**Closed** Week 10 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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❎❎Week 10 is now closed. Week 11 will start on Tuesday at 12:01am❎❎

Curators it's time to go out and find 2 high quality blog posts from steemians who's reputation score is level 50 or below and the bonus slot this week if 1 app, discord room, program, or group that has helped you with your steemit journey. This contest runs until June 9th at Midnight.

This contest is open to All Reputation Score Steemians to Enter!

Week 10 Entry Post Format (No Changes)

For week 10 and future weeks you will need a curation style entry that includes 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Level 50 or Below Bloggers.

  • Curation Style Post of 2 Bloggers who are posting Quality Original Content
  • Link to 1 recent blog post per featured blogger. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
  • Include a link to this contest in your entry post
  • The 2 bloggers you curate Must Be Rank 50 or Lower!
  • You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how I track everything!

Optional: Themed 3rd Featured Blogger (New Theme)

New Theme for the Optional Featured Blogger! This week besides your 2 Mandatory Featured Bloggers the bonus Feature spot will be one for an app, discord room, program, or group that has helped you with your steemit journey.

My example for this will be the Pay It Forward Discord Room. The room is set up to help those in the contest be able to try and build even stronger relationships with each other. The goal is over time the room will help build a solid community of like minded people who will grow together and support each other along the way.

For this featured spot please link to rooms, accounts, apps, or whatever you have found to be helpful in your growth. Everyone should visit all posts this week and see if you can learn of new tools that might help you in your steemit growth!

👉👉Clarification for Quality Required for valid Entry👈👈
We are looking for Quality Original Content. We want to see no less then 200 words of original written content. So a single photo is fine as long as there is 200 words with it.

To make it easy to estimate 200 words figure there needs to be 12 lines of content.

Posts from Parley and dmania are not acceptable.

Prizes: Steem Basic Income

This week at least 6 winners are going to get a sponsorship for @steembasicincome!
There will be 1 SBI Sponsorship per 8 entries into the contest on a random basis (minimum of 2).
There will be 4 Judges Choice SBI Sponsorships awarded based the quality of the bloggers you feature in the eyes of our Judges, @erodedthoughts, @lynncoyle1, @energyaddict22, & @wolfhart.

@steembasicincome is run by @josephsavage and is a great program designed to provide a lifetime income to members who have SBI Shares.

Prizes: Steem-Bounty

@steem-bounty of 3 SBD has been created. I will only upvote entries for the Author's 80% of the Bounty. No other comments will be upvoted as the goal is to reward those who enter the contest.

@steem-bounty is run by @knircky and I'd like to ask that you set steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Contest Date Range

To make sure that there is time for all entries to be viewed and the featured bloggers all get the exposure which this contest is designed to provide we will be only taking entries from Tuesday- Saturday 11:59pm CDT (CDT is Central Daylight Time). Need this time to revolve around my time so I can make changes to the posts at a set time for me, midnight.

If your unsure how CDT converts this link should show you your local time for 11:59pm.

Week 9's Winners Post will be on Wednesday June 6th 12:01am CST US.
Week 10's Winners Post will be on Wednesday June 13th 12:01am CST US.
Week 11's Contest will start with a post on Tuesday June 12th 12:01am CST US.

** Fair warning I will flag you if you are trying to boost your comment to get more of the bounty. This includes use of paid votes to increase your portion of the community side of the bounty.

Current Entries - Please Visit!!!

This is the real purpose of this contest, visit these posts and help upvote the bloggers featured. This list will be updated as new entries are added. Please check back during the week!!

BloggerCuration Entry Post
@zanoniEntry #1
@bmotivesEntry #2
@viking-venturesEntry #3
@imagendevozEntry #4
@bengyEntry #5
@tryskeleEntry #6
@sams-worldEntry #7
@rentmoneyEntry #8
@trincowskiEntry #9
@freedomshiftEntry #10
@trincowskiEntry #9
@freedomshiftEntry #10
@mightypandaEntry #11
@angelroEntry #12
@cicisajaEntry #13
@headchangeEntry #14
@honeysimEntry #15
@donna-metcalfeEntry #16
@futurefarmersEntry #17
@victorsilabEntry #18
@illusions16Entry #19

Featured Blogger SBI Share Bonus

The featured bloggers of the Judges Choice winners will all get an SBI share! A total of 8 SBI shares will be awarded to these minnows! Below are the sponsors of this Bonus!

