Introducing Parley - A Decentralized Discussion Engine Based on Steem

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Parley Promo Image

Hello Steemians!
Today I'm very excited to unveil a new platform based on the STEEM blockchain called Parley. Our goal is to provide a fast and easy to use interface for users to talk about and discuss the latest news, trends, and ideas in a decentralized manner.


In the modern era, we use the internet for more than just sharing funny cat videos. It has enabled us to share our thoughts and criticisms of politics, companies, and news with ease on sites like Reddit, Medium, YouTube, and more. But it has also allowed the moderators of those sites to remove and silence those very same criticisms without a trace left behind.

At Hoxly (the company behind Parley), we believe that the internet's ability to raise democratic ideals to a level unseen before in history is being squandered. This is why we have built Parley.

What is it?

In short, Parley is a direct competitor to Reddit. The service allows Steem users to post links to interesting content they find on the web, and even more importantly it will allow creators to monetize their work regardless of whether it was posted directly to the Steem blockchain or not.

That said, unlike most Steem apps build thus far, we don't believe that the primary value of Parley is from top-level posts (although of course, they do still have huge value in bringing important news to hundreds of thousands of Steem users). Instead, we believe that most of the value lies in the comment section, specifically in the ability for users to discuss their thoughts about global events freely and without fear of censorship.

Who are we?

As I mentioned earlier the company behind Parley is @hoxly, the same team that brought you AskSteem (the search engine that powers search on DTube, DLive,, etc.) and provides funding to @cryptofy's team of writers to publish high quality and trustworthy blockchain related news.

We truly believe that technologies like blockchain, IPFS, and distributed computing can change the world, and we're willing to be the force that makes that change happen.

How to Use

Parley Homepage

We've designed the user interface of Parley to be as intuitive as possible. The first step to posting your first news story to the blockchain is to visit in your browser.

Sign In with Steem

Parley Login Page

Once you're on Parley click the Account item on the top right of the menu. Then click Login, this will take you to a page that looks like the one above.

You can log in with your Steem credentials.


Enter the same username you have on Steemit

Private Posting Key

Visit your wallet / permissions on Steemit and click the button that says Show Private Key next to Posting, copy that and enter it into the password box.

Alternatively here is a video tutorial demonstrating how to log in if you are having difficulties.

Your login credentials are stored locally in your web browser and are not sent to our servers at any point.

Submitting a News Story

Parley Submit New Link

Once you've signed into your Steem account you can post stories, leave comments, and upvote/downvote posts.

To post a new story follow these steps:

  1. A new item should have appeared on the menu called Submit Link (Click it).
  2. You will be directed to a page that looks like the screenshot above
  3. Enter the URL to the page you want to share
  4. Enter a title that describes the content on the page
  5. Choose a community to post in such as funny or news, currently only one is supported per post.

Embedded Content

Because we put so much emphasis on user discussion, we wanted to put as much information as possible about the link directly on the thread page. To accomplish this we support embedding content from thousands of different websites, including but not limited to:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Kickstarter
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • Codepen
  • Giphy
  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitch
  • many more

This also means that content on all of those sites can now easily be monetized by creators using Steem.

Final Thoughts

We're very excited to see what types of content the Steem community will be able to curate and we look forward to seeing thought-provoking discussions that might not have been possible elsewhere.

Join Our Discord

Additionally, for anyone who is interested, we have a public Parley Discord chat for users to ask questions and get in touch.

Missing Features & To-Do

While the current Parley is functional there are a few features that we'd like to implement as time goes on.

  • Change Profile Info
  • Change Voting Percent
  • Multi-Account Support (Simultaneous Login)
  • User Notification System

Want to support a decentralized and censorship-resistant news platform? Make sure to upvote, resteem, and most importantly start contributing content over at


MOre and more application are using steem blockchain.
Soon the whole world will use steem blockchain to spread the news.
Early adopters are here to make a whooping later one.

I love this project! It is actually something I would have tried to implement myself, if you had not beaten me to it!

I just found this. It looks interesting. Going there now. And sending this to myself for my reference later on.

Steem base blockchain is getting more popular and more adaptive to app, i believe in no time steem base app will rock

This is good news
That means one can make money from content on other platform

I love this concept!

