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melea-trust "PPY Witness"

I am very proud to explain how works Peerplays or PPY core Wallet , I encourage you to try it to see the evolution and future of the blockchain. The difference is here in images. You are welcome.

To download your PPY core wallet.

 Linux, Mac, Windows

windows linux mac.png

 Download, Install and Open new account


Lest open one new account.
When enter user name first time, be aware.
user name = Account PPY
Your call chose your account number o name here.
user name = Account PPY core wallet for received and send.


Put one name or numer for your account here. Next step


Check, ok
check, ok
Download your password is auto generate. download and safe, loses pass, loses PPY.

Before continuing, check that you have downloaded or saved the password and the name user or account number. Be aware. No password, no coins!
ok? go then.


Now you have to wait for it to sync β™› πŸ…ŸπŸ…ŸπŸ…¨ β™›

just wait.png

Keep calm, just kidding.
Not to spruce, like all life to start to operate, click, and you are already operating in the block-chain of Peerplays, no waiting, no mistakes for "do not synchronize", I take 5 days and does nothing, lol. Note here. You can forget with PPY be waiting, that is a thing of the past. ;)

Your wallet open looks like

Priceless moment.


well now you can do like a lot, lets see


The name of your account or number should be the same as the one you have placed and you can see it here.

My personal recommendation, is that once you are here, you log out your wallet and log in. Again for the second time, to verify that the password and the account that you have saved work to access correctly.

Log in again.


You have four tab sections,

On the other side you have the name or account number to receive PPY and your balances.

Go to Network.


The Blockchain Like.


Lets see Fee Schedule.


Lets go to Vote.


You have three tabs,
Proxy: is to delegate your vote so that for example you vote for the same as me if you delegate it to me, so when I vote we vote both.
Witness: Like me its for working on the blocks on the PPY chain. Here is very important for my your vote.

We are going to vote for melea-trust to continue doing more things like this.

 Vote melea-trust witness like



If you write the name wrong, or in advisor, will notify you automatically, you cant vote for me on Advisor only vote please for Proxy if you want to delegate you vote or for Witness for work on the blocks.


Then I have added 4 witnesses to the bag and I will vote for them, because I trust them to work in the network and vote responsibly after reading the proposals, Do not vote lightly, it is not cool, you should not ask for anything in return Of your vote. Votes so you can continue to use the wallet and blockchain works, so it is important that you vote responsibly but that votes, you must have at least 0.05 PPY to make votes or transactions in the wallet. As in any blockchain you pay fees, but here are very cheap and too fast less than 3 seconds send PPY to another wallet.


After adding all the witnesses you have studied because they are the best, and you can do it by typing their names or adding them if you see them in the list with the add button. Once you have them give you to Publish changes.


Once you have clicked on Publish changes, you should give ok in the pop up window where it tells you how many witnesses you want to add to your list, if you have voted someone by proxy, and your account. If you vote for me by proxy you should not add any witness since automatically if you put me proxy, you vote for the 35 witnesses that I voted today.


In this case I must have 0.00251 PPY to pay the fee to send the transaction to the blockchain and give my votes for ok. If I do not have PPY on balance it will give me an error window as well.


If you have balance it will be okay as well.


Once we have voted for witnesses, we will fund how to send or receive PPY


For send


Put the data and done. For received you need to give your name or number example here send from melea-priceless to:

send to.png

My second advice, sent the first few times a small amount, once you see that you receive and send small quantities ok, you can send more important amounts.

Lets go to Play

There will be dapp and Bets, Poker, Tournament, 3D Games like scissors, Rock Paper, and more. here my friend you will spend many many hours like me :) Welcome to the club.


Its now Loading.....

When you finish remember to log out

go out.png

 You can see your balanced here


To get an idea of when the games will be available and more tournaments and surprises.


 Web PPY Milestones time:

 Telegram PPY (open whit telegram app)

 Witness melea-trust

I hope you have been helpful this manual of the portfolio Peerplays, my idea is to collaborate in Peerplays and Steem to get the votes needed to work as a witness for as long as I can do it, let me come to stay. If you like my work, vote for me, thank you.

 My proposal to be a Witness PPY

 My proposal to be a Witness on Steem


 My Proposal for be a Witness on Decent

you are.jpg
Thanks /hugs
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