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RE: 14 SBI Share Awarded! Pay It Forward Curation Contest Week 8 Winner Announcement

in #payitforward4 years ago

I do believe that it was your comment which lead me to @uyobong that allowed me a good spot to comment and ask @surpassing google to take a look. Never have done that before and was way outside my comfort zone, but wanted to try and be able to further reward those who are taking the time to create quality content.

Thank you for that great post showing your gratitude. It's things like this that help keep everyone motivated.


@thedarkhorse, am glad to be a part of your testimony. Keep being supportive. Your initiative are great.

Thank you for your support and your efforts to motivate and coach.

Actualy if it is so, I was feeling slightly proud for being a bridge in between. I am really a fan of @uyobong and to be precise one of a reason for me to spend more time in steemit is @surpassinggoogle and the @ulog Series. The everyday stories of many peoples of which some of them really inspires and some others touches some corner of the heart Stories with a life, a great initiative...

It doesnt make sense that I am not writing any #ulogs till now and I have my own reason...If you gets time go through this

Thanks again and Stay blessed. I already posted my entry in the blog

Not sure why you are worried about your writing skills. Your post that you linked to shows you have some talent and maybe just need a kick in the ass to use them. Hope you get to blogging more!

I got it dear and really need that kick...
Hope I would be serious from now on....

Thanks a lot for your inspiring word

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