Pay It Forward Contest Week 3 Entry by @reonlouw

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This curation contest is open to everyone and runs for 1 week ending at post payout! The main focus is to help smaller members gain extra visibility and rewards for their efforts.

I was invited to this contest by @fitinfun. It was a strong invitation as she featured me in one of her entries and I experienced the benefit of being featured like this first-hand. The post of mine that she featured is my best-paying post in my nearly three months on Steemit. And I now have the benefit of @steembasicincome upvoting me forever. Plus there is a bounty involved!

This is a no-brainer for every newbie out there! You can find the competition for this week here:
Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 3 - Win SBI & Steem-Bounty

You can follow @fitinfun or @thedarkhorse for more information. If you have no idea what @steembasicincome is all about, check out this post:
Drip, Drip, Drip! Leaky Sink? No, It's Lifetime Income - Steem Basic Income Review

Here are the rules.

You will be writing 1 post in which you talk about the 3 bloggers and one of their most recent posts. Below is what is required to be in the post.

  • A review of the blogger and 1 of their most recent posts, link to the post
  • Explain why this blogger was chosen and a summary of their post
  • Make sure to upvote and commented on the post you link to for each of these bloggers
  • Your post should also link to this post showing you are part of this weeks contest.

@ammyluv (48)

Author review

@ammyluv is from Nigeria and a very faithful blogger on Steemit. She is part of the worship team at her church and my first response from her was when I mentioned a favourite worship song. @ammyluv responded with great passion and enthusiasm.
Unlike many people her age in her country, @ammyluv has a job. She goes out of her way to help her peers find employment via online networking. And finds great joy every time she is successful.
This lady writes many posts addressed at the church and gives great insight into Bible stories and the application of scripture to our daily lives. She is also passionate about health, food, family and nature.
@ammyluv responds to comments to her posts with great faithfulness and wisdom. You will be able to engage with this generous, wise person here on Steemit.
I have a sense that she has a great future and will accomplish much in her lifetime.

Featured post of @ammyluv

This is one of my favourite topics and while this is one of @ammylove's shorter posts she makes a number of strong points. In the end, she invites all her readers to experience this amazing love painting a picture of God with His arms wide open.

@jvanman (49)

Author review

This guy hails from the same country as I do namely South Africa. He has a habit of addressing complex issues but explains it in a way that I can follow. Not an easy task... I first read his blog when he did a series on the toxic mine dumps not too far from where I live. It was unexpected to find something on Steemit that hit that close to home. He also shared with the Steemit world the birth of his second son on 1 April 2018. This is the picture.

Featured post of @jvanman

Feeling demotivated? You might be lacking something that you are not aware of.
@jvanman illustrates how important it is to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others. And that the thing with which you are struggling may have a simpler solution than what you are anticipating.

I encourage you to read this guy. His research or general knowledge (not sure which) is inspiring and he provides great insights into lesser known topics that need some scientific knowledge.

@robpyne (44)

Author review

@robpyne is an Australian. He found me on Twitter and added me to some automatic upvoting thingamagic for Steemit. The result has been that I have received tremendous encouragement through Rob's upvote appearing on my screen every time I post. I am grateful.
Rob will often write about his own history, giving me insight in parts of Australia of which I have never heard. He is a sports enthusiast and will write about sporting events. This man also has a knack to have his picture taken with important or famous people. And he absolutely and uncompromisingly got a divorce from Facebook.
Recently, to my exposure that is, he has become enthused with something called Empowr. I have no idea what it is and you will have to follow Rob to find out. My only insight is that whoever they are, they cannot spell very well... :-)

Featured post of @robpyne

Far Northern Sugar Town Life by Rob Pyne
In this post, Rob tells the story of his birth. He describes the place and the circumstances. And mentions the doctor who had to interrupt a tennis game to come and deliver him. But he did it quickly and efficiently so that he could rush back to complete his game.

You should do this too!

Here is @fitinfun's entry for this week. It includes a great outline on how to enter and what to do when you enter.
Pay It Forward Contest Week 3 Entry by fitinfun

This is a great way to highlight the people you read and to benefit them tremendously. And in classic Steemit fashion, it will also advance your cause.

I thank @fitinfun for introducing me.



Thank you for your entry. I have upvoted everyone you featured plus your entry.

It is actually just as much fun to write about your fellow Steemians as it is to read about them

this is very much part of the Steemit culture. We help ourselves by helping one another.


Thank you @thedarkhorse. Great job creating this! And thank you for the support. We all appreciate it!

I'm very excited to see that you entered the #payitforward fray. We are happy to see you here. Thanks for featuring some very cool authors. I have visited, commented and upvoted all of them. Wish you all the best. I also completed your Kryptonia task. (@energyaddict22 there also)

Awesome @energyaddict22! Thank you for the support.The more I'm exposed to the #payitforward experience the more I like it!

