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Apologies with being so late in resolving the last Giveaway and sending this next one up! I was a bit out of reliable internet access (or at least access that I could trust...) and so I've been falling a bit behind on posting and replying... Also emails, and other stuff... but that isn't as much fun!

Anyway, whilst I was away on tour, I was playing games that are based upon a survival mechanic. Either in running a colony or as a single person. Anyway, this got me to thinking about how prepared we all might be in the even that a disaster struck?

My Question

  1. How do you think you would fare in an end of modern civilisation scenario? Could be flooding, natural disaster, disease or zombie...

My sample answer


Quite honestly, I would probably not last too long in an end of society scenario. Our house does have a stock of food and water, and also some basic medicines (and a crapload of spirits and other high strength alcohol!). And there is a small garden with some vegetables and fruit (but not that much...). So I guess from the point of view of food we could hold out for a week or two...

I have a couple of solar panels for charging electrical stuff... so, assuming the GPS satellites are still up and functioning, that could be useful. At the very least, we could still play on the Nintendo Switch! Plus a bookshelf of books that I've been meaning to read, so from the point of view of entertainment, we are sorted for a long stay!

From the point of view of a defensive position, we have a house with a pretty narrow staircase, so I guess we would be safe upstairs from potential looters and scavengers. They are also protected by baby/toddler gates, and those are notoriously difficult to open if you don't know the trick to opening them!

I also have a weakish non-composite bow (30 pound draw from memory) and arrow as my only real weapons. I think it would be more annoying to be hit by it rather than life threatening. Plus, the arrows are target arrows and not serrated or bladed arrows... so more annoyance again! Added to that is the fact that I've not really kept up with the sport of archery, and so you would probably need to stand still for a little bit for me to hit you... and probably give me a couple of extra shots!

A toddler and a very young girl don't add to the survival equation either... Extra mouths to feed, although the young one has a scream that would probably daze a wandering zombie, whilst the older one has the special power of sleeping through a fireworks display.

So, I'm pretty sure that if there were adversaries, we would be screwed! However, apart from that, we should be okay for a week or two if we weren't to devastated by the first wave of whatever it was that took society down!


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In our current state of economy? I think I would last between 5 or 7 days, tops.

After the initial looting, shelves in supermarkets would be empty and we don't produce enough to sustain our own population. We'd all be FUBAR.

Yup... then we get to see what is really valuable! Seeds, food supplies... all worth something! But you are right, without advanced agriculture and a transport network, we are screwed!

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Like most people I would last a week or two. I believe that coming together as a community would be the only way most people could survive. Being food production is not prevalent in the city most would not fair well.

Yes, I think most people would rapidly move away from cities... it is too hard to grow food, and we are heavily dependent on an advanced transportation network to deliver food to us!

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This reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon where someone asks him if he's well-stocked for an emergency situation and he says yes. Then they ask him if he owns a lot of weapons and he says no. Then they ask for his address!

We have a good amount of canned goods and bottled water and a variety of weapons. I give us two months.

Haha... that's hilarious, I'm a huge fan of Dilbert, but I don't think I've seen that one! Sounds like you are pretty well prepared though!

Found it! Funnier than how I remembered it!
(Right click, 'view image' to see it a bit larger.)

Haha! I think I had seen this, but I didn't remember it straight away! I love Dilbert... definitely one of my favourite strips!

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hehe, I hope the zombies will be polite enough to give you time to aim with your bow ^^ (perhaps this could work with japanese zombies).

I think the only way I'd do well would be with a small community of survivors. I'm good with food (growing, cooking, preserving food through fermentation, making alcohol, identifying wild edible food), also I know a fair amount about medicinal plants. Perhaps with these skills I could barter ie. for weapons or protection. Also my cold blood would help me, I don't think I've ever lost my calmness, so perhaps I'd be able to help my small community to stay cool and rational, which would be helpful for long-term survival. I never needed much to be content, so if I could find a small hidden cave somewhere and grow a garden there with some non-zombies I might have a chance at survival.

Thanks for the contest, that was an interesting question.

I think I would also have to be part of a community as well... I'm teribly with all the things that you can do, but I'd be hoping that an analytical mind could be worth something (and not just as zombie fodder). Musical knowledge might not be worth much, but the physics and science might be hyper useful!

Hehe yes your knowledge of physics might be useful. Build a trebuchet and go medieval on those zombies/barbarian looters! And I wouldn't be surprised if they were aversed to classical music, with which you may save the world.

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I actually think you are more prepared than I am, but that I'd be ok. I'm not worrying about resources on hand. One should have enough to survive the initial fear, but after that, it should be more about skillz.
Scavenging is something I've always been good at, and also communication in dangerous circumstances, which I think will be essential to the scariest moments.

Then it will be about evaluating the particular circumstances. Can we travel to a non-city to escape whatever it is? Do we need to rebuild society? I think I have the get-along-with-others traits that will help us get going again.

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So you would try for the negotiator/communicator route! Definitely something that would be needed for the interaction between semi-hostile or at least very wary factions!