Week 10's Sponsors
@dynamicgreentk - 2 Shares Dynamic Steemians Discord
@bengy - 1 Share
@andrewharland - 4 shares
thehoneys - 1 Share


Wow! So here we go with Week 10! This thing just keeps rolling and it's fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries for this week. I can't imagine any reason not to make an entry. Free upvotes, make friends and connections, expand your audience, get paid.

Thanks again for keeping it all together @thedarkhorse

This will be the new account for Pay It Forward. Start following it now and give it upvotes to help power up the account. Will likely start using the account in a few weeks after there are some SBD payouts so we can lease some SP.

Hello! We just got done with our first pay it forward post!

Thank you again.

Entry #17


Love the "theme" idea for this week! I'll be very curious to see what others come up with, as well as their featured steemians! Really good content last week for sure :)

Tell me, where on earth did the last 10 weeks go?? :) Time for me is pretty fluid, but with you keeping track like this, it's a bit of a weekly slap in the face haha

It is always hard to get enough words to show gratitude to #Payitforward.
Here is my week 10 entry to the contest.

Entry #2

I did not think I would get my entry in today but hey, here I am and with that, my entry for #Week10: https://steemit.com/curation/@imagendevoz/contest-week-10-pay-it-forward-curation-contest-by-thedarkhorse

Entry #4

Wait so I thought i sent you 7 steem?

Yes I am using it over a few weeks. So far I used 2 for last week and am using 2 for this week unless nobody else steps up and then I will use 3. Trying to get more people involved if possible.

This is the post for my entry. First time doing it so let me know if something needs to change: https://steemit.com/payitforward/@mightypanda/my-entry-for-the-pay-it-forward-curation-contest-week-10

Entry #11

Thanks for joining the contest! @freedomshift here is a first time entry.

you are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #10, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.
blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less ✓)Age (90 days or less ✓)exception granted
@mightypanda52.447 ✓--

@freedomshift you are not missing any votes nor are the people you are featuring as the person that has an issue with you never has your post to curate, I make sure of that with the numbering. We hit a point a few weeks ago that we had to break up the posts into 2 groups and each group gets 2 Judges plus myself visiting them. The Judges were getting burned out and I didn't want to loose the great dedicated group of judges so we came up with a solution.

It's very easy to just assign you a number that isn't in that person's curation group and that way you are getting full exposure as are your featured bloggers as any other entry gets. I go out of my way to double check this each week to make sure there are no conflicts.

If for some reason you are feeling there is an issue or slighted in some way message me on discord and give me a minute to address it before posting about it. I don't like this page being cluttered with stuff like this when people are trying to find the entry comments to give out upvotes and reward people for their efforts.

Since you have stated you have gotten over it I trust that this is the last I will be reading about it on the contest posts.

@practicalthought sorry you felt like this might have had anything to do with you. It's an issue that goes back at least a month, probably 6 weeks and something I thought was dropped long ago.

Thank you, and deleted my rant.

@thedarkhorse - thank you for the clarification! I am over it, yes sir!

not worth complaining. just do your thing.

I am not complaining for my sake. I am only here to help newbies.

I apologize if there is some drama I am unaware of. Just wanted to say that it is really hard getting around to everyone. I know last week I didn't get to a third of the entries to look and vote. Votes as all of us know go really quickly. For example, I just logged in, and my vote power was barely above 83%. After upvoting the replies waiting for me, and the PIF post and yours, I am already down again to 79%.

I will admit I am discerning when I do go through the submissions. There are times I upvote the submission itself, but for whatever reason I do not personally click with the people being featured. I save those votes because I know there will be plenty to give votes to of those I would possibly click with, while also keeping in mind I want to make my own posts which I need voting power to interact with those kind enough to vote that and comment.

