Parasites, Toxicity, Energy Vampires and Consciousness

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There is a direct connection between people who are energy vampires and parasite infestation in the physical body.

I’ve noticed that when I got rid of energy vampires I would also detox from parasites physically and vice versa.

I believe that energy vampires or the lower frequency archonic consciousness uses things such as heavy metals parasites and funguses in the body to anchor into people or attempt to anchor into them and get its links into their energy field.

Do your research the CDC states that most people are infested with parasites.

Heavy metals are everywhere whether it’s chemtrails food and many other things.

Candida, lyme and Morgellons also all seem to be linked to the hive consciousness.

It’s interesting how the fungus, the heavy metals and parasites work together to deplete the person on all levels and bring down their energy field and health.

The heavy metals block energy flow and also connect people up to the AI technology, yes when you have heavy metals you’re a walking antenna.
So you’re no longer connecting to Gaia’s energy god source, you’re connected to this synthetic consciousness instead.
This alone brings down your frequency and keeps you from charging energetically from the earths energy system.

Then the fungus such as candida and others block the flow of vitamins minerals and oxygen, again this harms your health and also brings down your frequency and this slows down all the functions of your body and cells and they are clogged up with the fungus, and in general this stuff sends toxins throughout your body.

Then you have the parasites that effect your thoughts in a negative way and yes they do I’ve noticed that when I did a parasite detox I felt so negative and then I would lose a dead parasite and I realized that they were effecting my emotions and thoughts.

They also take the vitamins and minerals from the food you eat for themselves, so that you’re basically starving of vitamins and minerals. This pushes your body down in frequency
an unhappy unhealthy body drops in frequency.

I’ve also noticed that all three usually infest people, parasites candida or toxic gut bacteria and heavy metals.

Most of society are toxic with these things.
These things are effecting their emotions, thoughts and actions in a negative way.

I believe that the huge problem that society is facing is that they have no idea that their anger, depression, hate or other negative actions are simply because they are toxic within.
Humanity has yet to understand that the inner environment of their body is what controls everything they do, their actions their beliefs their every move, and when it’s toxic their lives will reflect that toxicity in every way.

Getting in control of your body and clearing it of toxins will free you on many levels, it will allow you to function from happiness and higher frequency, emotions, feelings and thoughts, it will also manifest a beautiful life.

You have a million issues in life? You can’t find love, you can’t manifest what you need you feel down and depressed.

Look within I assure you the solution is there.

Clean and clear your body and thoughts.

Here is something I wrote awhile back that connected my knowledge of parasites the hive archonic consciousness and synchronicities.

Parasites and higher consciousness.

The movie the matrix is deeply encoded.

  1. They unplug from everyday society, notice to do so a parasite is taken out of Neo.
    It's now proven that parasites in the gut system effect the brain which then effects consciousness. Detoxing parasites out of the body is one of the first steps to waking up to higher consciousness.

  2. They go within, yes when they plug themselves in, they go within the energy stream and cellular bio system. Where they encounter the archons and A I nanotechnology they battle against soul battling artificial intelligence. They also battle the elite and gatekeepers holding humanity back.

  3. Alot of their power comes from love from friendship from self-sacrifice from caring about the world deeply and deciding to take a stand for humanity.

  4. They achieve immortality by doing so they achieve manifesting a free world a better world despite anything thrown their way.

There is more encoded in it.

This is a brief summary of it.

The snake in the garden. One the garden was our inner garden the body is a temple it's also an inner garden the tree of life is within us. The snake represents a parasite not a literal snake, the parasite lowered the frequency of man making him become mortal it also put him into a deep sleep it locked him off from being multidimensional.

A parasite like virus that suppresses consciousness now that's something everyone should be looking into. The answers all lay within the subtle, both on a cellular level and a subconscious level.

Pathogens. Let's look at this word closely path gen/jinn I believe that certain forced manifest as pathogens and disease or even parasites so are jinn/demons blocking the spiritual path or life path. According to my studies yes and it's happening at a cellular level. It's well known that many of the population of the world have pathogens within their bodies. The CDC let out a warning claiming millions of people were infested with parasites, small parasitic pathogens within the body block it and leach energy. I believe each unique person holds what I call cellular information that can only be accessed when cells are cleaned out. If you do not clear your cells of pathogens/jinn/demonic energies entities blocking your path then you will live life in a cell on many levels you will also not be able to fulfil your life path.

Parasites can possess us in a pretty negative way and I went on thinking about that. I thought, what if this is actually it.
Possession, so to speak is an evil spirit messing with our heads. As far as I know, elementals are drawn to the physical form in one way or another, to have an influence. What if a pathogen is kind of a mini-portal that is used to gain access to us? I don't know how far-fetched this sounds, but this really makes sense to me in many ways.