Think need to participate on awesome contest

Agreed @mohsin01. You need to. I'll keep an eye out!

This is a fantastic entry! I'm so glad to see it and I will visit all your choices. That's so exciting about your payout! Now you have a template for next week.

Tweeted and resteemed :)

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name and you are part on my retseeming Sunday project.

I seem to use the words "Thank you" every time I use your name @fitinfun...

Wow! Nice post. You have an amazing personality @reonlouw & a great writer. I am so blessed to have met someone like you here. Your words of encouragement are out of this world. Those around you, are so blessed by God to have you in their lives. Sometimes, I ask myself "Am I truly who he says I am?"

Seriously, you've helped build my confidence with your kind words & encouragement. You were positioned by God to help build my confidence through Christ that strengthens me.

Thank you & God bless for the recognition

Thank you @ammyluv. You certainly know how to say thank you!

This post has received a 1.68 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @reonlouw.

I want to follow this contest but difficult for me, because my English is not perfect. I often make a mistake in write sentence, but I will read your post. Thank you
Don't forget to drink coffee. I'm coffee farmer

A good person for help with English is @majes.tytyty. He has great posts to help and you also help if you ask in the comments on the posts. Good luck and keep trying. You English seems pretty good to me.

Thank you for information

I agree with @fitinfun. You sound very good.

English is not my first language either. I use the free version of Grammarly to correct my spelling and grammar and can recommend it.

Give this contest a try @gayocoffeefarm. You will like it!

Nice to hear. I will try to follow this contest. Thank you Mr. @reonlouw

This is a fantastic idea. I add it to my list of tasks to accomplish and get into it. Thank you for adding it to

Thank you @authorcolinbmw. I'll keep an eye out for your entry.

Kryptonia is great! Why would anyone not use it?

good community!

This is a great avenue for aspiring writers but sad to say im not good at writing...upvoted, resteemed and commented by rubelynmacion

It is a great avenue @rubelynmacion. And I think you should try it. The only way to get better is to keep on doing. I think you should try this!

upvoted and resteemed

kryptonia 🆔 @psychkrhoz

great article, upvoted and resteem, you did a good job. Kryptonia id @grace234

This all sounds too difficult to me. I liked reading your parts about some Steemians

It is actually just as much fun to write about your fellow Steemians as it is to read about them @wakeupkitty. You should try it sometime.

Who knows I will. Is that allowed? It will be a kind of a struggle since I need to write everything on my phone

It is free for everyone to enter. I have no idea what your phone is able to do but this is very much part of the Steemit culture. We help ourselves by helping one another.

Consider it. There will be a contest every week. You can jump in when you are ready.

I will if I am able to figure out what exactly to do. If it comes to contests I frequently have a problem to understand what is asked.

This one is easy @wakeupkitty. You write about three Steemians, telling us who they are and about one of their posts.

It is free. You should at least try. @fitinfun gives a great explanation in her entry.
Pay It Forward Contest Week 3 Entry by fitinfun

I will see if I can understand and make it

if i am to write an article of my favourites authors and writers on steemit.... i will surely pick three namely @sydesjokes he has really helped newbie steemers on the daily faucet ,, he has really helped me a lot..... @reonlouw your post always give me comfort nd joy..... @joanstewart i got my first sbd transfer from him..... from [email protected]

Thanks for the mention @awosode we all learning together, sharing together and having fun.

Thank you @awosode. You humble me.

I think you should write a post like this soon. It will be good exposure for you and for the people you write about. And it should be new people with a rep lower than 50.

Try it! It is fun! And free!

ok i will try and thanks...

This were very interesting entries @reonlouw, I absolutely loved reading through them. Thank you for joining the contest and creating awareness to those who you feel deserve more recognition.
Congratulations to allthe your entries and all the best to you!
Commented and Upvoted on all.

Thank you @elsiekjay. That is awesome support!

Most welcome xo

This was a demo at Cebu Steemian Event

I did not know that. Thank you @mps01k.

Capturing the essence of what being social and sharing is all about @reonlouw you are a natural.

Noted @fitinfun post and now visiting you from @authorcolinbmw where your post has been shared.

The power of community work helping others, amazing selection of bloggers listed.

Thank you @joanstewart. There are amazing people on Steemit.


good work . and great support. coming from kryptonia id Sofia Love ,sofia-legacy

I never been curied. I really dont know how to judge my writing if it was good or what 😁 upvoted, commented and resteemed by daisydelta

What an awesome selection here @reonlouw! Thank you so much for entering the Pay it Forward Curation Contest :)

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