I would hope no one submitting ever takes it personally if I do not have enough voting power, or simply do not click with the submissions. I am discerning (as are the submissions accepted here) in who I upvote, hoping that the ones I do interact with can develop into a longer term association due to our shared interests. I can thankfully say I have found a few through this contest now where the both of us have clicked with one another. A large number of those I have reached out to for whatever reason did not find me to be the bastion of awesomeness, go figure, lol.

I think I speak for a fair number of people when I say you are well thought of here in the community, and your involvement in this challenge is one of leadership.

thank you for your kind words, @practicalthought! if you ever wonder, you have nothing to do with this. In a way, I have been reassessing my purposes here which might not be aligned with ...
(Not to dwell on it)

I have much to say and do outside of this ...

All the best!

btw, @lynncoyle1 introduced me to this contest and is a great supporter.
In the real world, I'll say "follow the money" and here, its "look at the voting ...

You have been invited to:
"6.9.18 Saturday (or Cat-turday - 😺 meow) To Launch or Not to Launch - that is the Question! Upvotes and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Give-away" - please click on #ccc to find the post.
All the best!

edited due to misunderstanding.

If you read the details of the initiative, it in no way will dilute the contest.
In fact, this initiative can build up to a better pool of candidates to then be featured in the contest or join this contest.
I am in no way leaving this contest! I have too much invested in this contest and no one can upset me enough to leave unless I am told by @thedarkhorse.

My apologies for misunderstanding. I have deleted my rant. Thank you for responding and good luck with your new project. Am glad you will be continuing on here.

thank you sir! I am doing the initiative to keep the contest going with fresh candidates. It already added at least one - just ask @mightypanda.

for those who do not want to go read it, it is simply:

  1. use a tag
  2. read the creed, or honor code, and agree
  3. include the honor code as affirmation

It is not a contest. It is at will or daily at the most and most days, it might just newbies helping each other. Above all, no one owns it, not I or anyone else.

just to be clear, this initiative is akin to the call for participants who might qualify to be featured in the pay it forward contest.
The invitation is to the give-away of upvotes and prizes (SBD) through Sunday only.

Entry #1

I did it!! My curation contest virgin post :))) : https://steemit.com/curation/@sams-world/2-of-my-favourite-50-steemians-who-deserve-more-exposure-payitforward-curation-contest-week-10

hope i did it all the right way :))) :P

You are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #10, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.
blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less ✓)Age (90 days or less ✓)exception granted
@sams-world43.3 ✓28 ✓--

Hey, that sounds awesome! aehm... what does that mean for me? Do I need to do anything? Thanks already for clarification. (Sorry I'm all new here) ;)

you need not to do a thing. I'll send you 0.35 SBD by the end of Monday, US CST with a memo.

This is to encourage newbies to get started with a valid entry to the contest, which you have done to earn the first time bonus.

ah I see. Ok, then all that's left I guess is to say: THANK YOU so much!!
wow, I didn't know it even existed. so I'm even more happy and appreciative!
best wishes,

Entry #6

Here is my entry for this week. Be quick in supporting as the fiction post is already 4 days old! (Though he does have other posts - maybe even another chapter this week if we're lucky.)

Entry #3

Here is my entry for this week


I will go back and comment on a little bit, boarding a plane...

Aahh my favourite's number, noted 👌

I am looking forward to this week's featured posts and most of all the

Theme for the Optional Featured Blogger! This week besides your 2 Mandatory Featured Bloggers the bonus Feature spot will be one for an app, discord room, program, or group that has helped you with your steemit journey.

This should be interesting and provide / share information that all will benefit from .

Good luck to all contestants

Hey there....here is my entry for this weeks contest. Please forgive the apparent rush but I am currently a bit strapped for time...


Entry #15

Sure thing, I can do 1 Sbi sponsorship again!

Thank you for helping sponsor the featured bloggers!

Entry #19

Note: This entry was complete before the deadline, just forgot to add the link on the contest page.