Amazing. When will Steem have the same valuation as Reddit? :)

this sounds just like what i'd been thinking is missing ... a twitter like interface to steem. I'm heading there immediately!

What does "assert exception" mean when I try to post?

This error is shown when multiple tags are used.

I also got the same mistake the first time I posted because I hit the space bar after my one word tag. Habit from this site.

I was only using one....or so I thought...

We can add new tags?

I get this error when I use multiple tags.

The same posting rules apply as per Steemit. Say for example, using a capital letter in a tag will get you that "Assert Exception" message.

Hey there! Assert exception is a generic error that gets thrown whenever something goes wrong when posting. If you want to hop into the discord I can see what might be going wrong in your specific case.

I can see this working if the title posts are payout-declined, particularly if they're just links. Otherwise they're monetizing spam and copy/pasta, rather than original content, which is a type of abuse. Auto-setting to payout-declined and focusing on the comments, as you said, would be a brilliant idea.

If the design of the site is strictly for information dissemination with rewards for curation only, I agree with you and see how this can work. Otherwise, I have thes same concern about posting someone else's original content... which is illegal ("copyrite infringment") and can get one involved in litigation.

I don't think posting a link or embedding a video constitutes copyright infringement. If you are talking about copying and pasting an entire article then I agree but I don't think that is the intent here.

It very well can! You might want to become more familiar with intelectual property laws which include "using" other peoples works without certain permissions, and that includes re-posting of content. It is very well covered in this article.

That article doesn't say anything about linking. Without linking, the internet doesn't work. As far as embedding youtube videos, that is an advertised feature of youtube. Content creators can choose whether embedding is enabled or not. Reddit (to which this service is supposed to be a competitor) has thrived on this sort of thing (linking to and discussing content on the internet) for the last 12 years. This is a non issue. I don't need anyone's permission to link to an article and discuss it nor do I need additional permission to embed a youtube video which has permissions to embed since permission has already been granted. The embed link is right on the youtube video page in most cases. Nothing in that article contradicts this.

The article does infact mention linking, and you're right - generally you don't need permission to share a link or embed a video because that content is already copyrited and marked with a Creative Commons (CC) license ( or one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work), but it may be marked with use restrictions. "Some authors, for example, restrict commercial use; others may not wish you to embed videos or have specific permission requirements when it comes to linking to content" (per end of referenced article). Do you in fact check out the CC of each work you link or share to? Nobody does really.
Remember that the real issue here is using someone else's work for monetary gain, which exists in an entirely different realm of legalities. We must all remember that Steemit is a horse of a different color (unlike Reditt) where there is money involved.

Authors may "wish" a lot of things but there are no legal requirements for simply linking to something. Even quoting content is ok (to a degree) and is considered fair use if used in the context of a review or other editorial purposes. Authors cannot take away fair use. I can legally publish a book of movie reviews if I wish, without permission from the movie creators. I can then sell that book. Unless you are significantly reproducing actual content, there is not an issue here.


And do you really thing money is not involved with Reddit? Have you seen the advertisements? Reddit makes plenty of money otherwise they would not exist, it's just that the actual participants don't get any of it.

Reditt just supplies the vehicle, not the gas that runs it- just like you cannot sue a magazine for a product advertisement. If you read their terms of service, you will understand how they remain at arm's length from copyrite legalities (as does any platform owner). When you reference someone else's work, that is generally not a problem. But when you use it to drive people to your monetized website or blog, you are dancing with bears. I've been in the blogging arena now for over 13 years and know several people who have been either sued or threatened with lawsuits over this very thing, so don't tell me it is all legal! I myself once have been warned of pending legal action if I did not take a cartoon down... one that I obtained in the "Public Domain!" It's all a slippery slope my friend.

