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RE: Upvotebuilders Is Closing Down

in #palnet4 years ago

If you look at his profile on - his downvoting power is really low, so he cant keep up :) And he downvoted this post with 0.016 STU according to steempeaks.
A 12% from me counter his upvote xD


I'll keep downvoting vote trading circles even with my Voting Power, and yes, downvotes are very low, I don't want to punish anyone.

Keep downvoting then. I don't care. You seem to have mistaken SBI for a bidbot.

He is downvoting Vote trading circles, which I would say sbi is.
Just like upvotebuilders

AFAIK SBI is not trading votes. The people using SBI are supporting each-other by sponsoring them. And now @mmmmkkkk311 is also sponsored, so he should start downvoting himself too.

He is doing a disservice to Steem though. One can not just stop getting upvotes from SBI, and while he spams us with neverending downvotes it will make the notifications fill up with his bullshit downvotes thus making notifications unusable.

Maybe he just lost it because his investments in SP are not making him rich. He's just like the other guy who used to bully others on Steem for no good reason.

I did see that he is sponsored himself haha.

I wonder if he should also attack eSteem and Partiko for upvoting their own users by downvoting everyone using these apps. It would be only fair for him to do this because he is targeting automated upvotes. Maybe he should also consider downvoting those who get upvotes from curating trails.
This also means justyy which provides the same service as upvotebuilders. Actifit where you exchange your afit for upvotes :)

Yes, I agree. He should downvote the users of those services too. :)

Hey, a tip: use > in front of what you are quoting and it becomes a nice quotation, like this:

> quoted text

...and it becomes

quoted text

Neat, huh? :)

Thats! I have been google the quote code a few times but always ended up with some code which didn't work xD



Nvm it did work! Not on eSteem tho xD

Nope, he spent 50 STEEM and bought votes for me lol

Btw, vote selling is called sponsoring now, that's so funny


Have you had any longer conversations with people who have been using SBI as a contest reward? Do you feel like you already know all there is to know about SBI, and why so many prominent Steemians who oppose bidbots and abuse DON'T oppose SBI, and in fact often support SBI?

SBI is not what you claim it is. Are you willing to talk about it?

I guess you are kinda right both hmm.

You never answered why? Since its helping small users grow.

You may find it surprising how generous people can be.

Dude, what is your problem? I just posted this post talking about my family's fantasy football league, and you downvoted me with FOUR ACCOUNTS. The post isn't even an 30 minutes old. I don't buy bids, what's your deal?

He's a former bidbot owner who thinks SBI is even worse than bidbots because it became unprofitable for him to run a bidbot after the latest hardfork.

Wow, what a loser... He's seriously that hellbent on being a dick to me because of that?

Everyone has a bit of bernie in them I suppose.

And before any hell breaks out, I must say that what I said about him is just an assumption of mine, when I read through his wallet history. I might be mistaken. Anyway he seems to have some validity to his claims too. The way the upvotes are distributed is a bit biased towards the heaviest delegators and those who have put more money into sponsorships.

Maybe @steembasicincome could be done better, who knows.

Still doesn't mean he should downvote everyone. (The upvotes SBI gives aren't amazingly huge.)

But why? This is helping small user grow :)
So we will get a bigger middle class instead of many whales :)

what a jerk you are

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