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One of the things that I've noticed since I've gotten here just under a year ago is the number of people with broken hearts or really rough stories. I don't know if it's just the writing aspect of this platform or the supportive community or some combination of factors, but I've seen a lot of heartbreak on here.

I've heard stories of financial loss, mental illness, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, illness, western medicine induced injury, homelessness, death of close friends and family, and suicidal tendencies. It's tough to read a lot of this, but I'm also really stoked to see people trying to use this platform to heal. I'm equal parts sad to see so many people carrying such tragedy along with them, but I'm also really happy that they have a place to air out their soul injuries. I know I've been remarkably touched by the ourpouring of support for folks going through tough times on more than one occasion.

If you haven't seen it yet there is a thing called spiritscience on the web and there are a bunch of parables that the author created. In the 2 minute video below they talk about how things are neither good nor bad because you don't know what will happen as a result. I've been able to find some peace contemplating this and my own hardships.

This thing has had a profound impact on my thinking on things. Even things as difficult as the early death of my mother could fit into this. You don't know what the long lasting impacts will be. The universe unfolds as it should even when it sucks. It's along the same lines as everything happens for a reason, but it's less about trying to determine the purpose of everything and more just floating as the universe flows past you rapids, eddies, and flow. We're here to learn and experience not necessarily control.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this a lot as I keep meeting more and more people having a hard time. I'll keep sending positive intention in the world for change and hope that my efforts expedite the transition to a world filled with peace, abundance, and liberty. If your soul is hurting know I'll set my intention to spread reiki goodness to all who need it on steemit.

If you have a broken heart and a crushing story I hope you find solace and healing. If you're bottling it up I think you'll find a receptive audience here if you're willing to talk about it positively and openly. Hang in there I guess. World seems to be in a transition state and hopefully before too long we'll have a different path we walk together.




Lovely post and philosophy of life. Something that I have noticed since joining steemit are the number of people here that I can truly learn from. No where else on the internet have I seen so much wisdom. So many teachers - that don't even know they teach. They are just being open, honest and sincere. It's hard to believe I have only been here one month. This platform has already enriched my life and reading posts like this one make me realize that I can't grow as a person emotionally and spiritually unless I belong to a community like this one. I am always grateful to learn. Thank you <3

Solid insight @creativesoul Its the best peer to peer mentorship and accountability program that I know of.

And I'm honored that you chose and choose to hang with MSP. It's a blessing and you're great. Namaste.

Great post- times are indeed tough- saw one of my favorite Uncles this past weekend- very interesting guy- LBJ's lead WH photographer back when photography was really important- anyways I told him the American dream is done- they have fee'd and taxed it to death. He nodded in agreement.

Personally I qualify for more than one on that check off list you wrote but these days I think I do a really great job of living in the now which allows you to jump OUT of the rat wheel and take charge of your own life.

I don't give a flying F- and I believe that's the key- I know what I truly am and how meaningless this production really is- it will play out- I know my role- just living in the NOW.

And as someone else above noted this is a community unlike any I've seen on social media where one can be themselves and be honest- even painfully honest.

it's like a pre-req for true acceptance.

World is in a transition phase now. Peace has become the very big issue here. People have all the big things but peace and harmony are missing.

Taking damage and suffering pain are a part of life that effects everybody. The rain falls on the rich & the poor, the good & the evil. Understanding that nobody can stop the damage from occurring to begin with is the first point of wisdom. When people get hurt, they tend to hurt other people. And, whether its' illness, disease, abuse, or natural disaster - Mother Nature is a mean b!#@h. You can't stop her, a lot of the time. It's a never-ending cycle.

The next point of wisdom is realizing that you can only control yourself, your own reaction to events, and the fact that each person CHOOSES what those events mean, for themselves. Pretending that you do not have a choice is also making a choice - to deny reality.

The final point of wisdom is knowing that, by your own choosing, by your own reactions & behaviors, by deciding which thoughts to entertain and which thoughts to ignore - we are all in control of our own selves, and acting upon this knowledge will determine our ultimate success, or lack thereof.

A man will reap whatever he sows.

The understanding that nothing is either good or bad (in a true sense) can be a very powerful tool for healing. It has also helped me through some rough times, and I work to be grateful for the suffering I experience, because it causes me to be a more compassionate and overall better person.

Some of the stories I've read of people's pasts on Steemit are just... harrowing. It hits me hard, especially the ones having to do with addiction, because I have seen how people's lives can be eaten away by these substances.

I share your vision of Steemit being a conducive place for recuperation and healing, through artistic expression/ sharing life experiences. Since we define the community by our actions and intentions, I am optimistic that we can continue to co-create such a place.

Namaste--- d-pend

Good idea.

I've had a lot of problems during my life, including a broken heart - but I also have a great ability to recover and move on and I've helped a lot of people do the same, so while I could tell me stories of problems - I'm actually in great mental spirits now and don't dwell on the past apart from to remember the good things.