Linking (to the original content) is not "re-posting content" - there are many sites that index other links and they are (some are somewhat) legal. I don't see a problem here and think Parley has a bright future. I've spent hours browsing and researching and finally found useful content - why not take the reward for your time? Sharing should be rewarded - you learn that as a parent first thing. It applies to many other areas in life, too. Thanks @thekyle

I've just studied up on hyperlinking, framing and copyright laws... again. And, after reading more about it, issues about linking and framing have become so intertwined under copyright law that it is impractical to attempt to address them separately. While hyper-linking might constitute an infringement, U.S. and EU approaches have manifested themselves differently. As it stands, on account of the presumption, it is conceivable that posting a link may give rise to an infringement claim in the EU where it would not in the U.S. Once again... a slippery slope. I guess everyone is happy until someone files a claim!

The EU is banning memes, etc. The EU is dying. The laws are very bad. America has to run from that. We need an Internet Bill of Rights as soon as we can.

Thank you @kaliju! And you're right some of the internet's largest websites are based on the concept of sharing and ranking links to other sites (Google, Bing, Reddit, etc) and hopefully, Parley can capture some of that market and direct it towards a decentralized platform.

It's a great idea, no doubt. More innovation for the steem blockchain! Awesome work @thekyle

Totally disagree

Why? What happens when the one link message is viewed through the Steemit front end and community members start flagging it because they see it as monetized spam? We're just going to end up with a lot of confused minnows.

Do you think that if people can get paid for sharing just links that people will always upvote those types of posts? Do you have no faith in the free market? Are you promoting crony capitalism within the walls of Steemit with parameters of what spam may or may not be based on subjective, as in relative perspective, which can differ from person to person, from country to country, and religions, cultures, times, age bracket, gender, etc. I believe in letting the markets decide what makes money and what makes even more money. What is spam? What is not spam? When Disney makes another princess movie with the same basic plot but then make millions of dollars, how is that fair and how is that not spam? I could say that was spam. You could say it was not spam. What is original and what is not original? How valuable is raising awareness of older links and videos and tweets, etc?

maybe you should think about joining forces with @strimi? (

Thanks, I'll look into it.

Just shared a link to Parley for the first time. Worked perfectly! I'm liking it a lot so far, but still seems like there are VERY few users, it will be really cool when more people start using it! :)

Thanks it looks nice. I dont know how technically difficult it is to implement it but it will be good to have a decentralised chat system with features like slack and discord. I can not move my comment to the top by upvoting because @barrydutton will get mad on me.

If @barrydutton does not sign your paychecks, I wouldn't fret too much. lol

Wow just the service I always wanted steem to be! Question does it only show parley post or does it show the whole steem blockchain?

Currently, we only show posts created on Parley.

Great I would do the same to reduce clutter.

Hello thekyle. I'm having a problem with Steemit and D.Tube and I don't know who to go to for help. I have posted videos and when I search them day do not show in the search results. Do you happen to know how to fix this or who I can go to for help? I'm sorry to bother you, I just don't know where to turn but any information would be greatly appreciated!
~Cri Text

Thank you for your service in building us a reddit style platform for discussion here along with all of your previous service with AskSteem! I will make an upvote on this through my bot and have added this post to my resteem list!

Awesome! And thanks for the upvote.

Well I like the simplicity of Parley.
Seems pretty easy to use.

Thanks, if you have the time, make sure to try it out and let us know if you have any more feedback. :)

Looks interesting! It seems lately a lot of people on reddit are growing more disillusioned with it. Are you actively promoting this on reddit? Do you have subscribable “subreddits”, or is that not possible yet before the “community” part of Steemit is released?

When I first joined Steemit, it was likened to a reddit competitor, but it really isn’t. It’s good to see you are focused on the discussion aspect which is much more in line with the spirit of reddit. Good luck!

Hi, thanks for your interest. Currently we don't support for subscribing to communities but its something thats being worked on.

Good Job guys.
More application based on Steem are welcomed. And better when they serve an actual purpose :) 👍🏽

Thanks, Steem really does have the ability to become a powerful ecosystem of apps and we're happy to be part of that.

True words my friend.
True words :)

yes very nice to see such an advancement in steem blockchain

Se ve muy interesante cada ves son mas personas que se integran a steemit

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Parley needs more marketing, I think it has a lot of potential

Could you please add markdown support? I’ve seen some comments on Parley posts using markdown and it doesn’t show up on the Parley webiste.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll add that to the feature requests list.