You are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #10, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.
blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less ✓)Age (90 days or less ✓)exception granted
@illusions1642.7 ✓69 ✓--

Entry #16

You are eligible for a share of first time bonus for this week, week #10, jointly sponsored by @el-nailul, @thedarkhorse, and @freedomshift.
blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less ✓)Age (90 days or less ✓)exception granted
@donna-metcalfe41.5 ✓51 ✓--

Thank you so much, I've received my reward! I love this game - finding great new people and sharing them, the upvotes they get encourage them to write more and that's great for all of us.

I have finally entered this competition. My entry post can be found by clicking here.

My two nominations were : @starthere & @steven-patrick

My third nominations is the group / community @newbiegames

Entry #8

BTW, I like how you listed which bloggers you featured.

Thanks for accepting my entry.

Entry #18

no time for an entry, but voted for all 18 entry posts made along with some of the comments. if there is time tomorrow I'll do the featured blog posts.

I'll be holding off for awhile as I try to get cash flow going again...
Let me know on this weeks winner...

Not a problem and thank you for the support you have given. I'll be posting the winners in a few minutes and your name will be next to the one you cover.

My pleasure. I'll be back. This is a great contest...

a little support to speed up your return 😃

Oh wow! Thanks @bjgeese !

a little more

This is what I need to update my information for the next post. I will submit my entry later, but I would like to ask for your permission that I will write more about this contest in Bahasa Indonesia (I wish that I could run some contest like this in the future), I will be carefully translate the rules, so there won't be any misunderstanding for my fellow Steemians from Indonesia. I have a very good time with this contest last week and I will manage my time to engage with all the participants and featured bloggers.

I am happy to have you translate it. What I will ask is that any entries that come from your post you please read and check for plagiarism and overall make sure that the posts are legit and high quality.

I will check about it carefully, I still learn to recognise the high quality content, maybe because I don't produce any high quality content too, it's hard to judge other post when I wore the sunglasses made of "solidarity and having fun", but I am willing to learn.
One thing I understand that, a blogger who appreciate others by Pay It Forward is really hard to find, but they're existed. Thank you for reminding me, I appreciate your help and I will keep it in mind.

Anyway, I already receive the Steem-bounty, 🤝 thank you

This post was shared in the Curation Collective Discord community for curators, and upvoted and resteemed by the @c-squared community account after manual review.

Thank you for doing this @c-squared :)

Thank you very much for the reward you send me @thedarkhorse
I will join the new contest this week for sure, too!
Best regards

Time to do some searching... Right now, I have zero candidates. 🧐

The promptness and the punctuality shows how much dedication is behind this great work. Time is running fast and it is already on third week...

Thanks you.....

I almost forgot tonight, had to get out of bed and post this. Now almost an hour later I'm still on steemit...lol.

i can understand ...Now a days me too ..from the bed straight away to Steemit even before bed coffee..

have a nice pleasant day...

Another week, another contest. Looking forward to this one, I believe the entries will be insane especially because of the new theme. Thanks for keeping it interesting.

Trying to think of ideas that will allow that 3rd spot to be a benefit to everyone. As such hopefully more people will visit all or at least more of the entry posts. Everyone needs to remember to support each other and we all grow stronger.

@thedarkhorse has set 3.000 SBD bounty on this post! logo_for-light-bg_1000.png
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A bounty is money sent to a post to be distributed to the users commenting on it. It provides a way to reward users directly and works in addition to the steem/sbd they receive from the blockchain. It works independently of SteemPower.

You create a bounty by sending any amount of sbd/steem to @steem-bounty together with a post-url in the memo.

How can I earn a bounty Users are then competing for the bounty by writing their answers to the post in comments that will achieve upvotes from the community and especially the bounty creator. The money of the bounty gets distributed to all top level comments of the post at the same time when the post is paid out (7 Days after it was written). How much everyone gets depends on the votes the comments received. The sender of the bounties votes are weighted higher so that she decideds where 80% of the bounty money goes and all other votes determine the rest.

@steem-bounty does all of this for you automatically. You can use this service to automatically pay out a challenge, ask a hard question or simply to reward the people that interact with you.