It's easy to find consolation in other peoples stories of their struggles, but I would caution somewhat in getting too comfortable and staying in the negativity as misery loves company and sometimes people are not looking to get better, just to have other unhappy people to commune with.

Very true. My first post was about being a distant father and depression, and although I gained nothing from it financially, I gained some peace with myself and have since written othe 'open' pieces which I feel similar about.

I watched the video and realized that I have read the story before. It is a very philosophical way of looking at what is destined for you, whether good or bad. When I was a kid my mom would tell me "let it pass, something good will also happen"after something bad happened. What she meant was that it was necessary for the negative event to occur as it was so destined, and according to destiny a positive event will follow sooner or later. Life is a balance of good and bad events, according to her.

I firmly believe in the law of attraction, if practiced as defined in the original law. Many people have found variations of the law of attraction with the result that there are various ways that people perceive it to be. Some folks think that just by wishing that they are rich money will fall into their lap. They don't realize that you have to work your way to attract the things that they dream for and it doesn't happen overnight.

I liked the piece that you wrote and will be following you for more. Thanks for useful article!

This is such a beautiful post! I'm so glad I came across this. It is true, we never know what going to happen next and why. It is better for us to go with the flow. Change is one thing that's always constant. Whether it is for worse or for the better. And the sooner we realize that, the better we can equip our minds with. It is thoughtful of you to send Reiki healing waves to all those who need it. Respect.
Bookmarking this post so it can stay fresh in my memory for longer... :)

Wow, this article really moved me. Thank you for the message and for providing this video. I agree, sometimes it's best to look at life not in the lens of if it is good or bad, but rather just as it is. Passing no judgement... you just let it be.

"If you have a broken heart and a crushing story I hope you find solace and healing." so eloquently said. I've only been on Steemit for 2 months, but I too have seen a lot of pain and suffering posts, and I just wish and hope for the best. I've been writing uplifting, inspirational and positive posts because I hope I can touch others who maybe going through a rough time. Sometimes all we need from another person is to hear some kind words and encouragement. :)


This kinda just came at a perfect time. I'm suffering a bit of an event :(

I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll find solace quickly.

You know, it is what it is. With all I have been forced to endure in my life I have grown some pretty big shoulders ;) It hurts something fierce, but my little voice keeps whispering that it's for the best and there is something better around the corner.

Thank you

I am resteeming this post because not only did it resonate with my experience here so far but also because much of the conversation in this post has confirmed my belief that this platform has a great culture of supportive people with great intentions to be bigger than themselves. I have so much to write in response to your post which I will in the near future. Thank you for raising this conversation @aggroed! Look at the responses you've received as a result.

What an inspiring post u have there. Yes, indeed so many broken heart are in here, so many sad feelings and frustration roaming around, different emotion and sorrows that have been through to everyone who experienced such pain. Not all experienced hardship or anxiety to round it all, but we all do experienced aches. And doing so is not easy to hang on there, it needs courage to stand up and determination to go on... In life. At @aggroed you done good ideas to have this a club for those who are heart broken, resteem this so everyone will know they can come here and maybe we can do conversation and give some advice to whom it needs so they can release and ease those emotion that they have been through and to those who still not yet move on. All that I can say to them for now, just keep on talking and laugh, smile a lot even it's hurt coz it is truly helpful and true that laughter is the best.....Medicine! Steem on and good steem.

I feel like people can be themselves here better than anywhere else in social media speaking. Here I can be myself and the people that likes your content will cheer you up, while the ones who don´t will just go somewhere else. Theres not much room for silly arguments based on racism here. This is all how I perceive Steemit so far, Im new here.

So when the atmosphere is friendly people tend to open up and trust each other. When you feel people won´t judge you its easier to express things you normally wouldn´t.

Great read @aggroed ! Cheers

The law of attraction... lets use it to build each other up!

|transitional state| that's what I always say regarding the world is exciting at times because of all the new things happening around us bad and good but also frustrating mainly because of its lack of i wish all excitement but also serenity, namaste

That video was very sweet and rang true to me. Cartoons are so genuine. I love getting schooled by animations. Very insightful, thank you for posting :)

its a good feeling .makes me feel alive but i do see alot of it on steem. No fear! Everyone on here is awesome and i think stories are worth sharing

Nice post
I think than use this plateforme for heal , could be a good idea , if you have sincere contact here. real community follower.
Or if you need to To dump what you have on the heart and that you want to share it honestly,
like a bottle in the sea


I have found the same, and experienced steemit as a place where I can express emotion.

Thanks #steemit

Thanks for sharing your story and adding it to the collective DNA.

