Trudeau Refuses To Apologize For Major Scandal That Has Rocked Canada

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Justin Trudeau is currently involved in a huge political scandal. This morning he said that he made mistakes, but refused to apologize for his awful lack of leadership and accountability. The scandal is very complex but here are the major points:

A construction company called SNC Lavalin is in legal trouble for meddling and lobbying for preferential treatment from Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Trudeau is a major backer of this company. It earns millions of dollars annually through government contracts. In fact the crux of the issue is the legality of SNC Lavalin getting a legal protection clause put into a bill in parliament.

The former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould and Trudeau disagreed about how to handle the case. She wanted to prosecute and he wanted to be more lenient. (Due to their close ties and financial backing.)

Since this scandal broke Wilson-Raybould has resigned. Trudeau’s closest confidant and advisor Gerald Butts has resigned. Another influential member of Trudeau’s cabinet Jane Philpott has resigned.

Canada will have a federal election next year.

This is a very fast moving story and every day there is more to report.

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