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always a new week with a new cobtest well it obvious that you have such an amazibg post tho! keep up the good work Man.

great initiative, really appreciated, wish there were more contests like this!

join the contest. it's open to everyone.

Hi, I have couple of question:

Can I enter my own posts in the contest?
I hit level 51 recently. Can I still enter. Post if from when I was level 50.

@mightypanda no dropping any link that isn't a contest entry isn't ok as we aren't here to promote your posts. The goal is to promote others. Please remove your link. Read the post above which gives instructions and ask any questions you might have. Here is an example entry if you want to see one.


Your post is a curation style post that features other bloggers. You can't feature your own posts. This is about helping others grow and in turn you earn SBD from the bounty, upvotes from those that visit your entry, and potentially an SBI share. Overall it's a good way to gain some extra exposure and to help the community grow by supporting smaller steemians.

Thanks for the details. I will post someone who meets the criterion.

I have one atbtge moment.

she always produce original content and you can easily relate with her stories and find meaning with a take home lesson in it.

@botefarm you can read the post above and follow the rules to make an entry. You need to write a blog post featuring 2 level 50 or below steemians. No links should be put on this page except for contest entry links. Please remove this link.

This is one of the best contest i have seen on steemit,or maybe i feel so because i am a newbie...

@knircky or @steem-bounty looks like @yourinfo decided to pool all their spam accounts and put the votes to this one. There is a nice list of 25 accounts to blacklist.

https://steemworld.org/@birapada makes it pretty easy to see the exact pattern of this nonsense.

@yourinfo, @sundaysunday, @olele, @egbedawoman, @pawpawpawpaw, @palemos, @clintonclinton, @teribalanre, @otalenu, @lawsonlawson, @alonsogab, @doremiski, @agbeja, @perunimalaga, @ogaigbalode, @omigbona, @maruwa, @gbajumo, @honestwoman, @ijeshagirl, @ishewole, @preciousade, @alasepo, @stallonmoney, @mrspablo

all these accounts are now proud members of the steem-bounty blacklist

Thank you! And once again @steem-bounty shows why they deserve my Witness vote.

read the rules

** Fair warning I will flag you if you are trying to boost your comment to get more of the bounty. This includes use of paid votes to increase your portion of the community side of the bounty.

This actually wasn't a paid bot, just a spammer that owns 25 accounts. Thanks for the heads up BJ! Still deserved the flag.

Read my profile if want me to resteem your post to over 72,500 followers. @a-a-a

Is a wonderful thing to keep the steemian community working. What a wonderful way to fix up people to be more careful in creating a story. Well i really appreaciate the brain behind this and am good to go.My work can be found @lapb blog.

@lapb dropping links to your posts is not what the Pay It Forward Curation contest is about. The whole concept here is that an entry is people helping others, not trying to promote themselves.

Please remove your links from your comment.

Thank you for the corrections,but please is down voting me not rather harsh. I made a mistake in doing that. I only try fixing up,I commented and upvoted you with the little I have. Thank you

You removed one link and added another. Not that I was the one that downvoted you, but you still aren't getting the concept of giving to others instead of trying to self promote. You will be amazed at the good that comes when you focus on giving to others instead of worrying about how to find an angle to take.

Since you are talking about spam here - if you have a minute, could you please look at this post? I want to send it to people who run curation trails to help them, but i'm not sure i have my facts straight. https://steemit.com/curation/@fitinfun/one-tip-to-improve-your-curation-trail

You are on my list to get you a post before Monday - I cannot believe how many of these I have missed and glad it's going so well. I see it everywhere lately in posts :)

Cut off is tonight in about 12 hours ;)

Only had a couple minutes and out of time or the Wife will kick my ass. Family Time right now and I stole a couple minutes to update the entries.

Will look later when I have a minute.

I know this had to be taking a huge amount of your time. Hang in there :)

I love your post and I have replied to it and upvoted.

Well, thank you very much :)

Hi! This is jlk.news intelligent bot. I just upvoted your post based on my criteria for quality. Keep on writing nice posts on Steemit and follow me @jlkreiss to get premium world news updates round the clock! If you like me, just upvote my comment! 🦄🦄🦄