How to move Peerplays from bitshares/openledger/rudex to Peerplays wallet.

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If you bought PPY on bitshares like I did, transferring it from Bitshares to the Peerplays Core wallet can be a bit tricky.

If the PPY you bought is open.PPY you first need to transfer it from open.ppy to ppy(rudex).. The pairing can be found here..

(If you have (ruDEX) PPY already then skip below. If not, trade open.ppy for (ruDEX) PPY and continue below.)


Once you transfer the open.ppy into PPY use your bitshares Account and password to login to the ruDEX exchange..

Click the deposit/withdraw tab

Make sure ruDEX is the transfer service and that your name is right, then select the PPY as the coin you would like to withdraw.


Click the withdraw button. Select the amount of Peerplays you would like to withdraw. Type your Peerplays core wallet name into the withdraw to address box and hit withdraw. Within a minute or two you should receive your PPY in your Peerplays Core wallet.


Mission successful. Congratulate yourself and move on to the next task.. This took me 3 days of asking around and exploring to find out how to do it, so I thought if I could save people some time. Then a post was worth it! Any question, problems, or concerns. Leave a comment below and I will help if I can.

Want to know more about Peerplays, the website is here

@blockchained has a post about the ruDEX Peerplays gateway he just made here

Also you can check out @peerplays, @nepd, @melea, or @blockchained. They all post information on Peerplays from time to time!

I'm off to cast my votes for the Peerplay witnesses I know from Steemit now, even with my miniscule amount of Peerplays lol!!

Woot Woot,



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Do you think it will get easier? Seems like this should be just like steemit or bitshares.

Man I really hope they do, they also don't have an easy way yet to claim ppy earned through the fees on the games yet either. I should be eligible but I haven't found anyone who can tell me how to claim yet. I am still looking into it

Decent post, but it is not clear at all how to "If the PPY you bought is open.PPY you first need to transfer it from open.ppy to ppy(rudex).. The pairing can be found here.."

I have my PPY in open.ppy on bitshares and have tried everything to transfer them to rudex.

Please help?

I cant edit this post, but here is where the pairing you need is ... you need to trade open.ppy for ppy(rudex).. and then go over to the rudex exchange and do the last part as described in the post. Let me know if this helps!

So glad linked to this article. It seems ridiculously confusing trying to open and move the PPY to the core wallet, but you step by step is outstanding!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

I just found this post again. It's absolutely maddening that some fool would create two types of PPY tokens. Why in the HELL would someone do that? Isn't Peerplays interested in people participating/using their blockchain and staking coins? My buddy and I have tried to figure this out since about the time you wrote this post.

I still don't understand why Peerplays doesn't respond with answers to any of the questions I've left for them on their posts from their non profit institute (PBxx?). They created this mess and the fact they listed on a crapy exchange like Bitshares I hope isn't a sign for how the actual betting sight will operate.

With respect to trading/exchanging open.PPY for the ruDEX version, how can we do that? There needs to be some fool on the other side of the trade buying the garbage and giving their golden tickets in exchange.

I agree. It's unbecoming and really prevents both adoption and liquidity. More popular exchanges will definitely help too, it needs to happen.

Also in regards to the .ppy to rudex thing I agree. I feel like there are peerplays in a wallet to back them so they are not exactly a golden ticket. But it's one more step, and more more transaction that doesn't need to happen.

The blockchian is great, the team needs to be putting in lots more work though. Need both a product and a community to use it.. and the community might not be around when the product is usable unfortunately..

Thank you for your commentary. The idea for Peerplays is such a great one, but I hope they actually figure out how to list on a real exchange and provide instructions on how to transfer our tokens. I completely agree that both the product has to be good and well executed and a community to use/support it. They have clearly dropped the ball on the community side. I've actually thought about trying to find a phone number to the bunker to shake the tree and make them understand just how poorly they are doing on the community/user side....

Thanks again for the post, even though it was last year, it's good to see that others are also finding this maddening.

The PPY that is currently on Bitshares, is that the real PPY or open.ppy? Why would we want to take PPY off BTS? Do you not get the profit sharing?

Nope, I don't think you do. It needs to be in the ppy wallet. And I have mine there and have tried to find out how to claim, but I'm having troubles finding information. Hopefully they will update the wallet with a function that let's you do that.. the ppy on bitshares is open.ppy, or at least it was when I made this article and I don't think things have changed.

good info!

Great info, thanks!

This is exactly what I was just looking for. I wrote a post on how to pickup the PPY, but I had never had to withdraw it to my core wallet until now. Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to add this link to the comment section in my post as I'm sure anyone buying, will want to withdraw:

Well glad you found it and glad it helped yo