Fingers crossed that the scary things can be reasonable.

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So this is one of those things that most of us have thought about. Thank you, The Walking Dead. I am in the same spot of you when it comes to have two little girls that would be a big problem. We do have solar power and water and a lot of food and baby powered in the food. Also I have a BBQ that runs on propane so I could cook on that for a while. I know how to use a gun but don't have one. I have been thinking about changing that but so hard with little ones around.

My home is one story with a hall way that leads to the back bedrooms so it would be pretty easy to block if needed. Yet for a human invader the windows in each room would be and issue. I do have a few knifes and I know in general the theories of self defense with them but I am not counting on winning many fights. The one thing I got going for me I think is my street. I know my neighbors pretty well and I think that we would team up at least at the start of a major issue. I know once a few weeks pasted and food was tight that would be tested.

The truth is guys with a wife that doesn't fight, a 11 month and a 3 year girl is going to be very hard pressed to last more than a few weeks without some major issues. You are reminding me that I meant to get a supply of powder food haha.

Haha... yes, powdered baby food! We could all probably live on that for a while... I think the biggest thing for survival is getting on with the community around you. They are going to be the people that you will band together with to help get through....

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I feel pretty confident for surviving a collapse having been into prepping for years and living in a more isolated area. Our lives would definitely change but we would have food, water, clothing, books, set up to protect ourselves living in the forest. My greatest loss would be loosing my online communities for I would be connecting more with our physical community.

Wow, it sounds like you are really quite well prepared in case of disaster. Yes, I agree, the biggest loss would be the friends and people that we have met and bonded with online, with no ability to rebuild the network infrastructure in a quick time!

I know this is quite possible if the grid goes down. Time to appreciate and deepen those relationships while we are able! We have so much to share with each other.

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I believe that I would survive a good bit of time. I have alot of family that lives in the country on a lot of acres, I also have bug out bags that are already packed with a substantial amount of survival items that I could last for at least 72 hours on so I would not have to wste time and fight to the WalMart lol!!!

I have guns to get me to their land and then they have long range guns and we would camp out on the roof. Take the high ground!

Ha ha, now the big question is... Are you on good terms with your extended family!

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{It's that time again when @theironfelix is late to the commenting party! Woo hoo!~ Oh yeah, @theironfelix is definitely late! Woo hoo!~}

So, the end of modern civilization yah say? Well to be honest, I probably fare well considering my area, the general health of the community, my general supplies and my health. All these four items are what I consider appropriate in any society-ending scenario. So, let's dive into each one:

Given my area, as aforementioned, I live many in the rural so I can be safe for most scenarios except flooding. The general health of the community is honestly good enough that we're willing to help each other; given that we're struggling right now anyways and we found it more useful to be kind for our future. My general supplies usually deal with the occasional chaos nature brings about to purify her order here, so I'm good. And to go further, I got enough ammunition for a zombie apocalypse and enough food and water to last a good ole flooding. Finally, since I keep my health in check, I will be able to survive most apocalypses fine since I'm physically and mentally well off.

Flooding? Are you also under sea level? I think I'm probably 10 metres under sea level... the benefits of living in Holland! I think in a rural community you are more likely to have stronger bonds between your physical neighbours, in a city people tend not to know each other... and I guess in the end, it is those that can band together to help each other that will have the best chance.

Metal health is also something that isn't looked at too often... I actually forgot about that! It would be incredibly important to have a mind set that would be able to deal with the sudden and ongoing hardships!

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To be honest in a natural disaster I do not think I would have a good chance of surviving, I am struggling with nature, I believe that I will be devoured by it without realizing it.

But if it's a zombie apocalypse, it would be easier, at first it would be disgusting to hit or see those things, but with time it would be normal and I have good physical condition, I could hit several of them in a good time.

I think I'm the opposite... I think I would be more useful in a natural disaster... Fighting is really not my thing!

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So I won’t give full details but I have surplus of ammo, food and water. I have ‘bug out bags’ and have practice survival skills. I would lie to think I would last a while.

Hope you have guns to go with the ammo! Wow, seems like you are pretty well prepared, just hope you get caught at home....

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I am confident in my abilities. I am was a scout and am a pagan. I believe that I would find my way around since I have certain knowledge and skills when it comes to living outdoors and with only that what you hunt, gather or make yourself. However, I am not a fast runner and dislike weapons (and do not use them) so I would probably be an easy target for others :D

Scout skills would pretty useful, if you know how to forage for food and other useful things! Bring able to start a fire from scratch would also be handy, I would use a magnifying glass as I can seem to get the fiction to work... Or maybe hysteresis from bending a metal coat hanger...

Not quite how being a pagan helps though?

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I have read and watched so many apocalyptic films and books in my time that I fancy myself having a pretty good chance! I'm pretty quick thinking and am definitely calm under that kind of pressure, and both me and my hubby are as resourceful as fuck.