As there r so many media comes in the field of advertisement and earning a lot of money due their subscribers ,but nothing paying.But on the other side steemit is paying on every plateform of his will see i the near future STEEMIT will surpass all other media in a short time

you deserve an upvote as a good work provided, thanks for sharing bro!

I discovered Parley few days ago and I loved it. I mainly faced 2 problems. When I try to use some links I get an "Assert exception" error. I also think there should be some little space for authors to add their own thoughts. Think about steepshot. You upload a picture and add a commentary.

I've written more about this in my post: Feel free to correct any inaccuracies in the post.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the article, it was a good read. Assert exception is a generic error that gets thrown occasionally whenever something goes wrong, it would be really helpful if you could provide me with an example of a URL that doesn't work. :)

For an example the following link resulted in an Assert exception for me:

Any resolution on Assert Exception? I have gotten that response with every single link i have tried to post.

Sometimes changing the tag works. I haven't seen any problems with YouTube and ZeroHedge. But lots of other less popular sites give Assert Exception. I hope it'd get fixed soon.

I never get to the tags part - just url, headline description, and deciding which community it goes in. Once I hit send/post, assert exception pops up. Maybe it is the community tag causing probs.

I'll try posting without community tags next time. Hopefully it'd work.

It worked! Thanks!

I hope also for steemian indonesia. I would be glad we had a discussion place.

Hi~ Have a nice day~~!!

Very nice idea

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Wheb I try to dumbit a knk, I always get to see the following
Message:’Assert Exception’
Can you please explain?

It could be for a number of reasons. Assert Exception is a generic error that is thrown when something goes wrong. Here are a few things to try:

  • Make sure you're using your private posting key not public to sign in
  • Only enter one category when posting

If neither of those fixes your issue then feel free to contact me in the Discord and I'll be happy see if we can diagnose your problem.

This is brilliant idea, earning beyond steem terrain. 👍👍👍👍

I love the idea,but I think the name is not the best choice.I mean how can you alter "Parley" when you use the platform?Let's say you post something aka "I'm parleying it"???It sounds pretty awkward...

"I'm going to Parley this!" "This is definitely Parley worthy!"

No,it sounds awkward.

I must admit, it did have to think a little.

This sounds awesome. One thing that I had liked about Facebook was the ability to share articles from a wide range of sources. Some articles done by other researchers, journalists, and curators in general were already well done and informative and it was convenient and easy to just repost their articles rather than rewrite a similar article in my own words. It was a rapid way to stimulate thoughts and awareness. Being involved in the Occupy movement when encampments were going on where many important political views and issues were able to be discussed and presented; not only with one another but also the curious people who observed from a distance. When we were more or less evicted from our encampments and were dispersed, that strength in numbers and community camaraderie was somewhat lost. Then seemed to begin what many of us refered to as Occupy 2.0. There were workshops and educations on how to more use technology and social media as a tool for outreach as well as to stay networked from our own locations. I don’t remember being that interested in platforms like Facebook before that as I had a sense from it’s advent (Facebook) that it was a data mining ploy in which people freely gave their intimate details that they would have never given had a government department just asked them. My limited memories of FB in it’s early days was coffee break entertainment and , yes cat pictures, jokes, pics of food, and games, and then “random” surveys that people would spread around. After the encampments I became very interested in using social media as a technique for activism and social justice. Quickly I observed more and more people becoming more awakened and empowered through using the speed of social media as a vehicle of social change and raising awareness. I remember finding that alot of what I felt were very important sources of information were on little known "alternative media" sites and blogs. RT and al-Jazeera were a couple that extra come to mind. I saw a mass movement where anyone with an open mind was rapidly becoming ever more informed, especially upon the very issues that were being strongly communicated during the "Occupations". THEN.., it seemed that investigative journalists were disappearing, or getting cracked down upon. People in the holistic health fields were found dead without reason. Alternative news sources were being censured and often never reached the audiences intended. Now we have a world of such fake news and entertainment that I and many people that I know felt that venues like Facebook were becoming dangerous to our safety and we felt profiled like we we put on a special list in a surveillance world. At first, we thought the risk was worth it, as more friends and family seemed to be waking up. Then people began losing their jobs, feeling like they were being spied on, harassed at airports, and flooded with trolls. Anyway, recently I was sharing with some friends that I wished that Steemit would have those features that I liked with sites like Facebook, where a person is not limited to only there own material , but can make use of the hard work and efforts of others as a vehicle for social uplift and bring illumination of both the good and the bad. So it would seem to me that that is what Parley can offer that I perceived would otherwise be lacking on Steemit in general. No censorship by the "1%" and greater safety to the authors and sharers. Now there is no need for anyone to continue with Farcebook. Just some thoughts... Nice work, thanks.

