💯 Check Out My Collage! / 6 TRIBES Im Invested In / 100% STAKED On STEEM-ENGINE! 💯

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🙋💯Woot! Woot! These are very exciting times here on the Steem Blockchain which can be a bit overwhelming with all the new TRIBES And communities That have recently started up, and i'm loving it!

🙋I created this "picture in picture" from the "Make Tokens On Steem" Image, In (Photo Studio) and the Collage below that I added it to, on (Collage Maker)

Hope You Like Them, It took me all morning to Create This image + the Collage!


All Tribes Made Possible by the Steem-Engine Launched ScotBot Created by @aggroed the founder and creator along with @yabapmatt of Splinterlands / Steemmonsters ( Im Addicted, lol) and much more, THANK YOU!!

Famous Words by @aggroed : Peace, Abundace and Liberty For All...

💯❤ Love These Current 6 Tribes That I Have a 100% STAKE IN! : LEO / BATTLE / PAL / WEED / SPT / SWEET ! YOU ALL ROCK!!

🙋💯 I just received my very first payout of 17.95 LEO TOKENS from Steemleo @steem.leo after My first Post on their platform paid out after 7 days Which I all ready STAKED UP and added to my Airdrop of 310 LEO / 327.95 STAKED making my curation worth more and Giving me more influence on Steemleo!

💯 👹 Plus I was Happy to receive more BATTLE Tokens @battlegames Today and STAKED UP 300 MORE For a total of 2300 BATTLE Now Staked with 365 in my wallet for tournaments/ gaming etc. on Splinterlands!

🙋💯 As you know from my previous posts i'm all about investing in my future and that I will be STAKING ALL Airdrops received as well as all the tokens I get from the many new sites that are popping up on a daily basis!


👍💯 Best of luck to everyone! Do you have your tokens Staked!? 💯👍

Latest Post on Steemleo #steemleo : "I am Going Stake Crazy!":

Latest Post On Weedcash #weedcash : "Got The Munchies!?"

Latest Post On battle #battle and Splintertalk #spt : "Staking 500 More BATTLE Tokens!"

Latest Post on Palnet #palnet : "Airdrop Of "420" WEED From @weedcash received!

🙋👍 "Our Blogs really are a business! And to me a long term investment, which is why I will continue to STAKE ALL TOKENS I receive from LEO / PAL / SPT / SWEET , BATTLE And Now WEED! Plus any others that come along and give me a generous airdrop like Steemleo, Palnet and WeedCash did! "Soooo Many Platforms, Soooo Little Time!

A Big Thanks to @aggroed / @steem.leo / @khaleelkazi / @noleo4u / @richardcrill / @battlegames / @weedcash Plus a new TRIBE Token by @neoxian LINK: https://steemit.com/steemleo/@neoxian/the-tribe-of-neoxian ! And all the other awesome Tribe Creators Out there, YOU ALL ROCK!!

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Greetings, dear and honey @karenmckersie

Congratulations for this 6 staked tokens. I have staked Pal/leo/battle/ spt tokens. I want to reach fast 1500 battle tokens. Now, i have about 830:D

Tell me 1 thing please. What is this Sweet token???

Thank you and have a nice day!!

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa #zzan

Thanks for your kind reply do you like the collage I made!? , you should get BATTLE Tokens fast to reach your goal!! The SWEET Token im not to sure about but did STAKE The 100 SWEET that was airdropped to me!
SWEET Swapsteem Engineering and Enhancement Team 0 $0.00 0.00% 101 (0)

Best of luck to you and just keep Staking , upvoting , posting and commenting in these tribes , soon we will be rich, lol!! #steemleo #weedcash #spt #palnet #battle

Thats awesome thanks , it took a long time to create!👍👍👍

Don't forget the latest Tribe in the block Neoxian...

Yes for sure if you check out the end of my post where I gave him a good mention I also added his post link about his his new Token even though I don't have his tokens yet!👍👍👍 #palnet #steemleo #weedcash #spt #battle

One of my Tags should have been #weedcash instead of (weed) but I guess once its posted here in palnet and possibly all the Tribe sites it cant be fixed afterwards , even if its not the first tag!! Bummer!! I really wanted to post this on #weedcash !!😵 #weedcash #spt #steemleo #palnet @battle

Im just staked 6k Battle for support Gamers on Steem ❤ just focus on Battle

Thanks for your kind reply! Thats awesome BATTLE Tokens add up fast! I love that Tribe!! How do like the Collage I made!? #steemleo #weedcash #spt #palnet #battle

superb and awesome karen :)

great post bro

Thanks! how do you like the collage I created!?👍❤ #steemleo #weedcash #spt #palnet #battle

excellent 👍✅ but she is a little sad - you need to make her fun 👻
collage 👌⚡️

This is the collage from above, im talking about, its to showcase all the tribes I have Stake in, not sure what you mean about making it fun:

😁 yes, I'm talking about a girl 👆