My Entry for the Pay-it-Forward Curation Contest - Week 16

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I love finding new under-valued Steemians and this contest is a great excuse to find fabulous bloggers whose post aren't getting the attention they deserve. In case you aren't aware, the Pay It Forward Curation Contest is a weekly challenge from @thedarkhorse to find bloggers to promote.

Here are this week's selections - reputation 55 or under.

Selection 1 - @rahulk200013

Everything you need to know about Black Holes - PART 3
First, a science article - perhaps the first one I've featured in this contest. This guy is brand new to Steemit and what an entrance! His earlier parts of this series are equally good and deserve some upvotes from our community. Keep an eye on this one, @curie - he's up and coming for sure!

Selection 2 - @kweenbrand

Learn to ask questions especially when you don't know!!!
This is a great article giving important advice: ASK!!! Especially when you don't know!

I know the truth of this article. I lived in a foreign country for the early part of my parenthood experience. I had to learn to ask the weirdest and most basic questions - things that everyone already knew, but I didn't, because I hadn't spent my formative years there... The dumbest questions are the ones you don't ask - and should have - before you make mistakes. Get up the courage and ask!

@kweenbrand has a lot of varied articles and is well worth the read and follow.

These are my selections for this week. Please visit them and give them some love - even if you don't have voting power to spare, a kind word can make all the difference!

Note: All images remain property of the original poster. I've only used their locations.

Lori Svensen – A'mara Books & Viking Visual

Banner by @shai-hulud

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Thanks for the entry, both bloggers have been upvoted.

Thanks for supporting the #payitforward contest. We truly appreciate your participation and willingness to help find undervalued writers on Steemit. It's a great project and I'm glad you joined us. I have visited, commented, and upvoted each of your featured authors. Wish you all the best.

nice picks @viking-ventures, hope that everything all right with you.. I read your comments with my other half before. have done my little support to your featured bloggers, as great as always.

Doing well here. Thank you for stopping by and supporting my featured bloggers.

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That's awesome work in finding and supporting undervalued posts.

Here is a little more support from eSteem team as you have been chosen by eSteem curators for Encouragement Program .

Please join our growing community using this link and check our Mobile and Surfer (desktop) apps using this link.

@coolguy123 thanks for supporting one of the entries to the curation contest. I have suggested to everyone to use esteem for their entries as I feel it's a good way to earn a little extra on their entry posts (when selected). It's always nice when those votes come in. Keep up the good work!

Awesome, keep posting original content and keep using eSteem apps.
Good day my friend :)

Hey @coolguy123! Small world, this steemit of ours :) I'm one of the judges in this contest that @viking-ventures in entering :)

I just wanted to say hi and hope you are well!!

Hello @lynncoyle1, yes, we meet here and there through other posts. Nice to know you are the judge for this contest, best wishes my friend :)

It's a great contest to be involved with @coolguy123. Best wishes to you as well, my friend! I hope life is treating you well 😅

Nice post @viking-ventures. Ask such a helpful write-up. I am enjoying your #payitforward contributions

Thank you again @viking-ventures 😉 great and interesting posts of the featured bloggers, really enjoy and find valuable information from them.

How's your day?

Just got up. :) (-7 UTC)
Doing well enough. I'm still suffering a little from a bolt of lightning that struck less than a block away yesterday. I watched it, heard it - and it gave me a very dull headache for the rest of the evening. I'm trying to work out whether it's still bothering me or not. Apparently, this is something that is totally possible from a nearby lightning strike! sorry to hear that. Hope that you'll get well and enjoy your day as usual. Isn't summer season now? Is it a usual things for the lightning stroke in the summer there?

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Thank you for your entry @viking-ventures

@wolfhart.... I think you need a specific kind of spell check built just for you. Maybe @kaliju when he's up and running can help make one that makes sure you spell people's names right LOL I haven't gotten to pick on you in little while and I couldn't resist. 😘

Pick away. I know the feeling on can't resist.
I think Lynn gave up on correcting my spelling. LOL

LOL ... it's just names that's it I promise !! Pretty good idea for a bot huh?

Wow. Thanks so much for featuring my post here. I appreciate it!


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Hi great features I visited voted and commented on both.

I'm still waiting??? LOL j/k I don't need to tell you great features as usual. I enjoyed both of them. I learned a new word to day. So I can go to sleep a happy person! I am one word smarter now.

I guess we need to go tell those vikings to start blogging!
When I do find a few (whether by name or obvious location), I will make sure to tell you!

I'm on the look out too. If I find one I'll let you know. Of course I guess I could take out a help wanted add Steemit Style? LOL

That would be amusing - a Steemit want ad?! I like it!

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to do something like that...I will be hilarious

Thank you for the entry @viking-ventures! I just wanted to say thank you for being such a regular with us and for finding value here. I know we all appreciate it very much :)

I'm proud to say that I've entered every week since this contest was created and I don't lie when I say it is my favorite contest and one of the highlights of my week! Of course, by the time this one is done every week, my VP is in tatters and normally takes the rest of the week to recover completely! But then, that's the purpose of voting power, isn't it?

I thought you had contributed every week @viking-ventures!! Good for you; I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

My VP is always toast lol

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Very interesting choices. Thanks for your entry! 😃

It is not about asking but about not getting answered

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