I love holistic health. I hope I don't end up dead in the same way.

This sounds like an easier interface @thekyle. Heading over there swiftly!

dear @thekyle , It has enabled us to share our thoughts and criticisms of politics, companies, and news

Hello there @thekyle
This is such a wonderful platform for discussion boards explaining a particular crypto that will be cascaded to team members of a particular community. Let me tackle it's utilization to my team @steemitpowerupph

This will be my fourth steem-based app.
#steemit, @steemtipper.

More power!

If you platform can truly integrate with all these other social media sites seamlessly, that would be a big step forward.

Thats great
A great opportunity for every steemian

De entrada me parece muy interesante en el sentido de poder opinar sin limites de censura, trae sus riesgos periodisticos creo yo por lo ambicioso del contenido, pero de eso se trata , de asumir riesgos. Gracias por darle relevancia a la libertad de opinion

Great stuff. I couldn't agree more with your ethos. Time to fight for the internet I'm afraid.

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Good job.......

I was curious to try it out. Unfortunately, the "logout" and "account" button don't respond to input in Waterfox on Windows 7. :-\

This seems like a grand project to use alongside steemit. I'll use it and share my thoughts later.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Links to your site and post were included in the wiki pages Steem Ecosystem and Steem Ecosystem: M - R. Thanks and good luck again!

Thank you for a detailed discussion of parley,It will do a lot of work for those of us who do.

one word.


We had considered using SteemConnect but didn't want to rely on a 3rd party service in case it went down (which could happen since SteemConnect is not decentralized). Maybe we will change our minds in the future.

I hope you do.
or at least come up with an alternative.
The first rule of Steem is

this post is very good, I have joined to discord parley !!

Parley seems to be an amazing addition in steem blockchain. Love to join your Discord" must be a wonderful platform for the community.


This looks amazing. Definitely going to check it out.

Comment removed

Looks interesting. The layout is good and it looks like it could be good for legitimate creators who create on websites other than Steemit and other Steem based sites. I'm seeing a few things where the links shared come from a website with the users name in it (like so it seems some people are using it for their own content and doing reasonable with it, but at the same time I have also noticed people using it just like reddit and linking things that they haven't created but just found online (like news articles etc), which is cool on reddit but isn't so cool since they are earning cryptocurrency for sharing something they didn't create, and I don't know if this format encourages it more than Steemit does. It is a nice layout though and I imagine it would be a good addition to many creator's arsenal of platforms they use, but idk how much we might see people sharing things that aren't theirs and then making money from it, which is not on. That's like when someone stole my video off of reddit and shared it on here to make steem and I had to get their rewards stopped. It looks cool. Hopefully thieves will be in the minority and the way the platform is doesn't encourage more of them.

I have to respectfully disagree with you on this @birchmark.

  • Tell me what the difference is from someone posting a link to Parley and
    • Reddit making money off a similar link?
    • Google making money off a similar link?
    • Facebook making money off a similar link?

I've been a webmaster since '95 and have seen this discussed from every angle.

  • The consensus is; if you don't want your creation shared, don't put it on the Internet.

I have no problem with people sharing other people's content. Share away, it helps stuff get seen and is good to do. I quite often try to help others get more visibility. I have a problem with people posting it over here and not turning rewards off. If I shared anyone else's content here or on parley I'd turn rewards off and I honestly do think it is a dick move not to as that is directly choosing to try to make money off of other people's work.

