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Dear Steemians and Partiko family,

Partiko has always been, and always will be about the community, and we truly believe that the power always lies within the community (That's why we built Partiko Messaging! Yaay!). As you might have heard over the past few days, there has been a large community on the internet that has been once again targeted by centralization - that community being the adult content community on Tumblr.

Tumblr is a blogging website that allows you to post anything you're interested in. In a way it’s very similar to Reddit and Partiko, because it also allows users to attach tags to their posts. According to statista, Tumblr had over 440 million blogs in October 2018.

Adult content? Let's face it, it's EVERYWHERE. It's inevitable and you can even find it on Steem. In fact the entire online video industry has to thank the adult industry for the tremendous demand it has created through adult content live streaming. It has pushed the boundary of video technology, and it has made it possible for platforms like YouTube and DTube to exist.

Unfortunately people have become too accustomed to using centralized platforms where changes occur constantly and the interests of the community are almost always disregarded. That’s why decentralized platforms are so strongly needed, as it gives power back to the community.

There's NO single party who has the right to abandon any community, the people has.

We were super frustrated to hear that Tumblr was abandoning their users (read the story here), and that's why we as a decentralized community, should stand up and help!

It's time to let Tumblr and websites like it know the power of community!

To help the Tumblr community, Partiko has already made a tool available to allow existing Tumblr users save their content. If you have Tumblr friends who are affected, please don't hesitate to let them know!

It's finally time for us to change the world.

Onwards and upwards,
Partiko team

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I also Truly believe that power always should lies within the community.

Always appreciate the way and which @partiko team goes and does their business.

We all love Partiko in our DtubeFamily777 and it’s allowing us to make our Steem journey simpler and more convenient.

Super excited for your initiative to help Tumblr community and this will add HUGE value to STEEM Blockchain.

Keep up the good work and I’m always here to help :)

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That means a whole world to us!

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Thank you friends of @partiko, always waiting to help others, it is a form of integration, unity, good work.

Great job @partiko, in case you need some free STEEM accounts, I've already claimed some dozens. Just give me a hint if you need them to give it to the tumblr users.

Awesome! We will definitely let you know! Hopefully you will get a chance to try out Partiko soon!

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Hello @partiko good idea bringing this subject up. We are busying working on the "photo" side to our adult platform built on top of Steem. We couldn't agree more with what you've said here.

Awesome! Let's spread the word in the Tumblr community!

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You should be commenting and inviting all adult creators from Tumblr. ..

It's your golden chance. .

Yes, we've been actively engaging when we can!

All I am saying is don't hold back ..this is the time for which to have kept your powder dry !!

Write a medium post how you will support all the Tumblr Refugees !!

Good idea. We hadn't thought about Medium and even a Tumblr! So far its been Twitter/Reddit. Great suggestion!

Tumblr is in meltdown mode right now and creators are considering even paid platforms !!

your time to shine !!

We'll be getting on medium shortly to write something up! We'll need some support!

Amazing... let's talk with @oracle-d to call Jeff to action! And let's make some noise with @promo-steem about this. I'm in at 1000%

Peace V!

Let's make some noise!

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I'll talk with the guys now... let's make it!

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Among all enthousiastic replies I would like to ventilate that sharing porn pics/movies is inevitable but we should certainly not promote it. It may also scare of existing users.

We have to definitely think about the existing users! Thank you so much for the reminder!

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I will share this on twitter and tag tumblr so that whosoever reads this will be tempted to join. All the best to partiko and steemit

Awesome! Thanks for helping us spread the word!

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Partiko you’re amazing!

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Very good application, millions of people are taking advantage of it, if the video of the Dtube also begins to upload, then we will get a lot of help.

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