Week 79's Curation Contest Winners, 16 SBI Shares Awarded!

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Thank you to everyone who took time to curate great content for Week 79's Curation Contest. Make sure to visit the current week's Curation Contest to find some great content or to make your own entry.


Judges Choice Winners

Here are the winners of 1 SBI share each sponsored by the Judges.

Judge & SponsorCuratorEntry #
@thedarkhorse@bengyEntry #4
@viking-ventures@trincowskiEntry #2
@tryskele@jadnvenEntry #5
@trincowski@iamraincrystalEntry #1

Featured Bloggers of Judges Choice SBI Winners

Each Judges Choice Winner featured 2 great bloggers and they will each get an SBI share for lifetime votes on their posts.

Judges Choice WinnerFeatured Blogger #1Featured Blogger #2Sponsor

Random Winner

This week are 2 random winners of 1 SBI share Sponsored by @pifc & @thedarkhorse

WinnerEntry Post
@adeljoseEntry #6
@celinavisaezEntry #8

Bonus Autovote from @pifc

For this week everyone who makes a valid entry will get a daily autovote on up to 1 post per day. The percentage of this vote is purely based on the percentage that you voted on @pifc. You will get anywhere from 10% up to 25%. To get 25% you needed to give @pifc a 100% upvote, if you gave a 50% vote to PIFC then you will get 17.5%.

CuratorEntry% of Daily Vote
@iamraincrystalEntry #125%
@trincowskiEntry #225%
@guifaquettiEntry #310%
@bengyEntry #425%
@jadnvenEntry #525%
@adeljoseEntry #610%
@fitinfunfoodEntry #725%
@celinavisaezEntry #825%

Bonus Autovote from @thedarkhorse

The Judges Choice Winners will each receive an autovote for 1 post per day from @thedarkhorse purely based on the percentage they upvoted the @pifc contest post. This is a bonus and voting for @pifc isn't required to be part of the main contest, but this is @thedarkhorse using his personal stake to help encourage people to support @pifc with 100% upvotes.

CuratorEntry #Vote Percentage
@bengyEntry #4100%
@trincowskiEntry #2100%
@jadnvenEntry #5100%
@iamraincrystalEntry #1100%


This Weeks Sponsors

The following sponsors made the prize pool possible. Please make sure to show them some appreciation.
@bengy, @andrewharland, @stever82, @roleerob, & @thedarkhorse.

Special Thanks to Our Judges

This week we are giving a small thank you to the Judges and giving a 5% beneficiary to each from this post. It's a small amount, but wanted to give a little back to our judges.



All steem-bounty payouts should have happened by now. Special thanks to @knircky, he is the brains behind @steem-bounty and he does a lot to help boost the contest posts allowing for higher rewards.


Tribe Tokens We Stake

@pifc has been staking PAL, NEOXAG, and we just started staking MARLIANS. Our goal is to grow our vote in each of these Tribe tokens to a level that will help push your rewards to higher levels. Make sure to use the proper tags to earn these tokens.

For fun we hope soon enough to have enough BEER tokens to start handing out BEER to our entries to say Cheers and thanks for entering.

If there are other Tokens you want to see @pifc start staking please let us know which one and the focus of the token. Currently we are only staking Tokens that are for general content, but are open to others if there is demand from our community.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Being impressed with the effort she appears to be putting in, I have chosen to award 5 SBI shares to @freebirdkhushboo. These are her first SBI shares, so as long as the SBI program continues to run, she'll now be enjoying some additional support for her work.

Nice work by @iamraincrystal to bring this writer to the attention of our PIFC Community! 😊 Perhaps she will consider joining in the weekly effort to highlight the work of others!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

Happy to pay it forward 😊😊 thank you so much 😊😊

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That is great! Thank you for your continued support of @pifc and the steem community as a whole.

Well done everyone all transfers are done

Big thanks to @thedarkhorse for picking up my bloggers for the win and a SBI boost! Congratulations to everyone for taking part in another week of breaking open the silos!

I am registering a share of SBI for @bliss11!

Thank you 😄

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My pleasure!

Excellent work, everyone!

My SBI Share for @iamraincrystal was purchased now.

In addition I've decided to give an extra SBI Share to @zanetaviz and @curly-xu, as well!


Thank you for giving the extra shares! Hope it helps motivate the bloggers to keep producing quality work.

Thank you so much! 😊😊

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Thank you very much, @trincowski! 🤗👏

Congrats to the winners. I have sent out the prize.
20191016 08_18_51thedarkhorse.png

SBI share for @bengy is purchased and Autovotes for @bengy, @trincowski, @jadnven, and @iamraincrystal are all set.


Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! 😊😊

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Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores! Y muchas bendiciones a los que hacen posible este maravilloso concurso, especialmente @pifc, @thedarkhorse.

All Autovotes are set up.

@adeljose & @celinavisaez your SBI shares have been purchased.

Gracias @pifc! Muy agradecida por su apoyo, un abrazo.

Thank you so much for this weekly contest! ^_^

!giphy thank you

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

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Thank you so much for putting my post there for other steemians to see..... 😘😘😘😘 I really do appreciate this @iamraincrystal

You're welcome 😉 you deserve it for creating good content 😊 keep it up! 👌

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for @pifc

Hey @pifc, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

AWESOME job everyone. We had some amazing features this week.

Hi @pifc!

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