I see your point about the bigger companies but I still don't feel that justifies the actions of an individual. Yes there are issues with the sites making money too but to me that's a different situation to just deciding "I'm going to make money from this persons content today" and posting it with rewards turned on. An individual can still choose to do the right thing even if big companies are doing the wrong thing. The actions of big companies shouldn't change the morality of an individual. People don't have to do things just because "everyone else is doing it". Sharing other people's content is great; sharing it with the ability to choose to not profit from it but choosing to profit from it is not great in my opinion and is certainly not something I'd be comfortable doing and it's not something I like seeing other people doing.

How much money is Facebook making off us? But that is ok?

Gee this is old. No it's not okay - I never said it was - I said that individuals shouldn't be basing their own morals off of what a big company like Facebook does. Their morals should not be the source of other people's morals. What they are doing with selling information etc is not okay, but that doesn't mean anyone should use their behaviour to justify doing something similar to what they are doing, nor should people use other people's behaviour to justify their own. That's a slope. Definitely don't use Facebook as the determiner of how we should behave.

As for the other comment, there's a huge difference between sharing someone's work with no changes made and profiting off of it and adapting someone's work or including it in a bigger project or using it as a inspiration and to then translate that to basic principles of science etc as though building on scientific knowledge is the same as profiting off of someone's work directly without making any changes is ridiculous. Do whatever you want morally in regards to this, but there is no comparison between profiting off of someone's work directly as is with no changes and something like a lets play or reaction video let alone profiting off of something like scientific knowledge or maths. There is no meaningful comparison between those things as doing one is very distinctly different to doing the other.

Where is the line between what may or may not be directly or indirectly covered within the Fair Use Act, which is an American Law, or that of Safe Harbor, & who determines the fifty shades between these different things either subjectively or objectively? We are not talking about comparison but that of contrast, and yet, the line between the two is blurry.

Well hopefully if websites see people making money from their content off of Steem then they will themselves create an account and start posting their own content.

That doesn't justify making money off of their content. That is WRONG and the simple fact it may lead them to Steemit does not make that right. Plus they may already have an account and then someone beats them to posting it. That's what happened to me once with a music video I made the animation for but not the music that I was going to post on here with rewards turned off as even I wasn't even supposed to make money off of it, let alone some other random pos who grabbed it and tried to make money off of mine and the band's work. I had shared it on reddit first and I was writing my rewards off post about it with actual context explaining it and in the meantime a pos posted my video off of reddit. I fought and got his rewards turned off. It is NOT OKAY to make money from other people's work, doing literally nothing transformative to it. Stuff like reaction videos are in grey areas, but people posting links to other people's content just as it is (i.e. not transformed at all) and then making money from it, is just outright wrong. It's not your fault what people do on your platform, but there is a concern that it encourages that by the basic way you have described and set up the platform (it would be great if it were only used for posting your own content that is on other sites, like how I have my own videos on YT and Dailymotion, but people are linking to things that clearly aren't theirs - also an issue on here but more encouraged over there), but I just said what it appears to encourage and that's all - I actually said some aspects that seem good about the platform, but expressed a very legitimate concern - but now through your reply, you have shown a stupid excuse and that you actually think this behaviour is okay. It isn't. Sharing on reddit is fine as there is no reward involved but to make money from other's content on here is wrong.

You are always going to make money from everything and everybody both directly and indirectly as there is nothing new under the sun said Solomon and are you going to pay people who died who came up with things you use? For example, math, logic, science, philosophy, language, literature, history, etc? If I say "To be or not to be" and you upvote this comment, then I am making money off William Shakespeare. So, is that ok? Even if it is $0.001 dollars? Where do you draw the line between what is acceptable and what is not? I do not see these lines. I am Oatmeal. So, if you say the word Oatmeal, do you owe me money? Or do we have to pay money to Nike if you say Just Do It?

I am trying to post content but get a red error message 'Assert Exception'. What does this mean? Thanks.

Hi there! Assert Exception is a generic error that sometimes gets thrown when trying to post. There are a few common reasons for the error:

  • You used an incorrect private posting key to login
  • You are trying to post a link that breaks something

Try posting a different link and verify that you are infact using your private posting key. If that doesn't fix it then let me know and I'll see if I can troubleshoot.

