running for about 3 weeks and people start questioning why all tokens are not already sold. So far, a little more than 200 BTC of PEERPAYS has been sold.

The important thing to consider is, on the 9 million they aim to gather, 4.2 has been already obtained. It doesn't matter that early investors had bought before the ICO or during the ICO itself, the money is collected and they already have enough to keep working on this project successfully and deliver their promises. The project is going well, no doubt there. The only question is if the PPY (token of Peerplays) from this ICO will be sold out or not.

There are two possible main reasons why the ICO has not already sold out all PPY:

  1. The crypto crowd and investors are not aware of the project or don't fully perceive the potential. Graphene chains are not very well known in the crypto world, sometimes they even have a bad reputation, mainly for lack of research and understanding. I can say, from my years in crypto and understanding of what Peerplays is able to do, anyone understanding the potential of this project couldn't resist in buying now that shares are still very cheap. Just a simple mind blowing bleeding edge characteristic about graphene chains, they are able of managing 3 sec confirmation blocks (scalable to around 1 sec). The last stress test on BitShares shows 3300 Txs and 20000 operations per sec. ( )

  2. There are speculations on the possibility that just after the launch of the Blockchain in May, prices may drop a little. That is a possibility for sure. My opinion is, if the price drops, it won't go down significantly. Maybe down to 4$ / PPY. The other possibility is, the price starts rising straight after launch because of the high quality of what they are about to release. In this case, the ones who don't invest at 5$ to have their PPY at 4$ will probably have to pay significantly more than 5$.

There is an important thing to have in mind with Peerplays, they are highly professionals in their approach and they will launch a functional project in May. Most of other blockchain gather millions on a mere idea, a white paper and lots of promises. Peerplays is almost ready, they have partnerships to start eating alive the gaming industry straight after launch.

I wouldn't risk buying my PPY in a hurry at 10-15$ in an exchange only for the possibility to buy them at 4$ instead of 5$.

This article is only my opinion on the matter and it's not, in any case, an investment advice. Please, do your own research before investing money ;)

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I think as time goes on we are going to fully understand why some platforms can launch anything and bring in 10+ million with beauty on the outside and be completely hollow in the inside. My personal opinion is central banking and their numbers made out of thin air are here to stay. So for the time being we are going to see the same chroneeism and heirchal control of development , but as soon as we people who have seen what can happen when brilliant decentralized systems pull ahead (early bitcoin) and start solving huge pain points for real people we will likely pull so far ahead that it may be the last of we see this domination.

Maybe we should consider focusing more on real numbers and technologies that strengthen human consensus and empower individuals. Genuine platforms that compete against central models like exchanges (biggest controller of what projects will receive funding), and assets like btc that never had a governance model or ETH proof of Vitalik (History rewrite), will always be a threat. Eventhough PeerPlays is different and not a direct threat to other platforms it IMO will matter less and less. To give validation to just one Graphene based blockchain (governance built in) can validate all the others and a liquid DEX is the last thing they want.

wow.... followed! That reply gets an UV from me!!!!


That's an awesome comment! I don't have anything to add, it's a brilliant analysis. Here goes my vote ;)

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It seems to me that the additional complication of having the need for investors to extract their private keys, is turning some people off. Not everyone is comfortable with doing that. Paying from is additionally confusing as one has to figure out how to extract the (BIP39) seed. The investment market is far larger than the core programmers and I think the process is overly complicated for a many.

Also, could use more marketing.

I bought all my PPY during the first phases of the project. I didn't know that they made it that complicated. It's indeed a big obstacle in the way for some investors. Thanks for bringing this fact to the light sir ;)

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Another reason people are not rushing to invest their BTC in this ICO may be:
If you think the BTC price will go up between now and the end of the ICO, the later you invest, the more PPY/BTC you get.

That's another reason why the ICO may be growing slowly. Nice catch DestBest !

My point of view is, with the current problems BitCoin is experimetning, I would say people are not expected BTC price to rise a lot during the next weeks. On the other hand, the price is more or less stable at the moment, so half of Bitcoiners are still thinking it will rise.

I am personally quite new to the cryptocurrency world, only three months or so, but I've realised that there are huge problems with the technology. As much as I wish widespread adoption would occur soon, it is likely mainstream adoption will only occur 5-10 years later. Because of this, the initial surge of energy in ICOs are starting to wane as instant profits seem less likely. I think more projects are going to experience this trough of disappointment before the technology breaks into the public arena. This said, it is definitely exciting to be following this technology!

That's why I'm a strong believer in Peerplays. They are professionals and behave as such. They didn't try to collect millions on an idea, they have the product almost ready and they will deliver on time. That's why I think the price shouldn't experience a drop after launch like other empty projects. This will rock shortly after launch and it will get everybody by surprise because they are not used to ;)

Is Peerplays coin still tradable? Their website is still running but there seems to be no volume on the exchanges though. Would like to get my hands on a small stake in this!

Not tradable since the launch of the ICO, now if you want to buy PPYs is through the ICO >>

AI don't think we'll have to wait 5-10 year for mainstream adoption, at least not for the start of it. I believe Blockpay combined with BitShares will play a big role in it starting this year.

