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RE: Upvotebuilders Is Closing Down

in #palnet4 years ago (edited)

You may want to keep the list of members and stay in touch in case they are driven off of Steemit.

That way we can reconnect outside of Steemit if this platform shuts down due to the downvoters causing so many people to leave.

That might be a good idea if this place turns into the next MySpace.

We've lost so many good Steemians already. They downvote people until they leave...

I'm actually starting to wonder if these people are working for a social media firm that sees Steemit as a potential threat with the goal being to drive as many members as possible off of the platform until it shuts down.


Communities are coming. Not sure how much it will solve anyone who is downvoting a certain project but at least you can establish some rules inside that community of sorts.

You may want to keep the list of members and stay in touch

Good idea, Do it and wait for SMT, then you can start own community with token and jerk each other in the circle

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I see, you don't like SBI.

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