Hi there, thanks for replying. I just waited a refreshed a few minutes later and it worked. Key was copy and pasted so hadn't changed and the link was also copy/pasted from URL.

Many thanks

Sorry @thekyle, but I couldn't find any place else to post a question.

  • The snapshot feature seems to be broken?

This is excellent news for us. anybody will build cash from content on alternative platform.

this looks fantastic, defs going to have a look!
I've always wanted for Steem to be more like Reddit!

after having a quick look at it I'm not so keen, it's nowhere near as good looking as reddit, I can't even search for topics, I'm not really interested until it looks and feels a bit more like Reddit

I am totally in on this one. Joining Parley now. You may be seeing a lot of my buddies hitting parley too as this is a real tool for the information war we are in now. Read you around.

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It's looking great concept and we can make money from
Thanx for introducing
Plz make new post on how to maximize profit on Parley @thekyle

Very interesting project.

Thanks for sharing. Wi surely give it a try

Soon steemit will be the main platform for all other social blogs and videos applications

Hello, @thekyle
Thanks for the service I dicovered it (and your post of this) only yesterday,
and today I have written the post for the russian speaking community about it

There is the problem that the link does not work!
No redirection to the
Please, fix it.

And no any contacts for the feedback on the Parley itself.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll get that redirect working.

...and what about also to make the feedback Contacts at the Parley?)

A good initiative.
Upon joining Steemit, I thought of a way to interface and monetize contents on other platforms. This solves that problem.
I will surely take advantage of this.

really very very nice project. I love this project!

This is a good news indeed. From this we can all earn money.

4 months old and I'm just learning about this...
I'm slow.

Seems good idea

Seems good idea

Steemit is becoming more popular everyday

So interesting..Godbless!

Any app that will enrich the use of steem blockchain is very much welcome.
Keep it up dev's.
expo 29.jpg

When one posts on the Parley site does it cross-post to their Steemit account?

Yes, Steemit shows posts from all 3rd party apps including DTube, DLive, Busy, and Parley.

So if people are copy and pasting content onto Parley that they did not write from other websites and it cross-posts to their Steemit blog, won't it get flagged on Steemit for plagiarism?

Well, Parley does not actually copy and paste any content. Like Reddit, it just links to the article and offers a place for people to discuss it.

I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Wow! It sounds really interesting, looking forward to be able to check it

welldone thekyle, will definitely check it out later! btw. how long have you been with Steem and Steemit?

Realmente interesante, para seguir de cerca.

Amazing news ..It is actually something I would have tried to implement myself.. i think Soon the whole world will use steem blockchain to spread the news.

Great job. I'm going to analyze it now

More exciting and mouth watering applications built on steem! This is just so good. Kudos @hoxly.
Let's go @parley, pals!

I just tried posting on parley @parley ... And I'm get a feedback that says "assert exception"
What could be the cause?

Do you allow links from and of Facebook?

This needs to use steemconnect... I think its a cool project, but not without steemconnect. I feel every project should use steemconnect, there's just no reason for us to have to trust every website on the internet with our steem account.

In my opinion, Steemconnect is crucial to the universal utility of the steem blockchain. If you don't utilize steemconnect, I'll attach a low SP account, but nothing more, ever.

Hope you guys change this aspect because I want to use it, and will, but not with an account with any real money in it.

Steem Keychain trumps SteemConnect.

But yes, they need Steem Keychain.

Interesting. I have read every comment here, and it seems the jury is divided on copyright standards. Steemit has set a good example where we do not allow plagiarism or copying of material since money is being made off the material posted here. It seems curious that Parley is allowing people to make money, but in fact all we are doing is getting paid to advertise someone else's work, which is not too bad, because we are not calling it our own. We are promoting the author. We are advertising the author and their post. For that Parley is paying us.

I have found another blockchain crypto site that asks you to post links to other articles and pays you. It's called Tipestry.

Love the concept!

Steem/steemit is the future... Anyone not steeming right now, in the Nigerian context "He or She is on a long thing!!!" i love this project i love S.T.E.E.M...

.. thank you for introducing your project..sounds interesting..up..follow you..resteemed..

I really find the post useful

It is truly captivating

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