Shamanic traditions, where this has been known. Then I had to think of the Thos documentary, I once saw, where you can book a trip into a jungle camp with a shaman and you are partaking with this ritual there, you get brewed some tea from roots and stuff and basically this is the stuff we're talking about here. I guess different cultures have different recipes for it, but they have the same purpose in common, to help the body get rid of parasites and everything that doesn't belong in your body. So you then see those people get really sick the first day, they sweat, they puke and stuff, they even get nightmares and so on. They're cleaning their body, but if you look at it, you can hardly believe, they're just cleaning their bodies, they're cleaning their spirit at the very same time!

That is why our pineal gland is the fucking key. That is what the Udjat (Eye Of Horus) is about, because it can create those beta-carbolines for itself. At least as a kid and in the younger years. It becomes less and less afterwards. You now know why it is a symbol of safety. That is why we get our pineal gland blocked with chemicals and stuff.
But something else struck me there. I came across a comment from someone, who wrote, that somewhere in the bible Jesus states to his disciples how to get rid of bad spirits:

“By praying and fasting“

Maybe someone better versed in the bible here, than I am, can help out with this.

He also cited another book:

" By fasting is to expel all evil spirits who have settled in we will succeed . On the first day of fasting they raise to whine and complain : "He became very angry , this landlord , it leaves us nothing more to - go " , and they make them , in search of someone else , which it nourishes , Of course there are among them tougher , the only at the second or third day or leave later . But with each day of fasting to rely more and more of these pests , and we always feel peaceful , easier and clearer. When the disciples asked Jesus how to drive out unclean spirits he replied : " By fasting and prayer ," There is no other way ! If we never fast , in the win the lower entities in us so great strength and be so powerful that they eventually destroy us . "
Taken from a forum on godlike productions

Everyone knows about the third eye.

However there exist a fourth eye.

The fourth eye is the belly button.

Baals button.

This eye is the one that must be cleared and mastered just as the pineal is.

The belly button is connected direct to the stomach/gut system.

Parasites often found within that area and yes a major amount of people have severe parasite infestation.

Impair sight.

Live within that area and shutdown the fourth eyes which is connected to all the eyes.

They Impair the spiritual vision or reality casting their own.

The world is run by the lower hijacked system it's evident everyone in power has parasites
My theory is physical parasites are connected to energetic parasites the physical ones anchor the energetic ones.

The body is the temple and must be cleared.

I'm convinced the original instructions on building the temple was about lighting up the bodies divine DNA tech.

I'm convinced this information was hidden so that people think it's a literal building and not their very vessels.

The fall of man was due to a snake original translations call it a worm.

A parasite hat invaded the temple the garden our literal bodies.

I'll write more about this soon enough but I thought I'd just share this.

Heart=heat and in society they push a lot of cold foods which negatively effect the heart chakra as it shocks it. It also stesses the system. Heat energy also burns parasites latched onto us. They want us to have cold closed off heart chakras. We are divine and we must learn about the energies they are what will save humanity in the end streaming our hearts and divine god energy.

And of course the kundalini also called the snake is hot or heat energy that burns the energetic parasites off of our auras.

So this is why the Bible damns the serpent as evil to scare people away because once they tap into it these beings no longer can control the host, they will be burned off energetically.
It’s clear the Bible was created to help push archonic control.

Aww yes this all ties in.
It’s said the snake in the garden was not a snake yet a parasitic worm.
The garden was the body.
Just as CERN is a parasite burrowed into the earth leaching its energy.
The same happens with people.
Parasites feed off of the lifeforce of the host.
Its said no child is born without sin.
Is it possible that the same snake/parasite that drained mankind of energy thus pulling them down in vibration?
Is passed down through DNA to each new born.
Through the cells.
Until its cleared from the very cells and bodies of humanity.
By constantly draining the host it keeps its energy charge down.
The very charge you need to light up your DNA to access multidimensionality.
Now CERN drains the earth keeping its frequency pulled down.

A drained host is pulled into the abyss both energetically and emotionally.
Or void of energy of charge.
Making them an energy vampire.

Children are targeted from an early age sadly so that they can be recruited into the hive consciousness.

A rather traumatic movie.
Lair of the white worm.
Explains a good part of this.

The Gnostics talk about the war between the sons of light and the sons of darkness.

Tb post

Archons showing up in movies

PS archons are robotic synthetic entities.

The dreamcatcher ties archons into parasites and the subconscious psychopaths harming animals and children.

Oh and how they can put thoughts in your head.

Harry Potter ties it's snake parasite looking Voldemort into energy manipulation, time travel and different realms, and psychopaths the main villain is a psychopath who tries to kill children, he does what he can to rape them of their power, his features represent he is as a serpent, a slit tongue is a tongue that lies that spews out evils, his eyes are cold and his mouth as fangs, he resembles a vampire something that leaches blood he is always in the dark cut off from light.

And now Star Wars has unveiled its main villain.

It's evident they all carry a striking similarity that of a parasite

Blessings to all of you.
Hope this information encourages each one of you to start clearing your energy and look into detoxing.


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