Our house would be a disaster and I would not stay there long.. too many windows and too exposed, although we do have a good supply of vegetables and a cupboard full of preserved foods. I buy pretty much everything in bulk as it's cheaper but I always think about how much food I have JUST IN CASE. We would last a few months on what we have and if we weren't forced out of the house (depending on the disaster) we would last years on our ability to grow food and of course our chickens for meat and eggs.

We live fairly rural so I always consider where in the bush would be a good hideout. We actually have 2 vehicles which would be good for bugging out.. a van and a landrover. The landrover would be better for its 4WD aspect. Both are kitted out permanently with cooking stuff and beds etc so we could leave in a hurry if we had to. We have a little wood gassification stove powered by twigs so fuel not an issue. We both are pretty good bushcrafters and know some wild foods too.

I reckon the best thing to do is just be prepared.. they reckon people are far more likely to survive a disaster if they have basic survival skills and have thought about an excaoe route in advance.

How long wpuld we survive? As long as we aren't caught out by a virus or make any stupid moves we would last quite a while I reckon.

A cool challenge @bengy x

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Survival skills are definitely the top of the list for preparation. In a modern society we do have to rely on other people's skills for general living. Of course, nothing can stop being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but there is also some value in having a bit extra stocked as part of your normal living!

For us, in a natural disaster, is probably going to be flooding... the area where we live is probably 10 metres under sea level, so the trick would be surviving that initial wash!

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If mordern civilization were to collapse due to a disaster everyone would struggle to survive individually, if it was a hunger games scenario I would be fine for about a month or two. We have groceries for about a month to last which can be extended to two montha if rationed. Thankfully we have a underground water tank with sufficient drinking water to last months or even years, for electricity we have a generator because we have elecricity shortages and are prepeares for it but at the moment only a few litres of diesel to make it run a few hours. We have make shift gas lamps for the dark but no other option except for buying or stealinf diesel from somewhere to live a little comfortably. The house is strongly built with multiple locks so there isn't any safety issues but we don't have any real weapons except for a swing of my bat to a robbers head I guess. We could survive a couple of months with essential food and medicine supplies since my dads a doctor so we have multifolds of general medicines, but no real electricity of sorts. Once we come out to find supplies then I don't think we'll last very long it it were a do or die situation for everyone.

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow, you seem to have enough ways to get food and water at least. Emergency electricity is also a bonus! A doctor is also pretty handy to have in your team!I think you would be doing fine!

Yeah thought so too.

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i'd be screwed - i'm old and broke as fuck with little to no resources.
i got a hammer and a hatchet though - so will at least go down with some fight LOL

From memory, you know how to build things, so that would be super useful as well!

@bengy, love your question. We live an off-grid life and working towards being totally self-sufficient so not sure what else to tell you. Our purpose is to be prepared while living a life that does not add to the waste and destruction of this planet. So we are on solar currently with a backup generator. Once fuel runs out we at least have solar, led lights, wood stove for cooking and heat. A 2-3 year supply of wood in the wood shed. We have greenhouses, garden, orchard, and vineyard. For hunting, if necessary and protection well let's just say we have that well covered with lots of ammo and arrows. We are on acreage about 30 minutes from a small town. We have a shallow well that if there was no power to run the pump we can use a bucket and rope. The cold room is full with lots of canned and dried food as well as honey, sugar, salt, and oil. We should be good for at least a year or more. No, I am not sharing my address, lol

That is a great and noble goal to have as minimal a footprint as possible on the Earth. It comes in handy when everything else is gone as well!

It sounds like you are completely prepared for all situations! You are going to be the most popular destination for everyone around!

I just refollowed you. Not sure why I was not showing I was following when last I looked I was. I believe in many places I have vsisited in Northwestern states there are a lot of people living like I do. :-)

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i would have easily died under any of the above circumstances. Maybe i could survive a bit longer in a zombie apocalypse thing cause i live in a flat and i am up high, so statistically i could barricade myself up there knowing the only ways the zombies can get into but when the food reserves were about to finish...........dead.....

...but at least you would be near the top for a helicopter rescue! Completely movie finish like!

but most like my death and not my rescue would be movie like :P

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I've already given this a lot of thought and discussed it with plent of my friends and our plan would be to head over to Makro (A big bulk selling store) and barracde ourselves in there for the forseeable future with all that stock we're sorted for food and any tools or gadgets we will need to hunting and building a comfortable shelter will all be tehre so no need search for resources.

We can insulate ourselves and have safe rooms against any breaches and have look out towers. Once things start to settle down we can venture outside once in a while to look for things we may want. I think it would last about a year, if eveyrhitng hasnt come back to normal by then people would start to get loopy and well thats another story to deal with

Hmmm... Makro is a pretty decent idea... although, the open warehouse sort of style would be a bit dangerous?

Thinking along those lines, there is a Hanos near me (much better food!), that also has a Hornbach bouwmarkt closeby... maybe those would also be great destinations as well!

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Fantastic! Thank you so much for the SBI share.

No worries, thank the RNG!

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It can be good question. But I can't afford to answer this week question. But I'll come back for next week. Good day ! @bengy

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No problem! See you next week!

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