WOW! Thanks for introducing Blockpays to me! It looks pretty awesome, though I haven't looked in depth into their strategy or product, I am sold because it looks pretty public friendly. This is the problem that plagues cryptocurrencies and results in the high volatility in the market, but I do agree, maybe mainstream adoption isn't that far off? I was quite discouraged when I looked through all these promising projects but all seemed 2-3 years away from a real launch. Gave you a follow for the blockpay heads up haha!

You can buy Blockpay token (which are shares of all their projects) on the BitShares decentralised exchange ;)

wow didnt expect it to not sell fast

Neither do I, the potential is so huge. It makes you remember that markets and investors are irrationals.

Anyway, the PPYs not sold won't be minted. Good for ppl that actually buy or have bought. Less supply, more percentage of the whole ;p

True that :)

Maybe people have lost their trust in ICO-s . After Muse and Cadastral fiasco.

MUSE is dormant but Cob is still posting and working on it. The market capitalisation is so low now that it can really jump quickly on any kind of news (I still have my MUSE). So for me is not a fiasco but a work in progress.

Cadastral has nothing to do with Graphene chains, it's an ICO run by OpenLedger on the BitShares dentralised exchange, that's it. It was promising but I didn't invest in it.

Maybe there is less crazyness as before around ICOs, probably because so much ICOs didn't fully deliver their promises. In that aspect Peerplays as demonstrated their seriousness and profesioonalism.

And what happened to cadastral? It was Bitland project?

I couldn't recall, you'll probably find information on google and if not by contacting Ronny fro OL ;)

haha, this chart says all -
New trend - crypto projects migrate to Eth. two days -two projects -Storj, Brave browser

It's a sad chart indeed :'(

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

Time to sell off my STEEM...

Steem Vs Peerplays ... it's a debate I have in my mind. Which one of these will perform better in 2017. I wouldn't sell too much Steem either ^^

I'm half-joking. :D BTW I LOVE your nickname!

so the peerplays chain will be launched in May?
I have some dropped ones from owning BTS a few months ago. Looking forward to the launch.

They sharedropped 5% on BTS holder, this is about 2 million $. More than one BTS holder is looking forward to the launch ;p

I wonder why Peerplays is not listed at the Coinmarketcap. It seems to me it was there some time ago

You are right ! They were listed but they end their market on the BitShares Decentralised Exchange when they start their official ICO. As there is no market anymore CMC decided to remove the coin from the list. When the ICO is over, they'll launch the chain (May) and you will probably find the PPY token on several exchanges and finally on CMC.

I have so much to learn about Crypto still....

anything with Graphene these days really catches my eye.

Thanks for this resource!!!! I have 4 posts up today with decent content.... and nothing on Graphene


  • have a good Friday !!

anything with Graphene these days really catches my eye

Get use to it, it will grow in importance in the years ahead ^^

May my friday be as cool as I wish mine will be ;p

Just hit 10k Steem Power! What a long Minnow Life that was eh? You relate!!!

TY for your help and support!!!

Do you remember only having that much? LOL

I bought almost all my steems with pretty much all my crypto past invesments.
What I recall perfectly is having bought them at more than twice their actual price and getting screw ... Oo
With that said, I strongly believe in Steem and I'm sure my investment will turn positive one day.
Keep the good job going man ;)

I know we do not talk much but I have always appreciated your quiet work.... and transparency like today...

TY for sharing and the encouragement along the way.

I try to put out good content daily as best I can, to make the community better.

So will I. I lately discovered how much I like posting in here. Also this will improve my English and writing skill which is a nice extra.
Take care man ;)


I was DV by Smooth again for putting out educational livestream info, for today, by Charlie Shrem that helps people learn things, about crypto, which is tied to what Steemit is about.... if you want to have a look. Another whale caught this and kindly put it back he said! Considering some of what is trending around 450 or 100, my $15 or 20 post -- this seems pretty petty of him

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This is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I also have been keeping my eye on MUSE lately... funny that you should mention it. :) I am thinking that it won't take much at all for that one to pop and it has tons of potential. Buy on the quiet and sell on the noise I say! ;)

Well said sir ! Mine were bought very quietly then ... 2 years ago ;)

Haha well I hope your MUSE makes money! I just picked up some recently :)

You may have paid less than I have ;)

Wish you the same ^^

So if yours makes money, mine does as well! Yippy! :)


I always thought peerplays was a game changer. Pun intended

Fellow ICO investor here,

  • when do the btc donations get coverted to the 5 usd value of each ppy token? I vaguely remember seeing on the whitepaper that it was set at btc/usd at the start of the ico but this wouldnt make any sense as anyone wanting to donate now would not get ppy's at current btc/usd value? In fact they would require more btc to overcome the slump in btc price.

It was kinda strange that they decided to quote token price in usd

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I have invested in this. But the moment I send it I considered the BTC lost. It's always a gamble with these things. I think the crowdfund stops somewhere in may? I'm not sure. Let's see what happens.

As I see it, this very project ICO is not a gamble. I don't see its valuation dropping, at least if you hold your token until the end o this year.