1h30 min BitShares Stress Test of the 15 March 2017 - 3300TXs 14000OPs

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BitShares Stresstest Highlights:

Source: http://stats.bitshares.eu/#test

Block Confirmation: 3s

20881.67 OPS/SEC

3328.33 TXS/SEC

10067.13 OPS/BLOCK
3355.71 OPS/SEC

333.33 TXS/SEC

To compare, October 15, 2015 the record was 1000 TPS - Source

Blockchain breakthrough

We also were able to reduce the Block time from 3 to 1 seconds seamlessly. No forks, no witness hookups, just smoothly 500 txs per second with 1-second block time.

Thanks to

Big thanks to the whole team who participated in this stress test, especially, @xeroc for the stats page and @valentin for the live stream.


Congratulations to @xeroc, @valentin and the Team!

Promoted and resteemed.

Me too.

Wow! Congratulations to you all and a majorly good things for us all on this platform. This is exciting news to read about, thanks a bunch for sharing the results of the test with us. Namaste :)

When i get more time ill watch more of the video its a bit long. Ive been hearing some good things about bitshares, but must the info i get tends to be people trying to score refs. I;m happy to learn about it but id rather not be targeted and to be given some decent material.

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Good job, keep your contents promoted! :)

What are the differences between OPS and TXS and what is behind the increase in TXS at bitshares?

A operation is a bundle of transactions, like a dividend payout with one source and multiple beneficiaries. So the sender will sign one transaction which contains multiple operations.

So there is always one operation, but you can bundle several operations to a bigger transaction.

Where can I read more about the limiting factors?

here, bitsharestalk, and github.

Way to go!!!!!!!!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

I'm always baffled why ether is so popular when Bitshare is so much better. It's marketing..

You guys rock! Amazing to see the chain holding up and beyond expectations. :)

The expectation is that Bitshares can handle more than that.

good job and congratulations!!

That is so cool! Congrats guys!

Congratulation for this test!
I would like to ask you a question about Blockpay. Can you explain me how come we are now going to have 100 Millions token, if I invested in Blockpay it was because of the small market cap.
Could you maybe explain me what will be the benefits for the early investors? Our tokens will simply lose value, no?

Hi Charles-D,

thank you for your good question. The benefits for early investors are the lower prices and future discount for the ITO. I am working on the details right now and early investors always good a bonus from us.

Best regards,


Ok thanks for your reply Chris.

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