It may be the platform, the community aspect. As we gain trust in certain people we follow and who follow us back we are bonded by common interests. Whether it's nationality, personal views, ways of life, common struggles, etc. So I think people find comfort in the community enough to open up to others.

For me, Steemit is the first "blog" or profile-type page I have ever had, so it's a new experience sharing parts of my life with others.

Yeah, I do it too. maybe not as much as i did before MSP, but I try to share inner thoughts and feelings at times. Hopefully my steemit network will be there for me when I get the blues too.

True, we must trust in our network of friends when we need them most to help guide us through tough times.

Love Spirit Science, watched those videos during my major awakening many years ago.... I didn't know you were so woke AF @aggroed, lol.

Good on you. And I'm digging the recent posts.

baby breakdown gif.gif

Yeah. PhD scientist and reiki master. It's a weird combo. So much to learn and so much to unlearn.

Woah. Yes that would take some definite reconciliation of world views haha.

But at the end of the day, you are here doing it big. And it resonates through your words and posting style btw... And steemit has done so much for me in the little time ive spent with it, the value is limitless.

May all of us find abundance, healing, peace, self governance, and connection to source.

Until Next Time,

Pierce The Veil, And The Truth Will Reveal Itself!

Hello @aggroed, in medical science also it is proven that if people start writing about their grief and sorrow, their sorrows do reduce in magnitude. Sometimes people just need place to vent out their feelings, be it happy or sad. And steemit is providing them this opportunity to say what they want to say. ✌️✌️

The question is who hasn't... A lot of action is happening in the 'poetry'... And indeed - Sharing is always healing.

Well, it isn't always right. I mean I see horror stories of coming out of the closet over on FB. You don't always get positivety sharing your soul, but here it seems to work out better than in most places.

Spirit Science is fraudulent lies. Have you watched their videos? They make things up, and the scientific method is not utilized.

I would treat their material with extreme skepticism, or honestly, utter contempt.

It is the origin of a cult.

I've seen them all, I liked it at first...
But they say you have to put a crystal in salt water, someone told me that is in fact bad for some crystals :s
Since then, I'm more carefull with their info :)

Here you go @reiki-trail ^^
I think that due to the friendly environment people are more inclined to be honest and share their stories. On another note, there is just as many if not more cheerful posts to be found!

I have an ongoing series of posts about heart healing which contain rare undersatndings on emotional processes that unite us into wholeness and new balance/love:

Lovely post and philosophy of life. Something that I have noticed since joining steemit are the number of people here that I can truly learn from. No where else on the internet have I seen so much wisdom. So many teachers - that don't even know they teach. They are just being open, honest and sincere. It's hard to believe I have only been here one month. This platform has already enriched my life and reading posts like this one make me realize that I can't grow as a person emotionally and spiritually unless I belong to a community like this one. I am always grateful to learn.
thanks for shering @aggroed

This post is very useful and very great. You are very wise and I am very happy to read it. Thank you very much for sharing :-)

I think it's just a part of life. It's a part of most of our stories in one way or another

My dog died from cancer, My hamster is an alcoholic, my family disowned me after I changed my name to Kaitlyn, I lost my shoe, and the landlord is on my nuts about the rent. Pls help!

break bones not heart hahah

I'm being very open here about my struggles and so glad to have a place to post my thoughts. I'm also looking at this as a way to reach more peole than just steemers through the alaxa ranking and google search.

I agree with you about the stories here. I find moving posts all day long and I can see the effort people make to tell their story. It is a breath of fresh air from the "regular" internet.

Faithfull words my friend, thanks for share them!!!

It's a really nice post. I am very impressed. @aggroed vote witness

Thank you @aggroed for this wonderful article. I'm with a broken heart and intended to search for some good article with the hashtag brokenheart. The video said it well, there isn't any good or bad. Things I'm facing now might be seem pretty bad but who knows good or bad? (just as the farmer said)

I guess I just live the life as accordingly and will see what turns out good or bad. Thank you very much for sharing the video.

I know that I have found the writing of some of my posts extremely cathartic. there have been many caring people who have reached out on this platform sending prayers and good intentions and it's so appreciated! The timing of the universe can definitely suck...that is my exact personal experience at this moment in time. Acceptance of your reality can make the journey so much easier to bare. Thanks for your thoughts on this post!

This reminds me man, I've been thinking about how cool it would be for Steem kickstarters. You'd be able to help out some of these people and maybe even fund some of them who need a little financial help. Since y'all at MSP have 3500+ people, this would be a really cool place to get this started!

Just a thought I wanted to share :)

Cheers and keep up the good fight!

Nice words and valuable points. :)
Writing have been long used as a way of expressing one self as well as to have an outlet during tough situations in life. Coming of the social media and sites like steemit, people can then share those and not just to keep to themselves to somewhat find relief and what we call sympathy.

Such a great post.. I'm not in the best place right now, but I took comfort in reading this!

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